What Are the Best Replacement Windows I Can Buy?

Is there a clear choice for replacement windows?  As a homeowner, it’s understandable to become overwhelmed by the options.  There’s wood, vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass, and composite, but what’s the top choice among them?

It’s two huge investments rolled into one: your home and its windows.  Both aren’t cheap.  But when it comes down to replacing your windows, you’ll be surprised to learn that not all of these choices will break your bank.

Types of Window Materials

The window market was formally ruled by wood, but now this material is making room for new and improved options like vinyl, composite, and fiberglass.

Here’s how they all matchup:


Professionals and manufacturers have a soft spot for wood replacement windows.  Wood windows carry an unrivaled aesthetic, but their beauty comes at a price—literally.  Wood is one of the most expensive styles available for replacement windows, but are their looks worth the cost?

The biggest hang-up with wood replacement windows is their maintenance.  Wood requires regular upkeep like staining and sanding, otherwise the material is prone to rotting.  It’s a strong material, durable against the elements, but as far as practicality goes, wood replacement windows seem to have stepped out of favor for homeowners since vinyl’s market debut.


There’s a reason why homeowners have turned to other materials for their replacement windows, namely vinyl.  Vinyl is low-maintenance, cost-effective, and easily accessible, meaning the labor and materials for installation is cheaper and readily available.

Vinyl’s popularity is in part because it allows homeowners to enjoy their windows with all of the perks of a wood window, but with none of the demanding upkeep.  Manufacturers and installers keep standard sizes of vinyl replacement windows in stock, so there’s minimal waiting when you need to replace your windows.

Fiberglass & Composite

The newest addition to the world of replacement windows are fiberglass and composite.  Both materials are super-strong, immensely durable, but on the more expensive end of the replacement window spectrum.

They’re energy efficient, but not as readily available for installation like vinyl is for installation.  Some window installation companies might not offer fiberglass or composite as options for replacement windows.


Lastly, there’s the aluminum frame, perhaps the lowest cost option among replacement window materials.  They’re durable, but aluminum faces a major drawback since they conduct heat easily, slapping these replacement windows with a high U-value, which is decidedly not energy efficient.  These frames are also prone to condensation and have the potential to dent if impacted.

Vinyl: The Best Bang for Your Buck

As a homeowner, getting new replacement windows is difficult decision to make.  You want something that will last, be energy efficient, increase your resale value, and have little upkeep.  However, so many of us drag our feet on replacing our windows because we think we can’t have it all, or if we can, it comes with an enormous price tag.

Truthfully, vinyl windows come out as the winner for replacement windows.  They’re the most cost-effective option, but they grant your house with all of the advantages, so yes, you really can have it all.

Vinyl Windows Have Energy Star Certification

First, most vinyl replacement windows carry the Energy Star certification, which means they’re rated to reflect heat during the summer months and keep heat in during the winter, regulating your home’s internal temperature and as a bonus, lowering your monthly energy bills.

In part, that’s why vinyl windows are so cost-effective.  You’ll notice with Energy-Star rated vinyl replacements a drop in your monthly energy bills because your home is better at retaining energy.  You’ll save money elsewhere with vinyl because you don’t have to pay to keep these windows maintained, as a good quality vinyl window will give you a long lifetime of durable use.

Vinyl Replacement Windows are Cost-Effective

You’ll notice that the process of actually replacing your windows with vinyl windows is a better alternative for your wallet, too.  Window manufacturers and installers carry vinyl windows in all standard sizes, the labor is comparably cheaper for the project, and if you wanted to, you could install a vinyl window yourself.

Many Styles and Options Available

It feels like an additional bonus to mention the slur of options vinyl replacement windows are available in.  Homeowners can opt to replace old windows with vinyl double-hung, single-hung, casement, picture, and even more styles.  To debunk a common myth, vinyl can be customized and no, your new windows don’t have to be white, there are plenty of color choices at your disposal.

Best Warranties for Vinyl

Finally, you can rest assured that new vinyl replacement windows come with the best warranties on the market.  Depending on the manufacturer and the specific window brand you choose, as the warranties vary, but most of them, especially the best quality ones, come with full lifetime warranties, some even delivering double lifetime warranties.

For reselling your home, this is a huge boost because you can transfer the warranty to the new homeowners.

home resale value with vinyl windows

A Wise Investment for Your Home

Replacing your windows doesn’t have to be a nightmare that it’s so often made out to be.  When you learn about options like vinyl windows, replacements start to not only seem like a good idea, but a smart investment for your home.

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We have many showrooms across the Midwest and that’s why we have helped over 400,000 homeowners with their home improvement goals. Speak to a product specialist and get a free quote online today.

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