9 Simple Money Saving Tips for Homeowners

Owning a home certainly isn’t an inexpensive venture. However, it doesn’t have to be as costly as everyone makes it out to be. There’s a ton of money saving tips for homeowners to help keep some extra cash in your pockets.

money saving tips for homeowners

These money saving tips that we’ve come up with won’t necessarily be life changing, but they’ll definitely be worth doing. Every little bit counts and when you start combining multiple money-saving activities, the results will be noticeable.

We’ve compiled 9 great money saving tips for homeowners in which some can be done with practically zero effort, and some will need professional help such as window replacement.

Shop Smarter

Grocery shopping is one of the biggest expenses that homeowners partake in. How many times have you gone to the grocery store and bought things that you don’t really need? For example, buying something you already have or making an impulse purchase. An impulse purchase could be a bodyboard after you visited Miami to try out some exciting water sports.

Avoid shopping mistakes by keeping an active shopping list. Hang a small dry-erase board or chalk board in the kitchen and keep track of items you run out of so you don’t have to second guess yourself at the store.

There’s also shopping list smartphone apps out there that can help you sync with others in the household on what you need and don’t need.

Generic Is Just as Good

A lot of people nowadays have become brand-loyal with almost everything they buy. It doesn’t even cross their mind to go with a different brand when shopping.

However, the generic brands of most items are basically the same product. Oftentimes, the only real difference is the marketing. Once you get past the branding and go generic, you’ll notice the savings right away.

Cancel Unused Memberships and Subscriptions

save money

How many times have you gotten a magazine you’re subscribed to in the mail and immediately just thrown it on the table or into a pile of previous magazines and never touched it again?

Go through all your subscriptions and cancel any that you don’t take advantage of anymore. You might be surprised by how many useless things you’ve subscribed to.

Do the same with any memberships. Whether it be a video or music streaming service or a gym membership, really think about how much you use them and decide whether it’s worth the monthly fees or not.

Meal Planning for the Week

Planning out your meals for the week and buying things in bulk when you go to the grocery store is one of the more effort-requiring money saving tips for homeowners.

However, prepping your meals for the week saves you time, money and can help your health. Establish a day, like Sunday afternoons, to go to the store and buy all your ingredients to make your meals for the week and get to cooking.

You’ll save money by not having to go to the store or a restaurant during the week for dinner.

Become More Energy Efficient

money saving tips for homeowners

Using less energy saves you money, period. Nowadays, energy efficiency has become more of a staple than just an option for homeowners.

Although the initial costs may be a bit more expensive, replacing your windows, siding and/or doors is a surefire way to save money on your energy bills. And when you choose Feldco, you’ll be getting the best products and service in the Midwest as we’ve been delighting customers for over 40 years.

Our vinyl windows, vinyl siding and steel or fiberglass entry doors will keep the elements outside of your home so you don’t have to crank the furnace and air conditioning to be comfortable.

Read our article about saving energy as a homeowner to learn more tips about how you can keep money in your wallet and off of your energy bills.

Take a Lunch

Bringing a lunch to work is one of the easiest money saving tips that often gets overlooked. Instead of spending $5-10 everyday for lunch, you can bring your own lunch to help save money.

You can use the same method as the meal planning mentioned earlier or you can just make a lunch the night before work so you’re ready to go in the morning.

Of course, you may forget to make a lunch sometimes so it’s not going to hurt if you go out to eat 1 or 2 times a week.

The savings will definitely be noticeable once you get in the habit of bringing your own lunch to work.

Don’t Wait on Repairs

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to put off small repairs. Letting little maintenance tasks slip through the cracks can end up becoming bigger problems that come with a bigger bill.

Fixing small things such as leaks around the house or remembering to change the oil in your car are key to saving money in the long run.

The last thing any homeowner wants is water damage in their home or their car breaking down on the side of the road.

Save Money on Batteries

money saving tip

With so many electronic devices in our homes, you’re probably spending more on batteries than you should be. Batteries aren’t cheap either.

Battle your battery expense by using rechargeable batteries instead. It’s a great way to cut an unnecessary expense to help you on your journey to becoming a more frugal homeowner.

Start a Change Jar

One of the most obvious and easy money saving tips for homeowners is to simply start a change jar. Instead of tossing spare change around the house or in your car, keep it stored in a jar and watch the money grow.

Step up your change saving game with the popular $5 saving plan. Whenever you have a five dollar bill on you, put it away and by the end of the year or even after a couple months you’ll be amazed at how much you can save up.

Keep Your Wallet Happy with these Money Saving Tips

People are constantly finding new money saving tips for homeowners as the days go by. From simple tasks like taking your lunch to work to bigger investments like window and door replacement, the methods to saving money are practically endless.

If you do decide that the time has come for window, siding or door replacement, look no further than Feldco. We’re the Midwest’s leading window and door company and have served over 400,000 homeowners.

You can get a free quote online or call 866-4FELDCO to begin your money saving journey.

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