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DuraGuard Storm Door with Screen

storm door with metal screenA DuraGuard Storm Door is exactly what you need if you are concerned about keeping your small children and pets safely inside.  It features a heavy-duty metal screen that won’t tear.

Our DuraGuard Storm Door is perfect for those looking to increase security and protection for their home without sacrificing curb appeal.

You’ll get excellent protection with the metal mesh screen that’ll keep your pets and/or children safely inside along with increased curb appeal. There are many style, color and hardware options available to help you customize your DuraGuard Storm Door to match your home and entryway perfectly.

DuraGuard Storm Door Features

The DuraGuard Storm Door comes with some features and benefits that you can’t get with any regular storm door. Below, we’ll go over some of the amazing features of this series to help you decide for your home.

Stainless Steel Screen

A non-removable, heavy-duty .023 stainless steel screen comes standard.  Choose from either a black or white screen to best match the look you are trying to create with your storm door.

You’ll no longer have to worry about pets or children tearing the screen of your storm door with our DuraGuard series. Plus, since the screen is made from stainless steel, it’ll never rust when exposed to rain and snow.

Replacing screens can be a costly task, especially if you have an eager pet that gets a little too excited every time you come home. With our DuraGuard screen storm door, you’ll rest assured knowing screen replacement is a thing of the past.

Removable and Self-Storing Sashes

duraguard storm door

DuraGuard Storm Doors offer styles that have either removable or self-storing sashes to best meet your needs.  Depending on how often you expect to changes the sashes, choose the style that will work for you.

This series of storm door provides you with flexibility for when the weather changes. Our screens and sashes are extremely easy to switch out and will help you keep your home comfortable throughout the year.

Superior Strength with DuraGuard Storm Doors

As the name suggests, DuraGuard Storm Doors from Feldco offer unbeatable durability and strength. Our storm doors are made from premium aluminum and feature wall thickness that’s 20% greater than your standard storm door.

Plus, with our multi-hollow construction and sculptured frame, you’ll be able to tell the difference between our DuraGuard Storm Door and the competition’s weaker models.

The strength doesn’t end there. These storm doors have corner keys on the inside of the frame for added structural integrity as well as a reinforced aluminum kick panel.

You Won’t Sacrifice Curb Appeal

Often, homeowners think if something has added beef and security, it can lack in beauty. However, that couldn’t be more false with our DuraGuard Storm Doors.

There are plenty of different color, style and hardware options to choose from in order to match your home. Everything from the frame and hardware, down to the closers, hinges and screws can be customized to your liking.

DuraGuard Storm Doors Offer Great Energy Efficiency

All of the strength and durability features help add to the energy efficiency of our DuraGuard series storm doors. They also feature a strong, bottom sweep to eliminate the potential for any drafts to enter your home.

A DuraGuard Storm Door from Feldco will help create a barrier between your home and the outside elements such as rain, wind, snow and hail. Our toughest model of storm door will be able to take whatever Mother Nature throws at it and look great the entire time.

Since 1976, we’ve set out to improve peoples’ homes with increased energy efficiency and curb appeal. You’ll get exactly that with a DuraGuard Storm Door. Plus, we offer the best installation in the Midwest and unbeatable customer service.

Get started on your storm door replacement today with a free quote online and you’ll see right away why over 400,000 homeowners chose us.

Available Styles

  • Black
    duraguard screen door in black
  • Snow Mist
    white storm door with half screen
  • Forest Green
    forest green storm door with half screen
  • Mountain Berry
    storm door with full metal screen
  • Geneva Blue
    light blue half screen storm door
  • Rustic Bronze
    bronze colored storm door with half metal screen
  • Red Full Glass
    red screen door with glass
  • Clay Retractable
    retractable screen storm door
  • Tudor Brown
    half screen door in light brown
  • Brown Full Glass
    screen door with full glass in brown

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