Garden Window Replacement: What You Need to Know

If you have always wanted more light in your kitchen, a garden window replacement will be your best bet. A garden window is similar to a bay window in that it extends out and has four panes of glass that form a square. It looks like a bay window that is about half the size of a traditional bay window.

Garden Window

A garden window can actually be put in almost any regular window, but most homeowners swap out the window above the kitchen sink for a garden window because typically the area over the sink and countertop in the kitchen is a little dark. A garden window in the kitchen is the perfect way to let in more light, get a better view of the yard, and to grow your own plants and herbs indoors.

Garden windows should be installed by a professional window installation company because installing a garden window does take some expertise and training in order to make sure that the window is installed properly. When you have a professional install your garden window you can be sure that the window will withstand any weather and bring beauty and light into your home for many years to come.

The cost to replace a traditional window with a garden window varies depending on the size of the window and many other factors. You can get a custom estimate from a window professional to find out what a garden window replacement would cost for your home. In most cases replacing an existing window with a garden window is not as expensive as homeowners might think it would be.

The Benefits Of Garden Windows

The biggest benefit of replacing an existing window with a garden window is the increased amount of natural light that your home will get. If your kitchen is naturally dark replacing the current window with a garden window will let in significantly more light which is better for your health and will make the kitchen a more inviting place.

Better Sight Lines

Parents who want to keep an eye on their kids while they are playing in the backyard should consider replacing existing windows with garden windows because garden windows give much better sight lines to parents that need to know where there are kids are when they are outdoors.

replacement garden window

The four panes of glass in a garden window give parents sight lines in three directions so that they can watch the entire yard. If you have a pool, swing set, or other play items in the yard you will be able to supervise what’s going on in the yard if your kids have friends over to play.

Gardening Indoors

If you are a dedicated home chef that loves to use fresh herbs and some produce that you grow yourself a garden window lets you grow your favorite fresh herbs indoors. And depending on the size of the window you may be able to grow some produce in the extended garden window as well.

The large size and multiple glass panes ensure that your herbs and produce get the maximum amount of sunlight possible while still protecting them from the elements and keeping them close at hand. And after you have cut all the fresh herbs you can dry them in the gardening window also thanks to the increased amount of sunlight.

A Better Place For Plants

Potted plants are a great decoration for the kitchen area and for dark nooks. They add fresh oxygen to the air and provide a great decorative element. Potted plants are having a moment right now on social media and design blogs with all the major bloggers and home professionals declaring that plants are the new must-have accessory for the kitchen.

Adding a garden window over the sink gives you a safe place to put potted plants where they will get the access to sunlight that they need to grow while still making the kitchen a brighter and cheerier place.

Resale Value

If you’re considering selling your home in the next few years replacing your existing kitchen window or another small window with a garden window is one of those custom touches that homebuyers love. You will get a good return on your investment by replacing the window that you have now with a garden window when you sell your home and you’ll attract much more buyer interest.

Garden Windows Are Energy Efficient

Another reason that you should consider adding a garden window to your home is that replacing an old existing window with an energy efficient garden window will save you money. The four panels in a garden window are made from thick cut glass, most are about an inch thick, and they fit tightly into a strong PVC frame so that they don’t leak air.

Even though garden windows have more parts than a traditional window if your windows are old garden windows are actually more energy efficient and can save you money.

An Easy Way To Refresh Your Kitchen Or Any Other Room

If you want to give your kitchen a more custom feel without spending thousands of dollars on a total kitchen renovation or if you just want to make your home look more inviting replacing your existing kitchen sink or kitchen counter window with a garden window is a great way to do that.

Window replacement doesn’t cost a fortune, and the return that you will get is worth the investment. Garden windows aren’t just for kitchens. You can also give your bedroom, guest room, or glassed-in porch a classic elegance by adding a garden window.

garden window replacements

Talk with a window installation specialist today to find out more about replacing your kitchen window or another window in your home with a beautiful garden window that will give you the perfect space to grow the plants you love, keep a better on your kids and pets, and flood your kitchen with natural sunlight.

Feldco For Your Garden Window Needs

When it comes to replacement garden windows, it’s important to have the job done right.

For your next garden window, choose professional installation. Get a free quote with Feldco today.

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