Upgrade Your Patio with these Patio Design Ideas and Tips

Do you have a patio that has seen better days? Looking to finally upgrade it so you can enjoy the space during the summer? Then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got you covered with some great patio design ideas and tips to help you revive it.

patio design ideas

Whether it’s replacing your patio doors, building a deck or creating a cool fireplace, we’ll go over some ways to help improve your home’s value and create a fun atmosphere to entertain family and friends during the warmer months.

You owe it to yourself to enjoy the outdoors after the long and harsh winter of the Midwest.

Pave the Way to Better Days and Nights

patio design tips

If your current patio is just a concrete slab but you’re looking for something to add more style, then pavers are perfect. Pavers are simply a tile system that you can place on top of your current patio ground to give it a more refreshing look.

Pavers are great because they allow you to be more flexible with your ground’s design. Plus, they’re very easy to repair or replace as opposed to a concrete slab. Depending on the paver style you choose, if one gets damaged, you could simply turn it over and it looks new again.

Some of the more popular styles are clay and stone. Clay pavers will last you a lifetime and stone can give your patio a very elegant and sophisticated look. Installing pavers is fairly simple but it’s crucial that you make sure the ground is level for everything to go smoothly.

Patio Landscaping

patio landscaping ideas

If your landscaping isn’t up to par, it can really hurt your home’s curb appeal and take away from the pleasantness of your patio. Creating a welcoming atmosphere relies heavily on how your landscaping looks.

You can choose to keep things neat and clean-cut or go all out with decorative planters and other foliage.

Most landscaping projects can be a DIY job but if you want something super extravagant, it’s best to hire a professional so it turns out how you want.

Sufficient Outdoor Lighting Is Key

One of the most important elements of patio design ideas is to incorporate adequate lighting. You’ll probably be spending a lot of time on your patio during the evenings of warm summer nights so having proper outdoor lighting is obviously important.

The most common types of outdoor lighting are LED’s, incandescent and tiki torches. Choose whichever will go with your patio’s theme the best.

If you’re looking to create a more elegant and formal setting, LED’s are the way to go. Tiki torches are perfect if you’re trying to create a fun and party-like atmosphere.

Enter Your Patio in Style

patio design tips

One of the most noticeable aspects of your patio is often the patio door. Having beautiful patio doors is essential for any homeowner looking to create their perfect patio.

It’s important that your patio doors are in proper working condition so that the transition between outside and inside is as smooth as possible.

If you find that your current patio doors aren’t going to cut it with your upgraded patio, then replace them with the best patio doors in the Midwest.

Sliding patio doors are one of the most popular options among homeowners because of their ease of use and how they provide great views to the outdoors.

If you’re looking for something a little more elegant and traditional, then French patio doors are an excellent option.

Patio doors from Feldco are the most energy efficient and have a variety of options to choose from so you can create the best look for your specific patio. Replacing your patio doors is as easy as getting a free quote right now.

Patio Fireplace or Fire Pit

One of the most popular patio design ideas is the integration of a fire pit or even a full-on outdoor fireplace. Sitting around a fire during a brisk summer night is something that everyone can enjoy.

Outdoor fireplaces and fire pits are becoming increasingly popular and the design ideas are almost endless.

For the most part, outdoor fireplaces and pits are relatively inexpensive and don’t require a tremendous amount of work to set up. Some ideas for inspiration can be found here.

Enhance the View to Your Patio

patio windows

Another way to create a welcoming and stunning patio is to make sure the windows looking out to it are updated and look great. It could be the finishing touch you’re looking for.

You can create a stunning view to your patio with big and beautiful bay or bow windows or even have a unique look with custom architectural windows.

Upgrading your windows that look out to your patio is a great investment and is just a free quote away when you choose Feldco. Our windows are extremely energy efficient and will keep your home comfortable year round while giving you beautiful views to your patio.

Cooking on the Patio

Adding a kitchen to the patio is an up and coming patio design idea that adds great value to your home. If your budget allows it, then the addition of a cooking area on your patio is an excellent way to entertain family and friends.

Even smaller additions like pizza ovens and stainless steel grills are great ways to upgrade your patio. They can heat up to 900 degrees to make a specific style of pizza. Pizza ovens make a Neapolitan style pizzas that are ready in under 2 minutes. Check out the video below:

Jamie Oliver shows you how to cook pizza in a wood fired oven

If you want your patio to be more party-oriented then installing a bar is a great idea as well. Bars allow you to host guests unlike any other way. Plus, you can keep your drinks cold with the addition of a cooler.

Whether you go all out and build a full outdoor kitchen or just add a nice grill, having the option to cook on your patio is one of the more desired patio design ideas.

Bring It All Together with Furniture

patio furniture

Probably the most important factor when deciding what patio design ideas to go with is picking the right furniture.

Choosing the right combination of chairs, tables, umbrellas, couches and any other outdoor furniture is crucial to creating the ultimate patio.

You can go the DIY route or buy a full furniture set to complete the look of your patio.

Build Your Perfect Patio

Patios are great additions for any home and the design ideas are practically infinite. From flooring to furniture and everything in between, the space you have to work with is your only limitation.

If you need to replace your old patio doors or the windows that look out to your patio, trust Feldco to get the job done right. We’ve satisfied over 400,000 homeowners with their home improvement needs.

Get a free quote online for your new patio doors or windows or call us at 866-4FELDCO.

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