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Homewood, IL is a southern suburb of Chicago and is home to the original Aurelio’s pizza – is the oldest Chicago pizza franchise restaurant, franchising since 1974. Post World War II growth was explosive. New businesses and homes were being built seemed to sprout overnight, and the population soared to near 18,000 by 1970.

Those businesses and homes are now over a half- century old. We, have been serving the Chicagoland for almost 50 years.

Feldco’s here to help you. We’ll replace your old windows, siding and doors with our energy efficient, affordable and durable products. It’s no wonder we’re the Midwest’s most trusted home improvement company.

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Replacement Windows in Homewood, IL

We’re known for our high quality replacement windows. They’re made of vinyl and have insulated frames and glass to prevent heat or air from escaping your home. You’ll save money on your energy bills while your home remains a comfortable temperature no matter the season.

Being made out of vinyl means our windows are extremely durable and low maintenance. They’ll never rot, warp or crack like wood windows do when they’re exposed to moisture. Plus, you’ll never have to paint or stain vinyl windows because the colors are infused into them when they’re made. Vinyl windows are perfect for dealing with Homewood’s weather.

We offer many different vinyl window styles including:

Each style can be customized with different grid, shutter and color options. We even offer wood grain finishes. If you like the look of wood windows but don’t want to deal with the hassle of maintaining them, our vinyl windows have you covered.

We’ll take care of your window installation as well. The window installers sent to your home will be factory trained and certified – meaning you’re getting the best of the best in the industry.

All About Doors in Homewood

Feldco’s doors are built specifically with Homewood homeowners in mind. Whether it’s our entry doors, storm doors or patio doors, you know you’re getting a door that’s beautiful, durable and energy efficient. You can learn more about all of our door styles below.

Entry Doors

Feldco offers Homewood homeowners steel and fiberglass entry doors. Both materials are resistant to warping, rotting, expanding and termite infestation. They’re built to withstand anything thrown their way.

Both entry door styles have different decorative glass, hardware and color options, including wood grain finishes. You can have the look of a real wood door without the fear of warping, rotting and termites.

Our steel and fiberglass doors are also energy efficient. They have a foam core that prevents heat or air from escaping your home through the entryway.

Storm Doors

You can protect your entry door from rain, snow, hail and wind with a Feldco storm door. They’re installed on the outside of your entry door and shield it from harm. The added layer of insulation also improves your home’s energy efficiency.

Our storm doors have many color and screen options. One of our more popular options is a metal mesh screen. It won’t rip or tear so it’s perfect for homes with children or pets.

Patio Doors

Enter your deck, patio, backyard or sunroom in style with a Feldco patio door. We have two different styles to choose from: vinyl siding patio doors and swinging French patio doors.

Our sliding patio doors are made similarly to our windows. Their glass and insulated frames help prevent heat or air from escaping. They’re also extremely easy to open and close because they move on a sliding track. Sliding patio doors from Feldco can be opened with the gentle push of one finger.

Feldco’s French patio doors are built similarly to our entry doors. They’re made of steel or fiberglass and have a foam core for energy efficiency. You can also customize the direction in which your French patio door opens (into your home or away from it). Plus, you can get either a double or triple panel and choose which doors open.

Homewood Garage Doors

The largest entryway to your home is your garage door. Feldco offers two beautiful garage door styles to choose from: carriage or standard style. Both have many panel, window insert and color options to help create the garage door of your dreams.

All of our garage doors are made from heavy gauge steel. They’re built to withstand anything from crazy weather to children playing. Years from now, your Feldco garage door will look as beautiful as it did the day it was installed.

Our garage doors are also foam insulated. This prevents heat or air from escaping. Whether your garage is attached to your home or not, this is an important feature. You don’t want anything stored in your garage exposed to extreme temperatures – especially your vehicle.

Your garage door installation team will work quickly and efficiently to make sure your garage door is installed properly. No detail is too small for them.

Vinyl Siding in Homewood

Vinyl siding is perfect for homes in Homewood. Our vinyl siding has a foam insulation board installed beneath it to prevent heat or air from leaving your home through the walls. This will take a lot of stress off of your furnace and air conditioner, saving you money.

Since vinyl siding is resistant to warping, rotting, swelling, expanding and cracking, you’ll save money on maintenance as well. These problems effect other siding styles, like wood, when they’re exposed to moisture. With Homewood’s humid summer and heavy precipitation, why wouldn’t you choose vinyl siding from Feldco?

We have many different siding styles to choose from:

You can be rest assured knowing your siding will be installed correctly. Your siding installation crew will make sure your home looks more beautiful than ever.

Feldco Is Homewood’s Best Window, Siding and Door Company

It comes as no surprise that Feldco is Homewood’s best window company. We’ve served over 500,000 homeowners in almost 50 years. With our quality products, expert installation and excellent service, it’s no wonder we’ve been named Window and Door Magazine’s Dealer of the Year.

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