Double Hung vs Sliding Windows: When to Use Them

If you’ve been considering replacement windows, but you’re torn between double hung vs sliding windows are the best choice for your home you’re not alone. There are more choices now for windows than ever before.

Changing the windows in your home is a great way to give it an upgraded look. New windows can change the look of your home, maximize the amount of sunlight and fresh air that you get, and give you better sight lines to the yard or street.

It can be very confusing trying to figure out which type of windows are going to work best in your home. Since replacing windows is a big decision it’s something that homeowners want to be sure of before they make a decision. Most people aren’t exactly sure what the difference is between double hung vs sliding windows. Let’s clear up some of the confusion.

Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows are the windows that most people think of when they think about the windows in their homes. These windows are argon gas filled making them very energy efficient. Double hung windows are taller than they are wide and fit into most of the standard size window openings in homes. This type of window can open from the top or the bottom, or from just one side.

double hung vs sliding windows

The top part of the window can be opened in for easy cleaning and maintenance. Chances are that most of the windows that are in your home are double hung windows. Modern materials give you lots of style options when it comes to double hung windows and you can easily customize the look of these windows to fit your home.

Benefits of Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows work very well in bay windows or nooks. They offer great ventilation because they can opened from both ends. They also offer excellent energy efficiency for keeping utility bills down.

Double hung windows are also the best choice if you put a room air conditioner in any of the rooms in your house during the summer weather. Commercial window air conditioners are usually sized to fit into double hung windows and the vertical motion of the window makes it easier to secure the air conditioner into the window space.

Great for Pets and Children

Another benefit of double hung windows is safety. If you have children in your home double hung windows are the ideal choice for children’s rooms. You can lock the lower part of the window but still open the upper part, where the kids can’t reach, for ventilation. That way you can get plenty of fresh air in the room without having to worry about your child having the sash fall on them, fall out of the window, or get hurt in some other way.

If you have pets double hung windows are also the best choice for a similar reason. With the lower half of the window locked you don’t have to worry about a cat ripping open the screen or a dog trying to go through the window. This prevents them from potentially hurting themselves or damaging the window, but you can still open the top of the window to get fresh air into the house.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are different than double-hung windows because they are horizontal, not vertical. These vinyl windows slide from side to side. One of the biggest advantages of sliding windows is that they come in larger and longer sizes than double hung windows. So a three-pane sliding window creates a gorgeous view and is still able to provide ventilation.

sliding window benefits

When you choose sliding windows you can pick windows where all of the panels open at once or one that has a fixed center panel and the panels on the sides open. Sliding windows are ideal for places where you want to have a wide view of the yard or the street.

Benefits of Sliding Windows

Parents who have small kids might want to install sliding windows in the family room if it looks out over the yard, or behind the sink so that anyone standing at the sink has great sight lines to see the yard and the kids playing.

Sliding windows are also perfect for the living room or office where having a large amount of sunlight as well as an expansive view is desired. Adding sliding windows in the dining room can also create a beautiful focal point in the dining room which is traditionally dark and closed off room.

If you have a sun-room or you want to turn a bonus room into a beautiful sun-room you can use rows of sliding windows to give you the best possible view of the yard and the land around your home. If you have a natural feature like lots of trees or pond sliding windows will give you the best wide view of the landscape that you have around the house.

Great for Natural Light and Easy Cleaning

One of the biggest advantages of sliding windows, besides the great view, is that they are very easy to clean because the panels just pop out. So if you need to replace a transom window, or a window in a laundry room or hard to get at the place where cleaning the windows is difficult a sliding window is a perfect choice.

Sliding windows create a focal point in any room so if you are remodeling your home and you want to open up some smaller rooms in your home and give them a boost of natural light adding sliding windows will make a big difference in the look and feel of those rooms. Sliding windows are also a great addition to basements that have been turned into a family or hang out spaces because they bring in lots of natural light.

Choosing Between Double Hung vs Sliding Windows

If you’re a parent then you know how important it is to have those sight lines to the back yard. You want to be able to keep an eye on your kids outside playing. If you have a home that needs some upgrading or is too dark, changing the style of window that you have in that room can make a huge difference.

Changing the windows in your home can make a room more functional and up the curb appeal. A room that you hate being in could be turned into your favorite room with a different style window that gives you a better view and more sunlight.

If you’re still not sure which type of window is going to be best for various parts of your home you can get expert advice from window professionals. A window professional can come to your home and assess the space that you have and offer suggestions about what type of window would give you the results that you want.

Trust the Professionals

If you’re finding yourself stuck between double hung vs sliding windows you can trust Feldco to help you make the right decision. Find out why over 400,000 homeowners have chosen Feldco for their home improvement projects.

Call today to talk with a window expert and learn more about the differences between double hung vs sliding windows. Get professional help figuring out which type of window is right for your home. Start your project today and get a free quote with Feldco.

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