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Dutch Lap Vinyl Siding

vinyl dutch lap sidingWhen you are looking for a more unique profile with your siding, DutchLap siding may be what you are looking for.  Designed with the same energy efficient features as standard siding, vinyl DutchLap siding offers you a different look with a decorative groove in the top of the board.

The shape of this siding adds strength to the boards adding even more durability.  With many colors available with our DutchLap siding, you can truly transform the look of your home.

Feldco’s DutchLap siding also comes in XL and XXL lengths for a cleaner, more attractive finish with fewer overlaps.

What’s in Vinyl Dutch Lap Siding?

The short answer is everything. Dutch lap siding is composed of pure, virgin vinyl. Vinyl siding is made up of premium materials to help withstand the extreme weather conditions and temperatures of the Midwest.

Considering the extreme temperatures and weather conditions in Chicago and surrounding suburbs, getting vinyl Dutch lap siding will give you protection against splitting, cracking and warping. It’s a superior siding product made for the Midwest.

Vinyl Dutch lap siding also includes a full thermal support system. Many of our siding competitors don’t have similar insulation and energy efficiency that we provide. We simply separate ourselves from competitors because we have a thermal support system that is tightly fitted behind the siding to improve rigidity and provide straight wall lines.

Make your home one-of-a-kind with great siding features and benefits provided by Feldco. We encourage homeowners to match their home with premium soffit, facia and other trim accessories.

Vinyl Dutch Lap Siding Features

Our Dutch lap siding comes with fully rolled nail hems. It’s a unique nail that holds the siding on your wall and ensures resistance to extreme winds. Fully rolled nail hems are widely considered to be the best nails for siding and we use them for vinyl Dutch lap siding.

We provide 0.046” extra thick panels to make your wall straight, smooth and even. The appearance of your siding will not fade since these siding panels produce ¾” shadow lines to give homes a look of real wood siding without the extra maintenance.

Richly detailed oak grains are implanted into Dutch Lap siding to make it look like wood siding without the extra maintenance that comes with it. With a tri-beam system, your siding will deliver superior rigidity which ensures that walls are even, and course lines are straight.

Benefits of Vinyl Dutch Lap Siding

We don’t settle for average, Feldco ensures nothing but the best for homeowners across the Midwest. At Feldco, you’ll receive premium energy efficiency that is four times the R-value of conventional siding.

Altogether, this can save you up to 20% off on energy costs. Additionally, switching to Vinyl Dutch Lap siding will provide you with a superior appearance that looks and feels like wood siding. Keep in mind that wood siding is not resistant to extreme weather and it requires extra maintenance to keep it maintained.

With Vinyl Dutch Lap Siding, you won’t need to worry about the extra maintenance and your siding will maintain its original shape. That means your siding will not warp, crack or split when extreme weather comes to town. Durability is the strong point for Vinyl Dutch Lap Siding. In fact, it’s three times as durable as hollow-back siding.

This siding can protect against hail, strong winds, and the occasional toss from a little leaguer. Finally, you’ll get a healthy environment for you and your entire family. Vinyl Dutch Lap siding allows your walls to breathe.

As a result, harmful water vapor won’t be trapped inside your walls which gives you protection against the growth of mold or mildew. It also includes a non-toxic additive that will deter any termites, carpenter ants and other pests from nesting behind your siding.

Vinyl Dutch Lap Siding Colors and Installation

For your home, you can pick out up to 15 traditional siding colors and up to 12 architectural siding colors. The value in colors and styles makes a huge difference. We make sure that you are completely satisfied with your choice of Vinyl Dutch Lap Siding colors and styles.

Vinyl Dutch Lap siding installation is done professionally by EPA trained and certified installers. To receive all the great benefits and features, professional siding installation is essential. The only way to receive the great benefits, features, and beauty of Vinyl Dutch Lap siding is by going with a professional siding company that’s been around since 1976. Speak to a product specialist and get a free quote online today.

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