11 Great Ideas for a Patio Makeover

Your backyard is a great place to entertain guests – especially in the summer. However, you might not be ready to show it off to friends and family just yet. We have some patio makeover ideas that’ll help you out.

patio makeover

Think of this article like a guide to starting your patio remodeling. Start small with new furniture or go big by completely overhauling the entire patio. When you’re finished reading, you’ll have a better idea of what you’ll want for your patio –  it’s completely up to you. Let’s get started!

1. Fire Pits Are Huge Right Now

One of the most popular features of a patio is having a fire pit. Getting a group of friends and sitting around an open fire has been a summer pastimes for decades – it’ll never go out of style. That’s why it’s important that your patio has a fire pit.

Fire pits are easy to come by. You can go to a department store or hardware store and find them ranging from $50 – $350. The more you’re willing to spend, the better the quality and larger it’ll be.

Make Your Own

You can truly customize your patio makeover by building your fire pit. They can be made from stone, concrete or brick and be an extension of your patio. If this sounds like too much work for you but you’re still interested in the idea, there are companies that can help you with this project.

2. Build an Awesome Deck

If building things sounds interesting to you, you can also build a deck for your own patio door. From a small porch to a huge oasis that takes up your entire backyard, your deck can be any size and shape. We’ll give you some cool ideas for your deck below.

patio with a deck

3. Furniture Can Make a Huge Difference

Since you’ll be hosting guests on your patio, they’re going to need somewhere to sit. Furniture is a must for your patio makeover. There are many different styles and materials available at different department stores or online. There are a few popular options homeowners gravitate towards:

  • Iron – extremely durable and will last a long time. Make sure you maintain iron furniture because it’s prone to rusting
  • Wicker – the most beautiful patio furniture option. It also comes with cushions for greater comfort
  • Plastic – the cheapest patio furniture option. Can withstand any weather conditions with ease

Along with material options, patio furniture comes in an array of different pieces. From benches and couches to tables and chairs, anything is possible for your new patio.

4. Patio Doors Blend the Inside and Outside Together

Patio doors have many benefits for both your patio and the inside of your home. For starters, they blend the two together perfectly to make them feel as one. By doing this, they make the patio and the room inside feel larger.

Not only that, but they’re extremely beautiful. Whether you choose a sliding patio door or a French patio door, you’re getting something that can be the centerpiece of your entire patio.

patio door

If you need a new patio door, Feldco’s the place to go. Our energy efficient, durable sliding and French patio doors are sure to be the perfect piece for your patio makeover. Get a free quote today and see why over 400,000 homeowners have trusted us with their home remolding project.

Achieve the Same Effect with Windows

Do you not have enough room for a patio door? Try adding windows. Much like patio doors, they’re a great way to blend both your patio and home together to make them both feel larger.

Also, like patio doors, you can get gorgeous windows that are sure to improve the overall look of your patio. You can even use them to complement your home’s exterior and patio furniture.

Feldco offers beautiful vinyl windows that would look great in your patio makeover. We have many different style and color options so you can completely customize your windows to meet your needs!

5. Create an Awesome Outdoor Kitchen

Nothing says summer like a home barbecue and you can be the grill master with an awesome patio kitchen. You can go simple with a grill or blow your guests minds with a kitchen complete with counters, an oven and a dish washer. The sky’s the limit with your patio kitchen.

outdoor kitchen

Don’t Forget a Bar

No patio makeover is complete without an outdoor bar. You can create a bar on your patio and really entertain your guests. Much like the outdoor kitchen, it can be very simple or you can go all out with a wet bar and cooler. If you’re feeling really adventurous, you can route the electricity outside and mount a TV.

Pizza Ovens Make the Best Pizzas

Neapolitan pizzas are absolutely amazing and now you can make them yourself with an outdoor pizza oven. These ovens heat up to 900° so your pizzas cook quick and get crispy. If you’ve never had a Neapolitan pizza, you’re really missing out. Once you try one, you’re going to want an outdoor pizza oven.

6. Make Your Own Garden

You can really beautify your patio by making a garden. Flowers and plants will add a splash of color that the other patio makeover ideas are lacking. Plus, the pleasant smells are sure to really brighten up your day.

Do you enjoy cooking with fresh ingredients? It doesn’t get fresher than being picked straight from your garden. You can grow your own vegetables and herbs and cook fresh, healthy meals. Don’t worry – a vegetable garden won’t take away from your patio’s beauty. In fact, it may even enhance it.

7. Go All Out and Get a Hot Tub

If you really want to blow your guests minds with a cool and fun way to spend the evening, consider getting a hot tub. Or, after a long day at work, nothing sounds better than relaxing in your patio hot tub on a cool summer evening.

While this is one of our bigger patio makeover ideas, it isn’t just a pipe dream. Many pool and outdoor stores have affordable hot tubs and will even come out and install them. It’s a much cheaper option than something else such as getting a pool.

8. Outdoor Fireplaces Are Jaw Dropping

Much like a hot tub, an outdoor fireplace may seem out of reach but it isn’t. There are many outdoor fireplace options that would be great for your patio makeover. They range in price from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars. There’s bound to be something that fits within your price range.

But why do you need an outdoor fireplace? You really don’t need one – it’s a luxury item. That being said, you won’t find too many things that are as beautiful as an outdoor fireplace. It’s a great conversation starter and will enhance the look of your patio.

9. Koi Ponds Look Great

If you have a larger backyard, adding a koi pond is a great idea. They are extremely relaxing and look stunningly beautiful. In fact, you can grab a book and relax by your koi pond. There’s nothing more unwinding than the sounds of a gentle breeze blowing through the water.

koi pond

Water Fall and Streams Are Cool!

Koi ponds can even be enhanced to look better. If space permits, you can have a small running stream or even a water fall added to your koi pond. Not only will you blow the minds of all your friends and family, but who doesn’t love the sound of a running stream?

10. Cover Your Patio in Shade with an Awning

Midwest summers can be brutally hot. No one will want to sit outside on your patio with the sun beating down on them, no matter how cool it is. With the addition of an awning, all of those problems go away.

An awning is the perfect way to protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays. It’s like creating a cool oasis in a hot desert. Long gone are the days of sweating in the heat.

Retractable Awnings

What if you don’t like the look of an awning? Then a retractable awning might be the perfect addition to your patio makeover.

Retractable awnings extend from your home whenever you want to use them. Once you’re finished, they can retract back against the side of your home so they won’t take away from your patio’s beauty.

11. Don’t Go Crazy

We’re sure all of these patio makeover ideas sound wonderful. However, combining all of them into one patio might be a huge mistake. Unless you have a monstrously sized backyard, going overboard will make it look cluttered and chaotic.

We recommend focusing on a few ideas that you really like. You’ll like the results much more going this route.

Start Your Patio Makeover Today

It’s easier to start your patio makeover than you may think. With a few small changes, you can take your patio from boring to amazing! Whether it’s all new furniture, replacement windows or a hot tub, you’ll love your new patio.

If windows or a patio door are something that interests you, Feldco’s here to help. Our window and door experts will make sure you get the perfect product and that it’s installed properly. It’s no wonder we’ve been named America’s #1 Window and Door Company. Get a free quote now and we’ll get started on your replacement window and patio door project immediately.

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