Vinyl Insulated Windows Are a Must for the Midwest

vinyl insulated windows

Homeowners in the Midwest have a lot to deal with when deciding what products will work well with the climates they endure year round. Summers are brutal and humid while winters are, well, we all know how bad winter gets in the Midwest.

Energy efficiency is one of, if not the, most important features of home improvement products. You want to be installing something that’ll benefit you right away and for many years to come.

Vinyl insulated windows are exactly what you need when you’re taking on a window replacement project. From their high energy efficiency ratings to the great looks that they provide, you need vinyl windows for your Midwestern home.

Why Choose Vinyl Windows to Begin With?

You might be asking why your insulated windows have to be made from vinyl as opposed to other materials. Vinyl performs better for your Midwestern home than all the other window materials.

Wood windows might offer your home the most elegant look, but they’re no match for the climate that your home is exposed to.

Wood windows require a lot of maintenance just to keep them looking nice. And after all that maintaining, they’re still susceptible to rotting, warping and expanding due to the amount of moisture they’re exposed to.

Another lesser opponent to vinyl insulated windows are aluminum windows. Although aluminum windows might be the cheapest option, they won’t provide your home with adequate energy efficiency.

Aluminum windows don’t hold in heat very well so that poses a great problem for homeowners in the Midwest. Condensation and even frost can form inside the windows which causes many problems.

Vinyl insulated windows are the clear cut winner for your home in the Midwest. Your vinyl windows are constructed to never rot, warp, crack or expand in any weather condition. Their energy efficiency qualities are unmatched by any other material. Plus, you can get your vinyl windows in a wood grain finish to have the classy look of wood windows without the consequences.

Features to Look for in the Best Vinyl Insulated Windows

With all the choices out there, there are certain qualities you need to look for when choosing your vinyl insulated windows.

High Performance Glass

double pane and triple pane windows

The glass is a major factor in contributing to the insulation of vinyl windows. Make sure you install windows with LowE glass. Windows with LowE glass reflect heat and radiation from the sun but allow light to pass through.

This allows your home to stay cooler in the summer as the solar heat is steered away. In winter, your home will stay warmer because light will still enter your home, but the heat inside your home will be blocked from leaving.

When argon gas is pumped into your window’s glass, the thermal efficiency is greatly improved. The transfer of heat is reduced between the inside and outside giving your windows increased insulation.

Windows from Feldco have 3/4″ double strength glass with both LowE and argon gas features.

Superior Interior Construction

Your windows’ inner-workings are what define them in terms of insulation and energy efficiency. Windows with just one form of insulation inside the frame will not give your home the adequate energy efficiency you’re looking for.

insulated windows

Vinyl insulated windows with a multi-chambered construction not only provide excellent strength, they optimize the amount of insulation within the window. More avenues inside the window mean more opportunities to increase insulation.

vinyl insulated windows

Make sure your vinyl insulated windows feature polyurethane foam enhanced frames and sashes. This creates high R-values and maximizes energy efficiency.

Another important feature of the best vinyl insulated windows is an insulating foam compression wrap. This extra layer of foam creates more insulation than consumer-stock windows offer.

Why Over 400,000 Homeowners Choose Feldco for Vinyl Insulated Windows

Homeowners in the Midwest need the absolute best in energy efficiency and insulation for their homes in order to stay comfortable year round and save money on their energy bills.

Vinyl insulated windows offer the best insulation qualities as opposed to aluminum and wood. In order to get the most insulation for your home, you need to look for features like argon gas-filled glass, multi-chambered construction and foam filled frames.

There’s only one company that can offer all these wonderful qualities packed into one window. For over 40 years, we’ve helped people transform their home with the best vinyl insulated windows on the market.

If you’re in need of quality replacement windows, start with a free right now or call us at 866-4FELDCO.

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