Replacing an Existing Kitchen Window with a Garden Window

When homeowners are looking for a simple change in their kitchen, many choose to replace a kitchen window with a garden window.  Garden windows make a great addition to any kitchen and offer more light, space, great ventilation and the ability to bring a little of the outdoors inside the kitchen.

Garden Windows Offer More Light

One of the biggest advantages of having a garden window in your kitchen is the vast amount of light that comes into the space.  This can be an especially nice upgrade if your kitchen is small or dark. Garden windows have glass on three surfaces.  There is the largest piece of glass that makes up the back of the garden window structure and this lets in the greatest amount of light.

replace an existing kitchen window with a garden window

Additionally, as the window extends past the façade of the house, much like a bay or bow window, there are side portions that capture light from yet another angle.  Finally, there is a top portion of a garden window that is also made of glass.  This allows light from above to enter the window and your kitchen easily.  All of these window panes allow light to enter your home from any angle, and really capture as much sunlight as possible no matter the season.

You Get More Space with a Kitchen Garden Window

Some kitchens are often tight on space and homeowners are looking for additional places to store kitchen items or ways to make the room look bigger.  A garden window actually extends past the exterior of your home, adding depth to the room.  Additionally, garden windows typically come with a glass shelf which provides even more usable space in your kitchen.

Whether you choose to display some small decorative items or some daily necessities in an easily accessible location, having a garden window in your kitchen can give you some extra space.  Most kitchen windows are above the sink, so everyday items such as hand soap, lotions or sponges can be placed on the bottom of the garden window or the shelf, thereby reducing the clutter on your kitchen countertop.

The bottom ledge or sill of the garden window can be treated in different ways.  You can keep it as a simple wood laminate to match the trim and décor of your kitchen or you could upgrade to a solid colored surface to complement your kitchen countertop.  Regardless of the design you choose, there are endless possibilities available to you with the extra space!

Garden Windows in the Kitchen Let More Air Inside the Home

Another great benefit of garden windows in the kitchen is the variety of ventilation options available.  Some garden windows are designed with the side windows having the ability to open.  These small casement windows can be cranked open for the desired level of ventilation and can offer a little cross breeze and additional air movement when both sides are open.

Other garden windows are designed with an operable window in the back that can be cranked open as an awning window.  You still enjoy delightful ventilation and don’t have to worry about any outside elements like rain coming into your home or the shelves of your window.

garden window in dining room

Having adequate ventilation in your kitchen is key, especially if you do a lot of cooking.  You want to be able to air out a hot room if your oven has been going all day or you have been using lots of hot water at the sink for cleaning.  Not only will the additional air ventilation keep your kitchen more comfortable, but you will also reduce potential condensation on your windows by reducing the relative humidity in the room.

Create Your Own Herb Garden Inside the Kitchen

Kitchen garden windows not only offer more space, light and ventilation options, but they also allow you the opportunity to bring a little of the outdoors in!  With the great light, ventilation and shelving available, many homeowners make their own little herb garden inside their home.

herb garden

This is especially nice in climates with extreme winters, as you can continue growing your favorite herbs and small plants inside your garden window.  When used in this manner, many people refer to these kitchen garden windows as greenhouse windows – as you are able to grow herbs and other plants all year round.

Whether you are looking for more light, space or ventilation in your kitchen, a garden window is a great option to consider.  This style window will no doubt be a focal point in your kitchen no matter how you use it!

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