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Swinging, or French patio doors, give you a lovely option to allow light inside your home, while providing you with ventilation options. French style patio doors also allow you easy access to the outside all year long with an unobstructed view. They come in many styles that can make your home stand out in any neighborhood.

French Patio Door Features and Benefits

Energy Efficient

Feldco’s French patio doors are energy efficient and will keep the inside of your home at a comfortable temperature no matter the outside elements or seasonal changes. They are built to withstand the extreme weather climates in the Midwest reducing your heating and cooling bills substantially. Inside the door is a foam core and double pane glass with argon gas for extra insulation.

French Patio Doors with Built-In Blinds

Built-In blinds are a popular option due to their simplicity and are available for our French patio doors. Since the blinds are housed between the panes of glass, the doors are low maintenance and easy to clean. They operate easily by hand using a slide so there’s no need for pulling or tugging on strings which almost always end up tangled. Regular blinds due to their placement, can get bent, damaged, or fall off. Built-in blinds are more streamline and won’t swing or open out of place. They can add extra privacy to the home and a sense of security. Built-in blinds also block out the sunlight when closed, this is very helpful during peak summer when the sunlight can enter your home and raise the temperature, even fade the color of your furniture.

Durable and Affordable

Our French patio doors are made from steel or fiberglass as both options are very durable and sturdy. They won’t expand or contract during the very cold winters or humid, hot summers. They’re affordable as they are direct from the factory to your home to be installed which puts money back into your pocket.

Beauty and Style

There are many styles and options to choose from with our French patio doors. You can have them swing-in or swing-out which is a matter of preference. This really depends on spacing since there needs to be clearance for the doors to swing either direction. There are plenty of different color options, so you can make the doors blend into the color scheme of your home, or contrast your home and make the door itself pop or be the focal point of that side of the home. There’s the option of having textured glass for more privacy. Hardware options like handles, latches or cranks are available to really help customize your door. There are different color options for the finishes going from a plain black or white, to a satin nickel to antique brass. For added beauty, you can add a transom or sidelight and let your neighbors be in awe and a little envious.


Create a custom opening for your home with the variety of configuration options available with French patio doors. Swinging patio doors are available in 2 or 3-lite units (two or three doors) to perfectly complement your home. With the 2-lite options, choose whether the right or left door opens. Similarly, the three-lite doors allow you the option to choose whether you would like the right, left or center door to be functional.

Installation of Your French Patio Doors

Feldco handles everything from beginning to end. We manufacture your French patio door to your specific preferences and dimensions and then we do the complete installation. Our factory trained installers are professionals at their craft, detail oriented and have the credentials that go above and beyond the industry standard. After installation is finished, we have a separate trained technician rigorously inspect the installation to make sure that it’s correct and completed.


There are full glass French patio door options available in the Signet, Heritage and Legacy Series for doors from which to choose when you are designing your entryway and French patio door. Whether you are interested in the optimal strength and energy efficiency of a fiberglass door or the durable elements from a steel door, your French patio doors will provide you with the door you desire.

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