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Replacement Windows, Siding and Doors in West Bend

The town of West Bend is located between the city of Milwaukee and Fond Du Lac Wisconsin.  West Bend has a population of 31,596 and was incorporated into the Wisconsin community in 1885.  There was a boom in population from 1970 to 2000 and that’s when most homes in West Bend were constructed.  If you live in West Bend, your home may by 20 years old or much older.  This may be the best time to think about home renewal.

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Feldco offers West Bend the very best in windows, siding and door replacement and we’ll help you get your home renewal project started.

Windows for West Bend

Winters in West Bend can be extreme. Wisconsin as a whole receives a lot of snow and temperatures can drop below zero and stay there for awhile. If you’ve had experience with old windows, you know that they can get really drafty and you can hear the wind whistling, or even see your curtains moving even when the window is completely shut.

Feldco windows are, vinyl framed with foam insulation inside the framing making them energy efficient.  They’re double pane glass with argon gas in between for extra insulation.  Compressed foam wrapping around the framing of the window to protect the window from outside elements.  This means no air leakage will come in and all the gaps are completely filled.

Here are several types of windows:

Each type has its own distinct style and every homeowner has a preference but once a decision is made, Feldco will install new windows in West Bend professionally and correctly.

Replacement Doors for West Bend

Homeowners in West Bend eventually have to come in and out of the home due to work, meeting with friends or family, or walking their dog.  Especially in the winter, once you open that front or back door, a rush of cold air comes in and drops the room temperature dramatically.  While that’s happening, the thermometer tells your heater to work extra hard and with that comes skyrocketing heating bills.

If your doors are considerably old, there’s a chance that a slight draft may be coming through.  If you own a wood door, they rot and warp and aren’t very energy efficient when it comes to insulation.

Entry & Storm Doors

Feldco offers entry durable doors made from steel or fiberglass that have foam core insulation inside the door.  The doors are custom made to the specific dimensions of the door openings.

Installing a storm door will also add an extra layer of insulation and security.  Feldco storm doors are made from aluminum and come in all sorts of colors.  There are glass and screen options to choose from.  At the bottom of the door are sweeps that eliminate drafts, and of course, have locks which adds security.

Getting both an entry and a storm door will boost the energy cost efficiency. In West Bend, the strong cold winds will never get a chance of passing through because of the storm door.  When leaving the home, opening the entry door to the storm will prevent a cold draft.

Patio & Garage Doors

Most homes in West Bend have patio doors including sliding doors and French style doors.  They’re usually located in the back of the home and offers a full view to the backyard.  Patio doors let in a lot of natural light due to the full view glass (normally associated with patio doors).  Full view glass can make a room feel more spacious and inviting.

Feldco offers sliding patio doors which are vinyl framed with insulation in the framing.  Sliding patio door has double pane glass with argon gas.  There’s also the option of having blinds built-in between the glass.  Plenty of color and hardware options to choose from.

French style patio doors swing in/out on a hinge and can come in a 2-door, or 3-door option.  They come in steel or fiberglass options with full view glass.

Garages are important since their primary function is to store your car or cars from the outside elements, and garages also provide added security for the cars themselves.  West Bend accumulates a lot of snow, what’s better than to leave your car in the garage so you don’t have to brush off any snow.

Feldco garage doors are made from steel and can go from a 1 car to a 2 car stall option.  They can be made in the standard style but also come in a carriage style option.  Both can have glass at the top panel for added curb appeal and can come insulated as well.

West Bend Siding Replacement

In West Bend, the winters can be harsh and longer.  Siding is important because it protects your home from the outside and is the first line of defense protecting the inside from the outer elements.  Siding takes a lot of punishment, and in the winter there’s strong winds, snowstorms, and below zero temperatures.

Siding from Feldco has insulated foam underneath the vinyl siding and comes in various styles like your standard double four, vertical, and board and batten.  If you want to get even more curb appeal there’s the shake style option.  Soffit, fascia and gutters are also offered from Feldco as they add accents to the siding.

Feldco Is Your Best Bet For Home Renewal

If you live in West Bend and are looking for new windows, siding, or door replacement, look to Feldco who has everything covered from products all the way to installation.

You can count on Feldco for all your home renewal needs so speak with a representative now and get your free quote today or call 866-4-Feldco.

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