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Sliding Patio Doors

sliding patio door

Enhance the look of your backyard entryway with a beautiful and energy efficient sliding patio door. Our sliding patio doors can be enhanced with grids or built-in blinds. Both are placed between the panes of glass for easy cleaning. Grids are color-coordinated to your patio door, can be flat or sculptured. Internal blinds can be raised, lowered and/or tilted for your desired level of privacy and light.

They can come also come in a three panel patio door for extra sunlight. We do offer wood-look options which comes in three shades from a light, medium, to a dark wood color look. It’s textured to feel like wood also but is still made from vinyl so you can have both the beauty of wood with the energy efficiency of vinyl. There is argon gas in between the two panes of glass for added insulation and energy efficiency.

Sliding Patio Door Features and Benefits

sliding patio door in a bedroomMaximize Light and Ventilation

Sliding patio doors consist of large, operational sashes of glass designed to let natural light into your home. You don’t have to have your light bulbs on all the time and will be able to save on electricity during the daytime. A patio door makes the room it’s in seem more spacious with a great view of the backyard, deck or garden.

Slide the patio door open as much or as little as you like depending on the season and desired level of ventilation. This can cut costs on your air conditioning bills as you have good air circulation inside the home without having to turn on your A/C unit.


When it comes to patio doors, the most important function, above all else, is security. A standard dual-point grappling hook lock makes your sliding patio door even more secure by drawing the sash to the frame. The sliding screen door locks into place and you have the option of having keyed lock or a foot lock for extra security.

Keeping your home secure is of the utmost importance. It’s not truly a home without your doors and windows being secure and locked. Feldco understands the importance of security for your home and makes sure that all the hardware offered is above and beyond the standards for securing your home.

High Durability

Feldco sliding patio doors are durable and are built to withstand the extreme temperatures in the Midwest. From the cold winters to the hot summers, our patio doors do not expand or contract like aluminum and wood. The sill is reinforced for an efficient, durable base for your patio door. The easy to clean track is designed to guard against air and water infiltration.

If you have ever come across an old patio door, you can obviously tell because of the clouding in between the two panes of glass, the discoloration on the corners of the glass, the door doesn’t slide open or close easily and the screen for the screen door is torn. When the wind is howling outside, from the inside you can hear the whistling sound coming in through the gaps and if there are curtains, you notice them sway even when the door is completely closed.

Our professional installers are factory trained and detail oriented, so during installation of the patio door, all processes are inspected to make sure that the door is properly installed and sturdy so when the heavy winds and/or precipitation comes, the door will hold in place and not budge and all the gaps stay closed. When looking outside your new sliding patio door, you’ll be in awe of how much protection from the elements it provides.

Easy Operation

Most patio doors lead to a deck or a backyard. During the summertime, the patio door can be in use constantly due to backyard barbecues, family get-togethers, social events, but mostly, people like being outside. The ease of use when sliding the door is important as we all have seen with old doors how a person can struggle to get the door open.

Our patio doors are easy to operate and don’t require much effort to slide open or close. A saddle sill with heavy duty, dual tandem rollers provides a smooth glide on your patio door, making it easy to open and close.

sliding patio door with kids

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