There’s No Window Like Argon Gas Windows

argon gas windowsWhen it comes to windows, there are many options from which to choose. From styles and colors to argon gas windows, homeowners have the freedom to choose what’ll work best for their home. Read our Ultimate Buyer’s Guide to Replacement Windows to learn more about what some of these options are.

In this particular article, we focus on a specific option homeowners have when it comes to their windows: filling them with argon gas. These windows are created when Argon gas is inserted between two or three panes of glass.  They are more cost effective, soundproof and energy-efficient than normal windows. Throughout this article we will go over the advantages of Argon gas windows and why you should highly consider buying them.

Argon Gas Pros

Argon Gas is Safe

chemical symbol for argonArgon gas is the same gas used in fluorescent lighting. It is odorless and colorless. While that sounds scary, Argon gas is harmless! In fact, outside of oxygen and hydrogen, it is the most abundant gas in the atmosphere. If an Argon gas window were to crack or leak, there is no threat of becoming ill or dying. Also, it is not flammable so there is no worry of the windows catching on fire.

Keeping Your Home Well Insulated

Argon windows are created when Argon gas is sealed between two panes of glass. Dual pane windows are more insulated than a normal windows. You also have an option to get a triple pane window which contains Argon gas between all three panes. Argon is a denser gas than normal air and reflects more heat.

What does this all mean? It means you’re protecting your home from the elements outside. With Argon being a denser gas your windows are more insulated. This insulation will decrease the amount you are paying for your heating and electric bills because your heating and cooling systems will be running more efficiently.

Keeping the Outside Noise Out

The insulation does more than lower  your bills. Double pane or triple pane windows already soundproof your home more than a single pane window would. In addition, adding the feature of argon gas in between the panes creates a cushion which can soften outside noise as well.

Argon Gas Reduces the Amount of Condensation and Frost in Windows

double pane glassWhen moisture gets trapped within your window, it can cause condensation or frost, which can cause damage to your window. Argon gas windows can prevent the amount of moisture that gets trapped within your window. According to Double Glazing Info, this is because Argon molecules are more dehydrated and move much less. This lack of movement is also what causes less heat transfer and doesn’t allow moisture to collect. In other words, it is the Argon that stops moisture build up in your windows.

Don’t Pinch Pennies When You Can Save Hundreds

It is always important to consider price when purchasing replacement windows. At first glance Argon gas windows are actually $30 to $40 more expensive. That will change as the extra insulation and lower heat transferred with Argon windows saves you money on your heat and electric bills year round. Your heating and cooling systems will work more efficiently. You will recoup the $30 to $40 within a few months.

Also, the double and triple pane Argon gas windows have a stronger resistance to ultra violet rays. UV rays can fade and damage furniture. These Argon-filled windows will protect furniture, rugs and curtains from being damaged by the sun and will lower the frequency of how often you replace or maintain your household objects. As a result, you save a little extra money in your pocket.

Increased R-Value

Argon gas windows have an increased R-value, which is the measure of resistance to heat. That means, Argon gas windows are more resistant to heat causing them to lose less heat during the winter. As mentioned above, the increased R-value is due to the the molecules being dehydrated and moving less.

Double vs. Triple Pane

Argon gas windows come with two options: double and triple pane. Double pane windows have two panes of glass with the Argon gas between them, while triple pane windows have three panes of glass with the gas between each of them. That being said, triple pane windows are also more expensive than double pane windows.

Triple Pane

Argon Gas Cons


Argon gas will leak from your window over time. It is said that there is about 10% loss of Argon gas over a course of 20 years if your windows aren’t properly sealed. Even with the 10% loss over time, the energy efficiency your window provides will only be slightly affected. However, without properly sealed windows, Argon gas loss can be significant.

Doesn’t Expand

Another downside of Argon gas is that it does not expand. Therefore when your window expands during the summer months, the Argon gas in between the panes does not do the same. This can cause a loss in Argon gas if your windows are not properly sealed.

Alternatives to Argon Gas

Argon gas in windows, though the most popular option, is not the only option that can be considered. There are other alternative gases that can be pumped between window panes to provide insulation and energy efficiency.

krypton symbolKrypton Gas

Like Argon, Krypton gas is non-toxic and stable, making it ideal for insulation between your window panes. However, since Krypton is a denser gas than Argon, it is known to be a better insulator. As a result of its density it provides great insulation and utmost energy efficiency.

Additionally, Krypton is the standard when buying triple pane windows since the gas performs better than Argon in smaller spaces. It is most effective in windows with a 1/4”- 3/8″ space in between the panes.

The downside of Krypton gas filled windows is the price. Since this gas is more scarcely found in the atmosphere, it comes with a heftier price tag.

Argon and Krypton Gas Blend

There is also an option of an Argon and Krypton gas blend. This solution offers homeowners the benefits of both gases. You get the benefit of the extra energy efficiency Krypton gas provides while enjoying the affordable cost of Argon gas windows.

Now you’re an expert on Argon gas windows! If you’re looking for a window that is energy efficient and cost effective, look no further than Argon-filled windows. There isn’t anything like them!

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