8 Reasons Why You Need a Gutter Replacement

Even though they often go overlooked and sometimes completely forgotten, gutters are a very important feature of every home. With improperly functioning gutters, your home could face extensive damage to its foundation, walls, windows, doors and basement – especially anything made out of wood. It might be time for a gutter replacement.

gutter replacement

It’s important to regularly maintain and inspect your gutters. They usually last around 20 years but some factors may shorten that lifespan and you’ll need a gutter replacement.

The warning signs that you need a gutter placement are fairly clear. We’ll go over what you need to look for so you know when the time is right for replacing your gutters.

When It Rains, It Pours

If your gutters have cracks and splits in them, then they’ve become entirely pointless. Their whole purpose is to make sure water gets directed away from your home.

Small holes and cracks may not be visible on a regular basis but when it rains, they become very noticeable. Ignoring these flaws will only make things worse as they become bigger and could speed up the process of damaging your home.

If you only have a couple small cracks or holes in your gutters then you can patch them up with sealant or some flashing. However, if you find that there are many cracks then it’s time for replacement gutters.

Something “Seams” Off

replacement gutters

One of the most vulnerable areas of regular gutters are the seams – where two sections of gutters meet. When the seams get separated or damaged in any way, water pours out of that area and onto your home which defeats the purpose of having gutters.

Fixing separated seams can be done but oftentimes the problem doesn’t go away and you should consider getting a gutter replacement.

A lot of homeowners nowadays are going with seamless gutters to avoid this problem altogether.

I’ve Got a Bad “Peeling” about This

replace gutters

When you find any peeling or bubbling paint on your home’s exterior, check the gutter above that area. Any area of damaged paint could be caused by a leaky gutter.

Just like cracks in your gutters, if you find multiple areas of peeling paint, then the need for a gutter replacement is high.

“Water” You Waiting For? It’s Time For a Gutter Replacement

If you can see any water damage underneath the area around your gutters, you need to replace them immediately.

Any sign of water damage near your gutters means they aren’t working properly for whatever reason, and every homeowner knows how horrible water damage can be for your home.

It’s best to check for any water damaged areas on a sunny day when they’ll be most noticeable.

Finding Screws Is Bad News

sagging gutters

As time goes on and the harsh seasons of the Midwest continue to beat up on your home, you may start to find screws, nails or fasteners on the ground that have become loose and fallen off of your gutters.

Replacing the fasteners and hardware of your gutters is an easy task, but if they’re constantly becoming loose and falling off then you should seek out a gutter replacement. Once the gutters become worn out enough, your hardware won’t be able to support them.

Another sign of failing fasteners and hardware is that your gutters are sagging and pulling away from your home.

Feldco has high quality, seamless aluminum gutters that were designed with Midwestern weather in mind.

Flooded Basement? Gutter Replacement.

If you find that your basement is easily flooded after it rains, your gutters may be to blame. Continual water leaking into your foundation from faulty and failing gutters can easily pour into your basement.

This could also lead to more major foundation flaws that could end up costing you thousands in repairs.

If you find yourself having to repair your basement or you’re always draining water out of it after storms, you should get a gutter replacement.

Incorrect Installation Means Your Gutters Need Replacing

gutter installation replacement

People make mistakes. If you’re noticing signs of leaky gutters but see no actual damage anywhere, then it’s very possible that your gutters were installed incorrectly. The only real way to fix this problem is to get a new gutter replacement.

In order to avoid this problem in the future you can trust Feldco for your gutter installation. Your installers will be factory trained and certified with many years of experience to get the job done right the first time.

Pooling Water or Mildew

The whole reason why you have gutters is to keep water from pooling up near your foundation. A clear-cut sign that your gutters aren’t functioning properly is when there’s excess water around your home’s foundation after it rains.

The formation of mold and mildew can arise from standing water accumulating at your foundation as well. The solution may be as simple as cleaning your gutters or it could be because of damage.

If your case is the latter, then you need to replace your gutters right away.

Look No Further than Feldco for Your Gutter Replacement

The signs of failing and damaged gutters are pretty obvious. From cracks and holes to your basement getting easily flooded, it’s important to catch leaky gutters as soon as you can to avoid any major problems.

Solve all your gutter replacement needs by choosing Feldco for your new seamless gutters. They’ll stand tough during the harsh climate of the Midwest and keep your home safe from the dangers of water near your foundation.

Also, you need to remember that it’s important to regularly clean your gutters to keep them in as good of shape as possible.

Get a free quote online or call us at 866-4FELDCO for the best gutter replacement around.

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