Make Your Bathroom Seem Bigger with these Small Bathroom Ideas

If you have a small bathroom, designing how it’ll look may seem like a tough task. Nobody likes to feel crammed in the bathroom. Luckily, there are plenty of small bathroom ideas to make the space feel bigger than it is.

small bathroom ideas

When planning how your small bathroom will look, there are a few factors you need to consider. For example, configuring the sink, toilet and shower as well as making enough space for storing various toiletries.

We’ve come up with some great small bathroom ideas to help open up the room and make you forget how small it actually is.

Functionality Is Key for Small Bathrooms

One of the most important factors when figuring out how to design a small bathroom is to make sure everything has a purpose. Adding small items and knick-knacks will make your small bathroom feel cluttered.

That’s not to say you can’t have any design elements in your bathroom. There are plenty of ways to blend style and functionality.

Sufficient Storage

small bathroom storage

No matter the size, it’s crucial that there’s enough storage space in your bathroom. You pack a lot of things in the bathroom from rolls of toilet paper to medicine to towels and everything in between.

Not having a good storage layout will make your bathroom feel cluttered and constrained in a hurry. You can find extra storage in the area above the toilet and use shelves to store items.

Another storage method is to make the most of the area under the sink, but don’t over-do it because that’s when things start to become a mess.

Some of the best storage ideas for small bathrooms are found on the walls. Using wall space for storage is a great way to get things off the ground and make the area feel more spacious.

For some more bathroom storage inspiration, check out this article.

Install a Corner Sink

small bathroom ideas

One of the most common placements for sinks in the bathroom is right in the middle on the wall. However, this can make a small bathroom feel even smaller.

One way to counteract this is to install a corner sink. This allows for easy maneuvering throughout the bathroom and easy access to your shower doors or cabinets.

You’ll be amazed at how much moving your sink to a corner will open up the room.

Create the Illusion

You can create the illusion of a bigger bathroom by having large patterns on your wall paint or wallpaper and the flooring. It’s a classic trick that’s proven to work and home stagers often use it when showing houses.

The use of large patterns tricks the eye and brain into thinking there’s more space than there really is and helps make the bathroom appear larger.

Shower Door Alternatives

Having a traditional shower door in a small bathroom isn’t such a good idea if you want to make the area seem as big as possible. One of the more popular small bathroom ideas is to get rid of the shower door and replace it with a glass panel.

A glass panel will slide side to side and since it’s transparent, it’ll make the room feel more open. Or, you can go the extra step and completely rid your bathroom of any shower walls or barriers.

Creating a seamless transition in your bathroom is a surefire way to open it up and make the room feel bigger. If you do plan on doing this, you’ll need to make sure your entire bathroom floor is waterproof and the shower area slopes towards the drain.

Use Your Windows to Create a More Spacious Bathroom

small bathroom windows

People often forget about their bathroom windows, but they can be a huge help when trying to make a small bathroom feel bigger. Larger windows in the bathroom can really open up the room.

Plus, they’ll let a lot of natural light in which can help save money on electric bills by not having to always turn on the lights.

If you feel that having larger windows might seem uncomfortable in terms of privacy, you can have frosted or privacy glass installed in them.

If you do decide to replace your windows in the bathroom, you need to go the route of vinyl windows. Your bathroom sees a tremendous amount of moisture and wood windows will fail very quickly.

Also, living in the Midwest, you need windows that can withstand every weather condition and vinyl does just that. The best vinyl windows come from Feldco.

You can even have them finished in a wood grain to get the appeal of wood windows without all the negatives. Get a free quote now for the best windows in the Midwest so you can get the spacious feeling you want in your bathroom.

Mirrors and Chrome Add Depth to Your Small Bathroom

Almost all bathrooms already have a mirror and their purpose goes beyond helping you get ready. If you don’t have a mirror in your small bathroom, get one. They help create a sense of depth to the room and will make it feel more spacious.

Complement your mirror by adding accents of chrome or silver around the bathroom to help reflect the light. If possible, place your mirror so that the natural light from your windows reflects off of it as well.

Use These Small Bathroom Ideas to Make the Most of the Space

There are many small bathroom ideas to help make it feel less cluttered and constrained. You need to make sure everything serves a purpose and is a functional aspect of your small bathroom. You can’t afford to waste space with useless knick-knacks and decor.

Your bathroom windows play a major role in your bathroom’s perceived size. You can create an open atmosphere with bigger windows or just more open ones such as picture windows.

Trust Feldco for all your replacement window needs. We’ve served over 400,000 homeowners and you can get a free quote right now to start your journey to making your bathroom feel bigger.

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