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The Decorator Storm Doors provide a stylish, fresh look to accent your entry door. Choose from an array of classic and contemporary designs to ensure the storm door enhances your home.

Decorator Storm Door Features

Solid Construction

The multi-hollow construction of a Decorator Storm Door provides greater strength than standard storm doors with corner keys that provide added support to the inside of the door frame. The sash/screen is secured by an internal lock system, or by color-matched polycarbonate clips. The color-matched aluminum screw covers enhance the appearance of your door with a sculptured frame that adds durability. The outside corners of the door frame are secured by corrosion proof corner inserts that provide structural integrity throughout the door.

Energy Efficiency

A storm door is your first line of defense against the outside elements. In the Midwest, the seasons can be brutal from the harsh cold winters to the hot humid summers. Storm doors adapt to climate changes by having interchangeable screens and/or glass. You can have the screens locked in during the summer to let in a breeze and have air circulation throughout the home keeping it cooler without having to turn on the air conditioner. In the winter, switch out the screen for glass which blocks the cold air from entering and also prevents snow from drifting into the corridor between the entry door and the storm door.

Standard insulated frame cores offer increased energy efficiency with the Decorator Storm Doors and the bottom sweep helps eliminate drafts. With all the energy efficiency features that our decorator storm door offers, the door will end up paying for itself in the long-run with the savings from lowering your monthly energy bills.


Our Decorator line of storm doors come in many colors and styles. There are full-view to half-view options depending on your preference. The front storm door is the focal point for a home as it’s the point of entry for friends and family who visit. Why not leave them with a lasting impression of your beautiful home with a door that invites them in? There are many components to a storm door that can vary and makes for a personal door that shows your character.

Color-matched bottom expanders, dual closers and aluminum screw covers enhance the overall appearance of your new storm door.

Maximum Light

The Decorator Storm Doors can be full-view doors, maximizing outdoor light and emphasizing a clear view of the outdoors. Choose from a variety of beveled glass or brass or zinc inlays to create the door perfect for you and your home.

If you’re a pet owner, you have the option of adding a pet door!


Not only are the closers color-matched to your door for a clean look, but they are heavy duty and durable. The closers are attached to the inside of the storm door and apply varying levels of tension to prevent the door from slamming or forced open if caught by the wind. The closers can be adjusted to allow the door to close slower or quicker depending on the weight of the door.


Security is an important factor when choosing any type of door. All decorator storm doors come with a deadbolt and a lever or handle to open and close the door from the outside. On the inside, there’s a turn lock and a push lever to open the door. You have mail slot and kick panel options as well. All the hardware comes in different finishes from standard black and white, nickel, to antique brass.

Available Styles

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