Low-E Glass: What Is It and What are Its Benefits?

A major asset that windows provide for your home is natural light. Sun light can really open up a room and make your home feel more spacious. However, there is such a thing as too much sun. That’s where low-e glass comes in.

low-e glass

Investing in low-e glass windows is a smart move for any homeowner. They provide many benefits to help make your home and life more comfortable. In this article, we’ll go over what low-e glass is and why it’s essential for your windows.

What’s Low-E Glass?

Low-e technology has been used in windows since the 1970’s and is now a popular addition to windows and doors. The “e” in low-e stands for emissivity. Having a low emissivity allows your windows to reflect radiant heat away from your home. For example; a blacktop surface would have a high e-factor because it can’t efficiently reflect the radiant heat.

The low-e glass is made by applying a coating of low-e to the glass of the window. The coating itself is actually a microscopic layer of metallic oxides that gets placed between the panes of your double or triple pane windows. The layer of low-e also acts as additional insulation for the windows along with reflecting radiant energy away from your home. For even more insulation and energy efficiency, argon gas can be pumped between the panes to help the low-e coating last longer.

There are two different types of low-e glass – hard coat and soft coat. Hard coats are less energy efficient and are applied during the manufacturing process on the outside surface of the glass. Soft coats are applied on the interior surface, usually between the double or triple panes. Soft coating low-e is very successful at reflecting unwanted light out of your home while still letting in natural light. It’s more energy efficient than hard coat low-e glass and is usually paired with argon gas to increase lifespan and insulation.

Why is Low-E Glass Important?

Although you can’t actually see the low-e in your window, it plays a major role in the energy efficiency of your windows and home. Since it’s transparent, natural light still has easy access into your home.

Low-e glass helps keep unwanted UV rays out of your home that can damage your skin and furniture. It also helps control the amount of infrared light that enters and leaves the room. Windows without low-e won’t be able to effectively keep harmful light out of your home which can contribute to higher energy bills. Low-e glass is another feature that helps create the most energy efficient windows.

Benefits of Low-E Glass in Windows

low e glass windows

As mentioned earlier, having low-e in your windows will boost their energy efficiency. With increased energy efficiency comes more benefits for you and your home.

Low-E Protects Your Home’s Interior

Since low-e glass emits certain light from entering your home, your furnishings will benefit from it. UV light causes damage and deterioration to fabrics and wall coverings over time. Your couches, carpets, walls and any other furnishings will stay brighter and fuller longer with the addition of low-e glass windows.

Save Money with Low-E

With increased energy efficiency, comes more savings. A more energy efficient home helps you save money by not having to rely so much on heating and cooling systems to keep the home comfortable. Low-e glass windows help keep your home stay cooler in the summer, and warmer in the winter. To maximize your money saving efforts, ensure your windows are made from vinyl in addition to having low-e glass. Vinyl windows have insulated frames and glass which are perfect for homeowners living in the Midwest. They’ll stand tough through the extreme weather conditions.

Reduce Condensation

Window condensation is very annoying and can also turn into a big problem. Condensation forms pretty quickly during the changing seasons as it goes from cold to hot. Windows with low-e glass reduce the likelihood (and sometimes eliminate) the formation of window condensation.

Increased Window Durability

Since you’re adding another layer to the window, even though it’s a very thin transparent coating, your window’s durability will benefit from having low-e glass. A more energy efficient window with great insulation qualities will be able to withstand more during extreme weather conditions than a window without low-e. This is extremely important for homeowners in the Midwest since the unpredictable weather can lead to unforeseen home repairs and replacements. An Energy Efficient window not only helps you save money through less energy usage, but also through having to replace the windows less frequently than conventional windows.

Look For Windows with Low-E Glass

In order to fully reap the benefits of an energy efficient home, you need to make sure your windows and doors are made from the best materials and installed properly. To keep your furnishings from fading and your home comfortable year round, you need to invest in vinyl windows with low-e glass. It’s not enough to just find the right product, you need to make sure your windows and doors will be installed correctly. If not properly installed, you won’t be able to take full advantage of all the benefits that energy efficient windows provide.

Feldco has you covered. Our windows are made from energy efficient vinyl, perfect for the Midwest, with low-e glass and insulated frames. Plus, all Feldco products are professionally installed by factory trained and certified installers to ensure your windows and doors have a proper and secure fit. Get a free quote online for your new replacement windows with energy efficient low-e glass, or get started by calling us at 866-4FELDCO.

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