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Board and Batten Siding

vinyl board and batten siding on a houseVinyl board and batten siding are seen in a variety of architectural styles.  This type of siding offers a vertical pattern created using boards and battens of various widths, alternating wide and narrow vertical panels.  The result is a visually clean and crisp look.

Feldco’s vinyl board and batten siding offer all the same great energy efficiency and durability as the more traditional designs.  No warping, rotting or peeling means a siding product that is easier to maintain and a joy to live with.

Choose from traditional color collection to architectural color collection, we have many vinyl siding colors to pick out from so your home can look clean and crisp. Board and batten siding comes with a full thermal support system.

This makes a huge difference between us and the competitors. Full thermal provides great insulation and overall improvement in energy efficiency.

Board and Batten Features

Our siding features a fully rolled nail hem that will hold your siding together for a long time. Fully rolled nail hems provide resistance to extreme winds so you won’t have to worry about your siding wobbling during windy conditions.

Extra thick panels are securely installed to ensure straight, smooth and more even walls. We like to call ourselves the pioneers of high-quality panels that produce ideal shadow lines to give a home look of real wood siding. You get all the beauty of wood siding without the maintenance. Tri-beam system is a perfect supplement that delivers superior rigidity, helping to ensure straight course lines and even walls.

Board and Batten Benefits

Living comfortably in your home starts with good siding and Feldco is the best siding company in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. With board and batten siding, you get four times the R-Value of conventional siding. You’ll end up saving as much as 20% on energy costs! On top of that, you are getting the superior appearance and durable performance.

Board and batten siding look and feel like real wood. It maintains its original shape through everyday disasters and extreme weather. Durability is never a concern since board and batten siding is three times as durable as hollow-back siding. It’s protected year-round against hail and wind.

This siding creates a healthy environment for your home. Your walls can breathe, and you won’t need to worry about harmful water vapor getting trapped. As a result, your walls will be protected against the growth of mold or mildew.

Besides mold and mildew, you won’t have to worry about termites and other pests from nesting behind your siding since board and batten comes with a non-toxic additive. This preservative is helpful to so many homeowners who like to keep their siding termite-free.

Board and Batten Colors

Let’s dig deeper into what makes our siding superior compared to competitors. We have up to 15 traditional colors and up to 12 architectural colors. Siding color combinations are appreciated by many of our customers.

We can work with you to set up a perfect combination of energy efficiency, durability and colors combinations. At Feldco, you are on your way to make your siding one of a kind with board and batten siding that is unique and valuable to many homeowners in Chicago and surrounding suburbs.

Board and Batten Installation

Since 1976, Feldco has provided professional board and batten installation. Everything from start to finish, board and batten installation is done by EPA trained and certified siding installers. The installation of siding makes a significant difference in getting the proper insulation and energy efficiency.

Removing the old siding, installing the new board and batten siding, and cleaning up the surrounding makes us a reliable siding company. Trust Feldco for superior installation on board and batten siding that you won’t find anywhere else. Speak to a specialist and get a free quote online today.

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