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Deluxe Storm Doors

deluxe storm door in whiteThe Deluxe Series of Storm Doors is available in many different styles and models, offering varying levels of light and ventilation options. So whether you are looking for additional light, ventilation or protection from the elements, a Deluxe Storm Door will be the answer.

Deluxe Storm Door Features

Kick Panel

Mostly seen on commercial buildings and businesses, kick panels were designed for both beauty, and damage resistance. It adds life to your door by absorbing all the traffic and abuse that doors usually get with heavy use. Wheelchairs, strollers, paperboys and papergirls making their route and throwing the newspaper at the kick panel won’t threaten your door’s looks. Through time, all these can put wear and tear onto your door, but a kick panel will help add years of durability.

A kick panel is a vital part of a storm door for a busy family. Going to work, school, social events, maybe for just a walk outside can all contribute to wear and tear on your door. We don’t notice it, but due to our eagerness to leave, sometimes we end up kicking the bottom of the door without knowing. This happens a lot, especially with kids or teenagers chasing a school bus or running late for school.

The aluminum kick panel on half-lite Deluxe Storm Doors is designed to resist rust and add strength.  It also protects the bottom of your storm door from dents, scuffs, and scratches.

Bottom Sweep

Drafts coming into your home can put a strain on your energy bills. The storm door is the first line of defense when it comes to energy efficiency in your home. If properly installed, there shouldn’t be a draft coming in, and in the space between the entry door and the storm door, there shouldn’t be too drastic a difference in temperature. When you open your entry door, there shouldn’t be a strong draft of cold air hitting you in the face.

A double seal bottom sweep eliminates drafts and makes your home more energy efficient and comes with our deluxe storm doors. The seal itself has two sides, one side is at the bottom part of the door facing outside the home, the other is facing inside the home towards the entry door. The double seal is double the protection and extra savings towards your wallet due to the energy efficiency and you’ll notice the cost benefits quickly enough.

inside of a deluxe storm doorRemovable Glass and Screens

Some models of the Deluxe storm doors offer removable glass and screens. In the Midwest, we get all the seasons from winter, spring, summer and fall. In the winter, having glass on your storm door is more energy efficient as it blocks out the cold air. In the summer, a screen is most desired since it lets cool air circulate throughout the home. For spring and fall, since temperatures can vary tremendously, some of our deluxe storm doors can have the best of both and have retractable screens. No need to remove the glass and put on the screen, or vice-versa. The screen and glass can be in one unit and all you have to do is slide the screen up into a roller to expose the glass as it slides up, or, slide the glass down to expose the screen as the glass will be hidden in the door.

Feldco’s Deluxe series storm doors can come with a half-view, three-quarters view, up to a full-view, depending on your preference of course. There’s good news for all the pet owners, there’s an option for a pet door built into your Deluxe storm door.


Not only are the closers color-matched to your door for a clean look, but they are heavy duty in strength. The closers are attached to the inside of the storm door and apply varying levels of tension to prevent the door from slamming or forced open if caught by the wind. The closers can be adjusted to allow the door to close slower or quicker depending on the weight of the door.


As with all types of doors, security is important. All Deluxe storm doors come with a deadbolt, and a lever or handle to open and close the door from the outside. On the inside, there’s a turn lock and a push lever to open the door. You have mail slot options as well. All the hardware comes in different finishes from standard black and white, nickel, to antique brass.

Available Styles

  • Clay
    clay storm door with crossbuck
  • Snow Mist
    snow mist white
  • Forest Green
    green storm door
  • Geneva Blue
    geneva blue storm door
  • Tudor Brown
    brown storm door full view glass
  • Clay (Full View)
    clay colored storm door with full view glass
  • Cream
    cream color storm door with glass
  • Geneva Blue (Divided Glass)
    geneva blue divided glass storm door
  • Clay Hi Lite
    clay color storm door with hilite
  • Mountain Berry Red
    Mountain Berry Red storm door
  • Mountain Berry (One Lite)
    red storm door one lite
  • Provincial Brown
    provincial tudor brown storm door
  • Rustic Bronze
    rustic bronze storm door
  • Rustic Bronze w/ Screen
    rustic bronze retractable screen storm door

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