How to Decorate Windows and Front Doors for Halloween

Halloween decorations on windowsill

Halloween is right around the corner. The seasons are starting to turn from summer to fall, and the leaves are about to change with it and begin to drop.

Stores are already updating their catalogs for the fall season with one of its biggest holidays being Halloween. Home decorations are amazing ways to celebrate the holiday.

While most will place pumpkins outside on the patio or scary figures around doors, most forget that windows can get decorated for Halloween as well. What are some of the trendy ways to decorate windows and doors for this Halloween? Check out some of the ideas that are hot on the web right now…

Doors are Life-Sized Monsters

Ding dong! Trick or Treat! It won’t be long before the little ones are knocking down your door seeking their favorite candy. Since all children go to the front door to trick or treat why not highlight the area with full-sized Halloween decorations on the door?

One popular trend is to design the window with some type of monster since most doors are at least eight feet tall and thus represent an overbearing freaky creature well.

There are two ways of approaching the Halloween door decoration: A) You can make one up from scratch or B) you can shop for Halloween door decorations at just about any general retailer these days. We recommend going the DIY project as it will be more unique and you can get the entire family involved in the project!

Spider Invasion

Any homeowner will laugh at the thought but there is a fair amount of time spent throughout the year keeping your windows and doors free of cobwebs. Thankfully, Halloween is the one time of the year that spiderwebs are actually acceptable.

It’s easy to hang a fake spider web with plastic spiders in a corner of a front door or throughout your front windows. It’s a simple way to make your home look like a haunted house and costs pennies.

You may even be able to find the products you need in storage like old fishing nets or stockings. If you really want to get haunted, you can drape the webs so low that little ones have no choice but to brush through them as they walk up to the front entrance.

Halloween Window Silhouettes

One of the spookiest ways to decorate your house for Halloween, and we’re not talking about creepy monsters or bloody things that are clearly visible is window silhouettes.

After all, people can’t clearly determine what lurks behind the window which adds dramatic effect. It is also a great imaginary tool for kids as they attempt to guess what is living inside this ‘haunted house’.

Backlit silhouettes provide a mysterious vibe. Even better they are simple to make as a DIY project. Let your children get involved and suggest everything from using a witch hat and a broomstick to putting creepy critter silhouettes in the windows like spiders and bats.

Halloween Front Door Wreaths

There are some people that celebrate Halloween that are not into the whole spooky thing. It is completely understandable and there are multiple ways to decorate your home for Halloween without going for the shock and awe factor.

People hang Christmas wreaths on their front door all of the time. Why not Halloween? The fall season is perfect for dry wreaths as you can make them from scratch with a number of objects like mini pumpkins, figs, twigs, and leaves. There is also the option to make them scarier with objects like dismembered limbs, monster eyes, skeletons, or creepy creatures like spiders.

Halloween decorations on front doors

Halloween Window Clings

If you don’t have the time for a DIY project there are multiple Halloween window clings sold on the internet these days. Window clings are incredibly inexpensive and quick to ship.

They are also easy to install and don’t do any damage to your windows. You can get creepy and scary Halloween window clings or consider something tamer like a fall-themed window poster or one with pumpkins.

Glow-in-the-Dark Decorations

Halloween is unique for a major holiday in that darkness is invited. Trick or treat is done at dusk or after the sun sets for the night. As a result, you should take advantage of the dark hours!

Glow-in-the-dark features are one of the best ways to decorate windows and doors for Halloween. You will have to spend a little money, yet glow-in-the-dark Halloween decorations are still not ridiculous pricey.

DIY Halloween Portraits

Do you consider yourself an artist? Forget buying something that someone else created and make your own Halloween window decorations. Window paint is cheap and a great way to design your own window decorations if you are naturally artistic. The paint eventually wears off and is not harmful to the glass in any way.

The only problem with window paint is it will not show up in the dark, so it’s more of a daylight type of Halloween decorations.

Creepy Door Mats

One of the more original ideas going around the web right now is to make your own creepy Halloween door mat. While not technically on the door itself we consider it close enough to include in this article.

One of the funniest DIY ideas is to use a regular door mat. Then, building your own human legs and glue them to the bottom side of the mat. It will make it look like some creature or human being is tucked under the mat and will surely get the attention of children when they go ring the bell.

Old-School Pumpkin Fun

pumpkin carvings outside

Of course at the end of the day you can’t go wrong with a few pumpkins. The old-school Halloween decoration idea is a great family activity. Each member of the household can design their own pumpkin and carve it out. They look great at night and are perfect by the front steps of a door or in a window sill.

Halloween Decorations Look Better On New Windows and Doors

There are multiple ways to decorate your windows and doors for Halloween. Home decorations for Halloween are becoming just as popular and as much work going into them as home Christmas decorations.

If you really want to boost your haunted house then you can look at Feldco for brand new replacement windows and doors. Feldco has installed over 1.5 million windows and over 100,000 doors. We simply have great products, service, and professional installation.

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