What Makes Slider Windows the Most Energy Efficient?

Replacing and upgrading your home’s windows is no small project.  If you’re like the majority of homeowners knee-deep in a window replacement job, your main motivation is more than likely energy efficiency and long-term cost savings on your utility bills.  New windows have a huge impact on your home’s heating and cooling, which contributes to other factors as well like curb appeal, resale value, and a more comfortable living environment.

If you’ve started your research on the best window for energy efficiency, you’ve probably come across the slider window.  Sliding windows are the best at energy conservation for many reasons.

The Style of a Sliding Glass Window

There’s not much mystery as to why sliding windows are named as such.  Obviously, these windows slide side-to-side instead of their double- or single-hung counterparts that open from bottom to the top.  Their construction and design is similar to that of a sliding glass door that you’d have going out to a patio or deck, only in window form.

Still, these windows open and close, functioning just the same as the ever-popular double-hung window, so why are they more energy efficient 

Fewer Moving Parts

Unlike double-hung or single-hung windows, sliding windows have fewer moving parts.  The fewer working parts a window has (or anything, really, as consumers are well aware), the less of a chance for air leakage.

Even though a window’s main purpose is to prevent drafts, this can happen often with windows that have a lot of these moving parts like a double-hung or single-hung window, especially if they’re improperly installed, older windows in need of replacing, or have several pieces and parts that are deteriorating or malfunctioning.

Sliding windows are known to be so energy efficient because its simple design eliminates drafts.  There are fewer operational parts in a sliding window so homeowners can worry less about maintenance, replacing parts, and drafts or air leakage.  All of these little things add up to making a sliding window extremely energy efficient.

Vinyl Sash

Vinyl is one of the most popular materials used in today’s windows.  It’s cost-effective, energy efficient, and requires low to little maintenance.  The sash of a sliding window interlocks when the window is closed, allowing for an extra tight seal.  On other window types, like a single-hung window, the window sits on the sash instead of creating this airtight, interlocking seal.

New sliding windows have this interlocking sash seal, creating optimal energy efficiency for your home.  It’s this modern design that makes sliding windows the most conservative in terms of energy.  An added bonus of the interlocking design is extra security for your window.

Natural Light

This style of window can be as big as a picture window if you wish.  Double-hung windows are typically standard on most houses, but there’s more room for creative sizing in sliding windows.  What does this mean for your window’s energy efficiency?

A large sliding window will allow even more natural light into your home.  This is a natural way to warm your house without having to rely so much on your furnace.  For you, you’ll end up saving on your utility bills each month and enjoy the natural light a sliding window has to offer—a win-win.


Alternatively, a large sliding window can mean much more ventilation in the warmer months.  Use your air conditioning less if you have a large sliding window and instead rely on the breeze.  You’ll notice that these larger sliding windows can help cool your house and lower your utility bills, just as it does in the cold months with natural light.

It may seem small, but over time the sliding window’s ability to ventilate and let in sunlight will add up over time.  Not only is that good for your energy conservation, but this also will help contribute to your home’s resale value.


Installation is a factor for every window type.  If windows aren’t installed properly, you can expect drafts, condensation, air leakage, and higher energy costs because of the lack of energy efficiency.  Sliding windows have fewer moving parts as the ever-popular double-hung windows, so their installation may end up costing less depending on the labor costs of your area.

It’s of the utmost importance to have a professional install your sliding windows in order for them to truly be the most energy-efficient window style. Yes, you can install windows on your own, but unless you have experience or training, consider hiring a professional to get the most out of your new investment.  Professionals will ensure that the window has an air-tight seal and is properly aligned within the walls, which stops unnecessary drafts and leakage from occurring.

Consider Sliding Windows

This window style is often overlooked due to the popularity of the double-hung or single-hung window, however, the sliding window has much to offer.  Energy efficiency is its greatest advantage, but you’ll also be able to enjoy the ease of its simpler operation, its ability to heat and cool by means of natural light and plenty of ventilation, and its interlocking sash design that creates an airtight seal.

At Feldco, we provide all of those qualities plus more. That’s why over 500,000 happy customers went with Feldco for their home improvement needs. Speak to a product specialist about our energy-efficient windows and get a free quote today.

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