Can Double Pane Windows Be Double Glazed?

Double hung windows have always been popular in older homes and come with a variety of pleasant features. The windows are composed of two sashes, one upper and one lower, which allows homeowners to open the glass in a number of different vertical positions.

double glazed and double pane windows

Double hung windows have origins from England where they were first installed, then brought to other parts of the world like the United States and Australia after colonization occurred.

In the early days, homeowners had no choice but to install wood. It was the only option. However, things have obviously changed as windows are now available in a number of different materials. The question is…can a double hung window be double glazed?

What are Double Glazed Windows?

Double hung windows are manufactured with a number of different materials including timber, aluminum and uPVC. All of the materials can get double glazed and are applicable to double hung windows.

Double glazed is a fancy term for a window that has two panes of glass. There are also triple glazed windows (three panes). The multiple panes of glass in a single window frame helps with insulation. As a result, they assist with energy bills and added comfort, two aspects of windows that seem very important to consumers these days.

Double glazed windows (also known as insulating glass units, or IGUs) are separated by a spacer as well as a still layer of argon gas. The glass is then fitted into the frame that is purposely built wider in order to accommodate the two panes. Extra manufacture steps are necessary to equip double hung windows with double glaze, but it’s possible and becoming increasingly sought after.

IGU windows are rated by their R-value. The system measures the material’s resistance to energy transfer. In theory, the higher the R-value the stronger the resistance, while the lower the number the less the insulating value.

Double Glazed, IGU or Double Pane?

The term glazing derives from a mid-English expression for glass. So when someone says the window is double glazed, they are just using insider terminology to refer to a “double glass” window.

It is kind of confusing as most regard a glaze as a type of a liquid that is applied as a shiny coat or finish, but if you can think about it from a window installer’s perspective you will be good to go. Therefore, the term double-paned windows essentially means the same thing as double glazed.

Windows that are double glazed often feature what people in the industry describe as thermal glass, or insulated glass. There are many advantages to having this type of system in your double hung windows.

Advantages of Double Hung – Double Glazed Windows

double glazed windows

There are a number of reasons why double hung windows with multiple panes are becoming more popular with homeowners. They work really efficiently in extreme climates where temperatures may get extremely low, or extremely high.

The energy-efficiency of thermal windows is incredible. It produces high savings in your monthly energy bill, trapping heat or air conditioning where it needs to remain — inside your home.

In fact, IGU windows are now the standard for new homes as well as replacement windows. The insulating value the windows provide is far too good to ignore. Impressively, windows are now nearly as insulated as the actual walls with a thickness that ranges from ⅛” to ⅜”, or more.

Disadvantages of Double Hung – IGU Windows

The only primary disadvantage of double glazed windows is the price tag. Since another pane of glass is installed in each frame, you are going to spend more on materials and potentially slightly more on installation given that the frames are heavier as a result of the added layer of glass.

However, like a lot of things, the higher upfront costs equal better long term savings. IGU windows are more durable, insulate your house better, and have other long-term advantages.

The money you will save on monthly electric and gas charges are often significant, especially if your windows are old and haven’t been replaced in decades.

Upgrade to Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows can and often should be double glazed to improve energy efficiency. When installed correctly and from a reputable manufacturer, they will hold up for years and look great.

Where do homeowners go for the best double hung windows? They go to Feldco. Over 400,000 to be specific. Get a free quote today to start your window replacement project with us.

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