Understanding the Different Styles of Replacement Windows

Changing your windows is an easy way to refresh the look of your home and add instant curb appeal. However, it can be hard deciding between the many styles available. Beyond looks, different types of windows offer different features that are functional for safety, ventilation and privacy. Whether you’re looking to make a dramatic statement or a more contemporary feel, there’s a window to suit your needs.

different styles of replacement windows

Double Hung Windows

The most popular choice for replacement windows is double hung. What makes them special is their two operable sashes that can be raised, lowered or both. Their staggered ventilation latches limit the range of how wide the sashes open, so you can let in fresh air without worry.

This classic window style can be adapted to suit any interior. Add a grid detail to the top half for a custom look. You can’t go wrong styling your home with double hung windows.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are windows that are hinged at the side. You can choose which side they open from. This means you could put two beside each other and have them open out like French doors. Since they’re operated by hand crank, they’re good for hard-to-reach places.

Picture them over your countertops as you make dinner on a summer night and listen to the crickets. Perhaps you can incorporate casement windows as part of a combination in your family room or master bedroom.

casement windows in a dining room

Sliding Windows

Add a modern touch to your home with the sleek look of sliding windows. Sliders are windows that open horizontally. They’re popular for countertops and a great way to bring in fresh the air. Like double hung windows, you can control both sashes so you get optimum ventilation.

They’re also low maintenance making them perfect for dens and rec rooms. Because of sliders’ similarity to double hung it can be hard to decide between them. Choose sliding windows for when you want the most uninterrupted view into your yard.

Awning Windows

There are some rooms in your house where you don’t want a big window. And sometimes you might want to open a window but can’t because it’s raining. Awning windows are latched from the top so they open down and outwards.

backyard view from an awning window

This provides good airflow while keeping out the elements. Awning windows give you an unobstructed view of outside while being small enough to give privacy. Plus, their dual locks provide extra security. These windows are perfect for adding light and ventilation to kitchens, bathrooms, and basements.

Picture Windows

We all want our home to be bright and inviting. Since they have no operating features, picture windows offer the most visibility of any window out there. That means these windows maximize light and even make your space appear bigger.

Turn your living room into a sunroom with stunning views. Make holidays and family dinners even more memorable with a beautiful backdrop for your dining room. They can even be combined with other window styles to create your ideal combination.

Bay & Bow Windows

Bay windows are a type of window that project from your home’s exterior. They’re composed of a central window flanked by smaller panels, creating a balanced look. Bow windows are another type of projection window. Unlike bay windows each panel is of equal size, giving a curved appearance from the outside.

bay window in a dining room

The best part about bay and bow windows is they double as a seat or ledge. This can transform a room and make all the difference in how you spend your time there. These windows make a great homework spot, reading corner, or just a place to take in the scenery. In the kitchen, add banquette seating to create a stylish breakfast nook.

Garden Windows

Make the most out of your space and bring in natural light at the same time. Like bay and bow windows, garden windows protrude past the frame and let you better experience your property. But their compact dimensions also make them a perfect place for plants, pictures and other displays.

Put one in the kitchen to start your day with fresh-picked basil or oregano. With a garden window, cold and inclement weather doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the outdoors.

Basement Windows

Whether for storage or recreation, the basement doesn’t have to be dark. Basement windows are a great option for adding light and airflow to your home. The most common style is hopper windows (narrow windows with one sash).

Unlike awning windows, hopper windows open outside-in. This makes them simple to clean since you can reach the exterior from indoors. Depending on how you use your basement you may opt for one of our many other styles. You can even choose an opaque or frosted finish for increased privacy.

Architectural Windows

Architectural windows are specialty windows based on different design traditions. They come in a variety of shapes from half-circles to hexagons. You often see them on dormers and above the front door. They also get combined with other window styles to make an elegant statement.

architectural window in front of a home

They’re perfect for taking your bedroom to the next level or adding drama to your den or entryway. A gorgeous look for a picture or casement window is to add a dome with a radial grid.

How To Choose Your Style of Replacement Windows

Your home is where life’s important moments happen, and the right replacement windows make your home truly complete. They pull everything together, change the character of a room and even inspire new uses. That’s why you want to go to an experienced professional for your replacement window needs. Enjoy your windows knowing they’re expertly installed and made with quality and integrity.

Replacement Window Installers

For replacement windows, the measurement has to be ideal to achieve great energy efficiency and cost-saving benefits of vinyl windows. Leave it to the professionals to measure the width and height of your window rough opening.

At Feldco, we have great products, local services and professional installation to replace any type of window. Speak to a product specialist and get a free quote online today.

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