Window Grids: Which Window Grid Style Is Right For Your Home?

Window grids can really make your new replacement windows stand out – both on the inside and outside of your home. It’s hard to argue against adding window grids to your windows.  They’re timeless and most of all – beautiful.

window grids

In this article, the experts at Feldco will go over several window grid options and the styles of homes that these grid patterns are most commonly found. Let’s jump right in!

The Most Common Window Grid Styles

From the more traditional to modern, here are the types of window grids most commonly found on homes.

Colonial Grids

By far the most common style of window grids in modern times, colonial grids give off a clean appearance with classic elegance. Colonial window grids usually split the window pane into several panes consisting of either 9, 6 or 4 panes. Windows featuring colonial grid patterns are often paired with architectural windows including half-moon windows and others for a distinct look.

Colonial grid windows are also very common in modern homes. The colonial grid pattern gives newer (and older) homes a clean look with classic charm.

Diamond Grids

Diamond grids in windows are often used as accent windows in expensive homes to make other windows stand out. The diamond grid pattern is reminiscent of classic European architecture that featured diamond grid patterns in windows.

Prairie Grids

Prairie grids can be found in older American architecture and also in more modern homes. The prairie-style grid pattern consists of 9 unequal panes per sash, or pane of glass in a window. A large center pane is surrounded by 4 rectangular panes and 4 smaller panes – one in each corner of the window. Some argue that prairie grid patterns on your windows can create a sense of a larger living space since there’s the illusion of more light coming through the window.

Craftsman Grids

Craftsman window grid patterns are simplistic and clean-looking. The craftsman grid pattern is simply a bottom sash that is clear of any grids and a top sash that has 2 equally divided panes. The craftsman-style grids fit well with some homes but many find their design too bland.

Home Styles and Associated Window Grids

From Colonial to Farmhouse, certain styles of homes are best suited to certain window grid styles. Nothing is etched in stone, however, and you can certainly have a beautiful home with window grids of your choosing.

Let’s take a look at some home styles and what window grid styles typically fit best below:

Colonial Homes (Also Cape Cod Style Homes)

Colonial or Cape Cod architecture lends itself to windows with window grids of the same name – colonial grids. The equally divided panes work well with the traditional Colonial style. If your Colonial home has dormer windows, they most likely have colonial grids which are a great complement to the rest of the home.

Colonial or Cape Code homes have clean, straight lines and that is exactly what colonial style window grids offer. More often than not on Colonial homes, you’ll be replacing single or double hung windows and the colonial grid style goes great with these types of windows.

Tudor Homes

Tudor homes are known for lots of gables and rooflines, making them a perfect candidate for another angular style of window grid – the diamond grid. On Tudor homes, you could go with diamond grid windows as an accent or as a main feature of each window.

window grids on a tudor home

Another great window grid style found on many Tudors is the colonial grid. Depending on the rest of your home’s trim and siding, you can get windows and grids to match either lighter or darker colors.

Prairie Style Homes

Prairie-style architecture is very unique and beautiful and you need windows to match. In terms of window grids, the Prairie grid style is a perfect match and very much so traditionally correct. Many Prairie homes also go with no grids at all for a clean look. Colonial grids on windows in Prairie-style homes is also very popular.

Victorian Style Homes

Victorian homes are somewhat interesting with their windows. Usually, they have no grids at all. We recommend going with either Colonial grids or none at all for a clean and traditional look for these types of homes.

Craftsman and Arts and Crafts Style Homes

Craftsman homes are a perfect match for either craftsman grids or prairie style window grids. Craftsman homes go well with craftsman grids but some people may see them as too plain for their tastes. To mix it up a little bit, try prairie-style grids for a great match to your unique architecture.

craftsman window grids

Modern Homes

One of the most popular options for new construction windows and modern homes is windows with no grids at all. If you have a newer home (built in the last 15 years) and need new replacement windows, don’t be afraid to try different styles of grids and see which ones you like. Doing a simple Google image search for “diamond grid windows” or “colonial grid windows” will give you some great ideas for your own home.

Grids, Grids and More Window Grids

There’s no doubt that window grids can help make your home stand out, especially if you’re wanting to improve curb appeal. Windows without grids can work well in many homes but there’s something to be said about a house full of windows with beautiful colonial, prairie or diamond grids. There are lots of options to choose from including different styles as we listed above but also different colors to match your home’s existing trim.

If you’re in the market for replacement windows in Chicago or in any of our markets across the Midwest, we hope that you’ll consider Feldco for your window replacement project. We’ll help you find the best windows for your budget and of course, the best window grids as well!

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