Front Door Colors to Make Your Entryway Stand Out

Color evokes psychological components that we often communicate through our personalities. The entire color scheme you choose for your home affects the moods and emotions of you, your family and guests.

front door colors

Even the exterior color scheme has meaning, especially the front door. The front door is the focal point of your home and the color and design sends a strong message and insight into how guests view your home.

The front door is the easiest way to add instant curb appeal to your home. Whether bright and bold or subtle and subdued, there are endless front door color combinations. A pop of color marking the entrance to your home is an expressive way to show your style.

Various Front Door Colors

It’s important to know what the color you choose says about you and your home. Below, are a few meanings to common colors that make your entryways stand out.


A black door evokes strength, power and sophistication, communicating a feeling of seriousness. It’s also widely used due to its versatility. Any color, fixture and design element will match black.


Psychologically, green represents health, harmony, safety and tranquility. Green is the closest color to nature we can possibly get connected with.

The green on your front door works well with the various hues found in your landscape, softening or brightening your entryway.


Brown, whether painted or stained, can look natural and organic, but can send mixed psychological messages. Brown can convey warmth and reliability; however darker shades can signal desire for privacy.


Red is a powerful color with a punch of passion. A home with a red front door is telling guests that the place is full of life, energy and excitement.


Classic and timeless, white entryways will never go out of style. A crisp white door is for homeowners who want to portray themselves as organized, neat and clean.

More than Just a Color

entry door colors

When renovating the exterior of your home, the front door color may not be your top priority. There are other pieces such as landscaping, walkways, windows and roofing to think about. However, each year, paint manufactures name a color of the year that they feel will best represent the upcoming year.

As mentioned earlier, color is more than a decoration; it influences how we feel and often how we act. In homes, it sets the tone for what furniture we buy, the decor we invest in and the overall design of a room.

For the outside of your home, it inspires landscaping, walkways, windows and roofing – all of those elements you thought was top priority in the beginning.


One of the most well-known predictors for anticipating top color trends for fashion and design is Pantone. According to the color experts at Pantone, Ultra Violet is 2018’s Color of the Year. This dramatic shade expresses originality and inspires us to think beyond our world today.

Ultra Violet adds energy and depth to any surface. Browse Pinterest for this color and you’ll see numerous entryway and front doors displaying this exotic color.


The new neutral for your home will be PPG’s 2018 Color of the Year, Black Flame. A fantastic blend of the classic hues of black and navy create a timeless look. The two colors showcase a versatile style while evoking privacy and classic modernism. Black Flame, a perfect background for a variety of design schemes and colors, can evoke a variety of feelings.

Sherwin Williams

Rich, deep and complex, Sherwin Williams’ 2018 Color of the Year is Oceanside. A color that can evoke a multitude of moods, it’s inspired by travel and is a combination of rich blue and jewel-toned green.

A design chameleon, Oceanside can be incorporated into nearly any style, from contemporary to Mid-century modern.

Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore’s 2018 Color of the Year is a head-turning shade of red known as Caliente. The palette selected incorporates a full spectrum of reds, from hints of blush to deep oxblood, while ensuring seamless pairings with a carefully selected range of whites, neutrals, and complementary bold hues.

For example, the front door painted in this feisty red is definitely a warm welcome.


Behr’s first-ever Color of the Year, In the Moment, is inspired by nature and is a soothing, restorative coalescence of blue, gray and green.

Reduce stress and increase the moments of joy in our lives. Behr’s In the Moment is a casual and calm blue that immediately sends peace over your body. This color is beautiful on the exterior of the home!

Front Door Colors Can Transform Your Home

The entryway doesn’t have to be a solid color to stand proud. Color combinations, whether it’s two shades or tints from the same color strip can be just as appealing.

Go bold by adding a contrasting color that is opposite of your trim and siding. To make your entry stand out, it’s best to choose a darker or bolder shade than the rest of your home.

A great front door can be the difference between a warm welcoming and a hesitant guest. It can set the tone for what is inside and add curb appeal to the entire neighborhood. We’ve given you some basic colors, but also some of the most popular colors to choose from this year.

These colors are bold or subtle and can easily be dressed up to fit your personality. Add unexpected sophistication and make a statement with your entryway!

If you find that your front door is beyond salvageable and a coat of paint won’t bring it back to life, it’s time for a replacement. You can trust Feldco for all your entry door replacement needs. Our steel and fiberglass doors are the best around – get a free quote now.

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