6 Ideas on How to Make a Small Room Look Bigger

Compact living areas are on the rise and it’s important to design your small living space to feel as big as possible. This may seem like a difficult task but it’s actually very possible. We’ll show you how to make a small room look bigger.

how to make a small room look bigger

The key to making a small room look bigger is to combine space-saving and multi-functional options to help open up the room. Creating the illusion of a bigger room is always a desired effect that homeowners are looking to create.

We’ve come up with 6 simple ideas on how to make a small room look bigger so you can live large, not limited.

Using Paint to Make a Small Room Look Bigger

One of the tried-and-true methods of how to make a small room look bigger is strategically painting your walls. Using lighter colors usually opens the room up more than darker colors will.

Lighter colors will also reflect light around the room making it feel more spacious. Darker colors do the exact opposite and absorb light which give the room a more constricted feel.

Also, painting the trim the same color or a slightly brighter color than your walls will trick your eye into thinking the room has more depth and height.

How to Make a Small Room Look Bigger with Space Saving Furniture

There are a ton of ways to make your small room look bigger using furniture. The type of furniture you use, the amount and where you place it can either suffocate the room or let it breathe easy.

To make the bedroom look bigger, you can use storage units beneath your bed. Whether you buy a frame with built-in storage on the bottom or raise your bed and put your own form of drawers underneath, both are great ways to make the room appear bigger.

Using built-in storage units in other rooms works wonders as well. Less bulky pieces of furniture will no doubt make the room feel bigger.

If built-in storage isn’t enough or it’s not what you’re looking for, try using minimalist furniture. No more overstuffed couches and clunky tables. Sleek sofas and rounded coffee or side tables will help maximize the flow of traffic.

In fact, getting rid of coffee tables altogether will greatly help open up the room. Using a combination of side tables will provide the same functionality as a coffee table in the middle of the room would.

Another idea to help make a small room look bigger is to have low-lying furniture. With couches, beds and other furniture lower to the ground, it makes the ceiling feel taller.

Windows Will Make a Small Room Look Bigger

small room look bigger

One surefire way to open up a small room and make it appear bigger is to focus on your windows and window treatments.

Letting in natural light is great when creating the illusion of a bigger room. Using big, beautiful picture windows, bow windows, bay windows or architectural windows are perfect for creating that spacious feeling.

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Using the right window treatments will also help make the room look bigger. Keeping the treatments the same color as the wall, or even a lighter color, will create a seamless look.

Keep your drapes off the ground and hang them higher to make the room feel taller.

Mirrors Make a Difference

The placement of mirrors in smaller rooms creates the ultimate illusion. Placing mirrors where they’ll reflect the most natural light from your windows will really open up the room.

Adding a large mirror to a bare wall can make the room feel like it has more depth.

You can also cleverly place your mirrors to make them appear as extra windows from certain angles.

Keep Everything in Line

An important method to help make a room feel bigger is to coordinate your lines of movement in the room.

If you have horizontal lines and patterns everywhere, don’t throw in vertical features and vice versa. Doing this will interrupt the flow of the room and make it feel segmented and smaller.

Less Is More

make a small room look bigger

If you want to know how to make a small room look bigger, think smaller. Minimalist designs are trending right now for homeowners. Less room decorations and knickknacks will declutter the area and make it feel more open and airy.

If you want to have paintings on your walls, stick to just one and make it a focal point.

Getting rid of chords from TVs, computers, lamps and anything else with wires is good measure to take when trying to make a room look bigger. You can go wireless or find ways to hide annoying chords.

When you have a smaller space to work with it only makes sense to not fill it up with unnecessary items.

Opening Up a Room Is Easier than You May Think

Now that you know some ideas on how to make a small room look bigger, you can get to work and transform your living space(s).

If you decide that some new replacement windows are the cure to making your room appear bigger, you can trust Feldco to provide the best products and service.

Get a free quote online or call 866-4FELDCO to start your journey to a more spacious room.

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