Why Architectural Windows Complement Your Home

If you’ve been shopping around for window replacements you’ve likely heard of architectural windows. Out of fear of looking ignorant, perhaps you didn’t ask the salesperson exactly what they were?

architectural windows benefits

What Are Architectural Windows?

Though you may hear terms like sliding windows or casement windows, these are different than architectural windows. While the first two refer to a type of window, architectural windows are more of a style of windows.

They must represent architectural authenticity, regardless of the materials used to build them. If the home is modern in style, the windows can reflect that concept. It’s not restricted to historical homes, though they’re the most common for these type of custom windows since the styles are very unique.

Ultimately, the new custom windows should reflect the original style of the home while also providing excellent quality. In that sense you could say that they’re premium grade windows that cost a little more yet are built to last. The windows should have architectural integrity, advanced style, sophistication and high quality performance.

Benefits of Architecture Style Windows

Since the windows are often custom made you’d expect a little higher quality and design, which is generally true. The benefits of architecture-grade windows include:

Highly Customizable Windows

Even if you don’t make your windows 100 percent customizable, the number of variations is impressive. For example, one style of architectural windows may offer unlimited coloring options, seven different types of wood and a number of different window shapes. You may have the same product as another home, yet with all the customization features no two are the exact same.

Premium-grade construction

If you tend to agree with the assumption that products aren’t built with the same premium parts and detailed construction as in the past, then architecture-grade represent a step up from your general line. The windows are built with real wood, heavy-duty glass, fiberglass, extruded aluminum or a combination of all four.

Improved energy efficiency

New windows always help improve energy efficiency compared to old ones that lose their ability to contain all the heat or cool air in your house over time. Yet architectural-grade tend to take it up a notch. They’re consistently utilizing the latest technology and materials to deliver the most energy-efficient home possible.

Advanced aesthetics

The service and high quality production of these top-flight lines often mean that you’re getting advanced aesthetics, kind of like if you had your own personal architect. Some argue that if you’re already paying good money for new windows, why not demand and expect only the best?

Architectural style windows help improve the curb appeal of your home while also staying true to the original construction and design of the home. For those of us that are not experts on architecture, the premium windows can help explain what style is right for what type of home.

Here are some of the most common you may encounter…

Tudor Style Homes

The ancient English style still has influences across the world even though some of the original homes date back to the 15th century. Tudor homes are characteristically a mixture of brick and stone and some other type of finish such as stucco.

The homes are very vertical from an architectural standpoint as the windows are often tall and skinny. Casement windows were common during the time period and still remain a viable option.

Cape Cod Homes

The 17th century type of northeastern U.S. homes have a distinct value in technically being “one and a half” stories. The steep pitched roof and middle of the roof chimney are notorious elements of the Cape Cod style.

As with many older types of homes, symmetrical balance is still a noteworthy aspect. Double-hung windows are a recommended type for Cape Cod homes though it is not uncommon to find homeowners experimenting with other kinds as well.

Colonial Homes

Colonial style homes have always featured a diverse array of architecture. Some argue it is because these kind of homes have everything from Spanish to French to Dutch influences. The taller homes also usually have a lot of brick.

If you’re really going for authenticity, the norm was to build two windows on each side of the door and three more on the second level. The very symmetrical approach tends to look best with a type of hung window (single vs. double).

half circle windows

Victorian Homes

During the great boom of the 20th century, England witnessed an Industrial Revolution which led to millions of homes being built in the Queen Anne or Victorian style. The United States witnessed a similar housing boom and incorporated the Victorian architecture in many of its designs.

Victorian-era homes are known for all the trim and varying colors around the windows, which tend to accent them even more. For this reason, bay and bow windows are very popular thanks to all the trim. Double-hung types are another alternative for those without bay windows.

Craftsman Bungalow Homes

Just like the Victorian-era homes swept through Great Britain and parts of America in the 20th century, Craftsman Bungalow witnessed a similar boom. The affordable homes have transformed into a highly desirable type of architecture as some people seek to restore them to pristine value.

Craftsman Bungalow style reflects well in that its versatile for windows. Homeowners have restored them with casement windows, double hung, awning or a combination of all three.

Spanish or Mediterranean Style Homes

It’s difficult to adequately describe both as they have witnessed some contemporary updates as the decades have passed yet common themes include smaller windows with arched ones over the door.

Casement windows provide a nice balance with the stucco that is often the exterior finish of choice. Arched windows look beautiful under the door or in various other parts of the facade.

Ranch Style Homes

Ranch homes, also known as split-level, were inspired by the post-WWII movement. This was when a lot of young soldiers came home and purchased homes for the first time.

Window types vary based on personal preference. Some homeowners really like adding double hung or sliding windows, while others like to install massive picture windows or bay windows. All three work well, making ranch style homes versatile in terms of architectural windows.

Modern Homes

How are new homes changing in the 21st century? One trend is that lots of windows are incorporated into the design to help provide natural light and take advantage of views, especially in upscale neighborhoods.

Older style homes tend to have single hung, double hung windows, casement style or bay windows. Modern homes have a preference for large picture windows or sliding horizontal types. Awning remains a viable alternative as well.

Are Your Windows Ready for an Update?

Though you may get recommendations based on the architectural style of your home the best advice is to still stick with your gut. Window professionals can help, but ultimately it’s your home and you want to live with something you are happy with.

Don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions and seek professional advice, while also sticking with your instinct. You can’t go wrong with any type of architectural window. All windows are high quality and built with premium materials.

If you’re ready to update your windows, choose Feldco. We offer a huge selection of styles with architectural windows, so you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your home. Get your home improvement project started today with a free quote from Feldco.

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