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Frequently Asked Questions

Over 400,000 homeowners trust Feldco for great products, installation and local services. Check out our locations and improve your home with quality windows, siding and doors today.

1. Can I purchase Feldco Windows Without Installation?

In order to maintain our industry-leading warranty, our windows are installed by factory trained and industry certified installation companies.

2. How Long Does Window Installation Take?

The time it takes to complete the installation of your windows differs depending on a variety of factors. How long it takes to remove your existing windows, the style of windows you purchased, whether any additional equipment is required or if there are any structural issues with the property will all affect the duration of installation. The Operations Specialist that schedules your installation will be able to give you an estimate of how long the project will take.

3. How Much Does Window Installation Cost?

The exact cost for window installation varies depending on the style of windows you purchased and the complexity of installation needed. The energy efficiency of our windows will help you save on your utility bills, making the overall cost less in the long run.

4. Do I Need to be Present During My Installation?

A member of your home will need to be present to answer any questions that may arise during installation.

5. How Can I Prepare My Home for Installation?

Here are a few steps you can take to prepare your home for installation:

  • Remove any curtains, blinds and/or window treatments from your existing windows.
  • Disable any security sensors.
  • Move any furniture to make a clear path to the installation area.
  • Take any pictures or wall decorations down that are near the installation area.

6. Will Installation Leave a Mess in my Home?

Factory trained and industry certified installation companies are trained to disturb your home as little as possible and will often use protective coverings such as drop cloths or plastic sheeting to cover your floor and furnishings in the installation area.

7. Is There a Warranty on my Windows?

Yes! Your Feldco windows are covered with our “Top to Bottom-Inside & Out” Window Warranty! This provides you with our limited lifetime product warranty and five-year labor guarantee.

8. How Do I Get Service on my Windows?

Give us a call at (866) 4Feldco or (866) 433-5326 and our call center will schedule your appointment.

9. How Often Do I Need to Perform Maintenance on my Windows?

One of the many benefits of your new Feldco windows is that they require little maintenance! We suggest doing a quick inspection of your windows during your spring and fall cleaning to ensure they keep looking and performing their best.

10. How Often Should I Clean my Windows?

Like all windows, Feldco windows will need periodic cleaning to look and perform their best. How often you’ll need to clean your windows is completely your preference based on how much use they get and local weather conditions. Most windows benefit from a quick cleaning once a month and a thorough wash once a year.

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