Do Window Grids Have a Purpose?

When you think of a window, you can picture it—a square with a cross—right?  It seems like it’s the go-to visual of a standard window, one that even little kids incorporate in their drawings of a typical house.  But have you ever wondered if those grids in the window actually do anything?

window grid

A Critical Design

Window grids, sometimes referred to as grilles or muntins, once served an essential purpose to the construction of the window.  Before modern manufacturing, these window grids held together windows that were multi-paned.  Back in the day, these grids that secured the glass panels allowed manufacturers to safely ship windowpanes worldwide without fear that they’d break in transit.

Nowadays, the window grids have surrendered their once crucial purpose to mere aesthetics—but that’s not a bad thing.  Window grids harken a traditional appeal and when you’re window shopping (literally), they present themselves as a design choice for your home.

Types of Window Grids

Yes, there are more than one style of window grid other than the simple cross you’re probably imagining in your head.  Here, we’ll delve into the different styles that can help you determine if you want grids for your windows and if so, which will best compliment the overall look of your home.

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Colonial Window Grid

There’s nothing that says “traditional” more so than a Colonial style.  Typical Colonial style calls for symmetry, a trait that’s appealing to the human eye and works well on houses built in the same fashion.  Boxy houses greatly benefit from the symmetry of a Colonial style, upping their curb appeal with this tribute to traditional American architecture.

A Colonial window grid focuses on this symmetry, and if you have a Colonial style house, then there’s no doubt you should double up and use this window grid as a finishing touch.

The sash of a double-hung window is unavoidable as it provides the window’s opening and closing function, but for a Colonial home, it’s utterly complimentary.  The sash adds to this overall balance, creating a visual line in the middle of the home’s double-hung window, and with a Colonial style window grid over top, the window will have about six to nine square or rectangles. Specifically, these grids are referred to as “six-over-six” or “nine-over-nine” grid patterns.

Prairie Window Grid

For something completely different, try the Prairie window grid style.  It’s a stark contrast to the order and symmetry of a Colonial window grid.  The Prairie grid style sports a larger square or rectangle in its center, with its sides close to the edge of the windowpane.  The grills run along the edge of the glass, and this leaves more of the window unobstructed.  The pattern will also produce smaller squares in the corner—a delicate touch.

Casement windows go well with the Prairie window grid style.  Casement windows do not open or close, operating predominately as a large—and secure—window ideal for emphasize beautiful views of the outside and to maximize natural light.  You want these windows to be as clear as possible, so the Prairie window grid works perfectly, leaving plenty of room to enjoy the view, yet enough detail to add flourish.

Farmhouse Window Grid

The Farmhouse look is just about everywhere these days and there’s even a window grid style that bears the same aesthetics.  The Farmhouse window grid is all about function—and character.  It can be used on both single-hung and double-hung windows.

Farmhouse styles are often bold and purposeful, and the window grid style is no exception.  Farmhouse windows typically have thick window trim and the window grilles are left as simple and understated.  The goal is to maximize the natural light coming into the room and to promote healthy ventilation, so one grille will divide the sashes to make a four-by-four pattern.  There’s also the two-over-one pattern that’s plenty common, with a grille for the top sash but none on the bottom.

The Modern No-Grid

Of course, there’s an option to have no grids at all.  Why?  Because the modern look dictates ultimate sleekness and that means a window free and clear of any lines.  This minimalist approach boosts the look of your home far into the 21st century, so if traditional isn’t your thing, then opt for grid-free windows.

Not Sure? Go for the Removable Grilles

There are so many choices when it comes to choosing a window grid pattern.  What if you become bored by your choice and it’s permanently fixated in the window?  Fear not, the window industry caters to every consumer, even the most indecisive.

Removable grilles are just that, grilles you can attach to the room side of the windowpane and move around at your discretion.  Now you can have a Prairie style window grid one day and change it to a Farmhouse style the next.  Plus, these removable grids make it much easier to clean the windows, and who doesn’t love that?

If you’re in the market for replacement windows in any of our markets across the Midwest, we hope that you’ll consider Feldco for your window replacement project. We’ll help you find the best windows for your budget and of course, the best window grids as well!

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