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Chicago, IL Window Replacement

Are you located in Chicago, IL and looking for home window replacement services? Replacement windows are a great way to create a new look for your home. Each replacement window is custom-made for your window’s specific measurements. This will ensure the best fit to eliminate any outside air coming in.

Chicago, IL Window Replacement

A great benefit of new windows is maximum energy efficiency which you’ll appreciate when the energy bills come in. With a wide variety of window styles, colors, and options, you can create a custom look with new windows in your home.

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Types of Windows for Your Chicago Home

Our vinyl windows are a great option for your home. There are many types of windows that can ensure energy efficiency as well as fit in your home and match your needs.

Some of the most popular and functional window types are as follows:

Double Hung Windows

A double hung window offers incredible functionality and ventilation options. With its two operating sashes, it’s perfect for almost any room. You can choose double-hung windows for your living room, bedroom, kitchen, or even bathroom.

This is because they offer versatility and are easy to open and close.

Casement Windows

A casement window is a hinge style window that opens like a door with incredible visibility and ventilation with a sleek, modern window design that can look good in any home.

Casement windows are a great option if you are looking for a window that is easy to open and offers your home the design element that you may be looking for.

Slider Windows

Slider windows are great for their ease of use and contemporary styling. They open horizontally with both sashes for desired ventilation. Slider windows give unobstructed views as they are often on the larger side.

So, you can get a brighter view and also get the option of choosing from a variety of sizes which can help you customize to your liking.

Awning Windows

Awning windows have a single sash hinged at the top of the frame and their sash swings outwards. These types of windows are usually installed higher up on a wall and are often used in basements because of the way they open.

They open outwards from the bottom to ensure ventilation. The screens are on the inside of the window which makes them more protected from outside elements.

Picture Windows

Picture windows are the simplest design of windows available as they don’t open or close. You can enjoy the beauty and maximum energy efficiency from our picture windows.

Picture windows are a great window for all types of home designs, whether you have a traditional colonial style home, or a contemporary. A picture window can easily fit into your design and offer a great view.

Bay Windows

A bay window consists of three windows combined and angled outwards from the wall. This helps add space to your room and brighter light compared to a standard window. These windows extend past the façade of your home’s exterior and usually consists of one large picture window flanked by windows of your choosing on each side.

A curved bay window is also an option as it can create a different look and feel than a traditional bay window.

Bow Windows

Bow windows also extend past the wall of your home’s exterior and consist of at least 3 equal sized windows to create the window opening.

Bow windows can give your home more light and views of the outside as you can have multiple windows together giving your home a customized look.

Garden Windows

Bring the outdoors into your home with a garden window. Add additional light and space to any room with a garden window. Garden windows are great for kitchens as you can add over a sink and enjoy plants and flowers for décor.

Garden windows are great to add natural light to your kitchen to help while cooking or entertaining in your home.

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Feldco's Replacement Window Overview

Feldco is a Chicago, IL window replacement company that specializes in all types of windows. Not only that, but our windows ensure energy efficiency, keeping your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. As Midwest weather is harsh in the winter, Feldco windows are built to withstand the weather and keep your home cozy inside.

Choosing Feldco for your window replacement project will improve your home inside and out.

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