7 Great Reasons to Add Aluminum Capping Around Your Garage Door

Not many homeowners think about the addition of aluminum capping to frame in their garage door, but it might be exactly what you’re missing and exactly what you need.  It’s not an expensive feature to integrate and you’d be surprised to learn just how many benefits come with adding aluminum capping.

Protect What’s Underneath

Older homes may still have their original wood framework, perhaps painted a few times since their construction, but still uncovered by modern vinyl or brick facades.  It’s part of historic charm to flaunt this exterior wood trim, but to protect it, many homeowners opt to overlay vinyl or aluminum.

Wood trim around your garage door is no exception to this common process and prolonged exposure to the outer elements can lead to wood rot, discoloration, and structural decay.  With aluminum capping, you’ll be sealing the original woodwork of your home and protecting it from these issues, ensuring that what’s underneath is designed to last another lifetime.

Boost Your Curb Appeal

If you don’t already have aluminum capping around your garage door then chances are, this area of you home could use a bit of sprucing up.  Perhaps it’s suffering from the earlier mentioned problems if you’ve got wood trim around the door, like discoloration, surface abrasion, or wood rot.  If this trim is painted, then there’s a risk of its surface chipping, and that never leaves a good look.

Adding aluminum capping solves all of these issues, making your garage door looking like a uniform piece—sleek and smooth in design and clean in its appearance.  Now, when you pull into your garage every night, you won’t find yourself wishing the outside looked better.  A simple addition of aluminum capping has done it for you.

Carriage Garage Door

And In Turn, Boost Your Resale Value

Any increase to your curb appeal is an increase to your home’s resale value.  Attract potential homebuyers with installing this easy, inexpensive feature and give your overall resale value a boost.  Curb appeal is essential when selling your home and aluminum capping can transform a paint-chipped, wood-rotted trim into a clean and cohesive look.  Distinctive lines can make your garage pop, adding a much-needed focal point that enhances the exterior appearance of your home.

Insulate for Energy Efficiency

Garages are known for being a big source of energy inefficiency.  After all, the room has one side comprised of a door that constantly opens and closes.  Keeping it energy efficient is a pain, but an addition of aluminum capping can help tremendously.

That old wood trim around your door isn’t doing your energy bills any favors, and in fact, pockets of air that form inside of it are forcing your cooling and heating systems to work extra hard to balance out the temperatures.  Aluminum capping seals these air pockets, and in turn, this regulates internal temperatures.

Keep it Clean

Installing a sleek surface around your garage makes it much easier to care for and to clean.  You can say goodbye to chipped paint, unappealing wood trim, and unmatched colors that interrupt your overall exterior aesthetics.  Aluminum capping repels dirt and grim, and if there is backsplash from a downpour, it’s much easier to wipe or spray off.

Old wood trim needs to be maintained.  That project includes stripping, sanding, restaining, or repainting to color match.  Aluminum capping can be installed by a professional and essentially ignored—with this material, there’s little to no maintenance or upkeep required.  Plus, you’d be surprised what the clean lines of aluminum capping can do to really tie together the look of your garage.

Wood Garage Door

Aluminum’s Strength

Think of adding this aluminum capping around your garage much like installing an extra layer of protection for your home.  Aluminum’s qualities include durability, and that’s desperately needed around your garage area, a place high in activity of vehicles coming and going, bikes potentially bumping and hitting, and kids throwing balls that could cause damage, especially with basketball hoops that hang overhead.  Aluminum capping is an inexpensive way to add an extra layer of armor for your home.

More for Your Money

Aluminum garage capping won’t break your bank.  Aluminum itself is a relatively inexpensive resource and installing it as trim around your garage doesn’t call for much material to be used.  In reality, you’ll be paying for labor to install it and the cost of the aluminum pieces themselves.  Where you live will ultimately determine the cost of labor in your area.  You can get a quote from a professional garage door company.

Protect Your Garage Door and Reap the Benefits

Garage doors need all the help they can get.  Imagine the day-to-day abuse they see from being exposed to the elements, not to mention being subject to scrapes, dents, and impacts.  Aluminum capping can prolong the lifespan of your wood trim that surrounds it all while making your home look its best in the process—without putting you out of pocket.

Everything that you’re looking for in a garage door is offered right here at Feldco.  That’s why over 400,000 homeowners choose us for their home improvement needs. We take pride in offering quality garage doors made out of high quality and heavy gauge steel.

Whether you’re looking for a standard garage door or a carriage garage door, we have great local services and customer service to help you choose the right garage door for your home. Lastly, we have professional and factory trained installers to take on the hardest job of installing a garage door so you don’t have to. Speak to a product specialist and get a free quote online today.

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