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Double Hung Windows

double hung windowsYou know your home needs new windows. Now what? Deciding on the style of window you want can seem like an intimidating task, but it doesn’t have to be. Double hung windows are a great choice for any home.

Although there are many style options when it comes to windows, the most popular choice for replacement windows remains the same, double hung windows. Double hung windows have two movable sashes, one on top and one on the bottom. This allows you to open the window from the top down or from the bottom up.

Double hung windows easy to clean, versatile, safe, and an excellent source of air ventilation. Vinyl double hung windows are perfect for nearly any space in your home and are very low maintenance. Are you considering replacing your homes windows with double hung windows? Read more about all the benefits of double hung windows.

Benefits of Double Hung Windows

With the combination of beauty and their ease of use it’s no wonder why double hung windows have become a classic choice when deciding on the best window style for your home. With the variety of colors, sizes and grid styles available you’re sure to find the perfect double hung window for your home.

Easy to Clean

Unlike single hung windows, double hung windows have two operable sashes. These easy tilting window sashes make cleaning your home’s windows a breeze. With double hung windows you’re able to clean both the interior and the exterior of your windows without having to step outside.

This eliminates the hassle and danger of having to use a ladder to clean your windows while simultaneously juggling your cleaning supplies. Double hung windows allow you to keep your windows looking brand new from the comfort of your own home.

Safety Features of Our Double Hung Windows

With double hung windows, you have the option of choosing one or two interior locks depending on the size of the window. These locks will give you the peace of mind of knowing they can’t be easily opened from the outside.

In addition, double hung windows have ventilation latches. These ventilation latches are staggered and located on inside of the window. Ventilation latches will limit the degree to which you’re able to raise or lower the top or bottom sash. You can now have your windows open, but still feel safe knowing they can’t be opened any further.

Improve Air Circulation in Your Home

double hung windowThe double hung window has two operable sashes, which provide an excellent source of ventilation. Double hung windows can be lowered from the top, or raised from the bottom.

Additionally, both sashes can be left open for even more air circulation throughout the home. Since heat rises having the top sash open allows the heat to escape, while having the bottom sash open allows for cool fresh air to enter.

Our ventilation latches will also help to increased airflow. The latches don’t allow the window to open up more than a couple inches. This provides you with fresh air while maintaining the safety you’re looking for.

How a Double Hung Window Operates

The double hung window is also commonly known as the “up-down” window. Similar to the single hung window, the double hung sashes open by sliding up and down, however with a double hung window both sashes are operable.

You can open the top sash down, the bottom sash up or open both sashes half way. You also have the added ability of tilting the sashes inward for easy cleaning.

Common Applications for Double Hung Windows

No matter the style, shape, or color you choose, the double hung window is the perfect choice. They’re so versatile that they work in any room in your home. From the living room to the bedrooms there is a double hung window in the size and style you’re looking for.

Double hung windows are easy to maintain and allow you to feel safe and secure even if the window is open. If you’re looking for new windows for you home, consider double hung windows.

Call Feldco today and see all of the benefits of double hung windows for yourself. We will take measurements for you, go over all of the available style options, and provide you with a free quote the same day. Take the hassle out of window replacement and trust us with your home improvement project.

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