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5 Reasons You Should Choose Locally Made Replacement Windows

Are you thinking about replacement windows?  Upgrading your home’s windows is a big investment and you’re probably considering all of your options as far as professional window companies are concerned.

On your list should be local window contractors.  Choosing locally made replacement windows will end up benefiting your home, your wallet, and your peace of mind much more than opting to go with the big-name window companies.  There are many benefits in choosing local windows and going with a smaller window contractor within your community.

locally made windows

Competitive Pricing & Deals

Unlike national window manufacturers, smaller, local window companies are able to work on their own terms with pricing, special deals, and ongoing sales.  There’s no overhead for a local company, meaning there isn’t a large corporate office they must report to that makes sweeping, across-the-board decisions.

young couple reviewing window prices

Keep a look out for seasonal pricing from local window companies. They might advertise holiday specials in your local newspaper, on television, or on your local radio station.  Advertising through these mediums allows small window companies to still reach local customers while broadening their outreach.  For you, that means being in-the-know for competitive pricing while still being able to support a local business.  That’s an all-around win-win as the money will go right back into supporting your community.

Superior Customer Service

The frustration with trying to call a customer service line for a corporate store is universal.  Large manufacturers are just that—large—and they don’t have the time to truly take care of their customers.  The same is true in the world of window contractors.

Just like any other huge corporate store, national window manufacturers tend to give customers the runaround when it comes to handling problems, questions, or concerns.  This lack of customer service isn’t necessarily intentional, but rather a byproduct of simply being too large to manage concerns.  What a non-local company may see a problem a customer is experiencing with their replacement windows as small and minute, it certainly doesn’t feel that way to the customer.

handshake between a salesman and customer

When you choose locally made replacement windows, you’re also getting the customer service that goes along with buying from a small business.  Local window replacement companies can’t afford to not care about their reputation, and you’ll find that customer service is much more personal and thorough with them than it would be with a big-name corporate company.

Trustworthy Window Contractors

Another benefit of opting for locally made replacement windows is that you’ll get contractors who actually know what kind of windows you need.  This may seem like a no-brainer, but climate plays an important role in choosing the appropriate window style.  Only true locals will know the pains of a cold winter or extremely hot summer season and with the experience of being an educated window professional, you’ll be outfitted with the window that will end up saving you the most on utility bills.

With so many window styles like double- and triple-pane windows, UV-blocking glass features, gas-filled windows, and Energy Star certifications, it can be difficult and overwhelming to navigate the right replacements.  A local window contractor will have no issue guiding you to the right investment.  Window replacements are not a cheap upgrade for a home and you’ll want to have a professional with an understanding of your climate to help you choose.

energy efficient window

Reliable Craftsmanship

There’s a reason why close knit communities promote buying local.  The money for local purchases goes right back into the community but also well-made local products demonstrate a reliable reputation. And part of maintaining a solid reputation is to have the craftsmanship to back it up.

Larger window replacement companies also automate most of their manufacturing.  Companies that aren’t local tend to strive towards finding the cheapest process and materials to cut down on cost.  For smaller companies, these large-scale operations aren’t possible, thus closer and more attentive workmanship is required to produce windows and parts.

Buying locally made replacement windows will mean better craftsmanship and higher quality of materials due to smaller businesses’ greater need to protect a reliable reputation.  There’s also more control and oversight in manufacturing replacement windows as smaller companies have less automation in their processes.

Better Availability

There’s nothing more infuriating that trying to replace your windows and being told there’s a six-month backorder on products or on installation.  You might come to find out that materials are being shipped in from overseas and are stuck at port or worse, still being manufactured in a country far away.

Building materials, including materials used to make your replacement windows, are often subject to these delays, especially in a post-pandemic economy.  There’s a domino effect that takes place for these larger window companies.  No matter what stage the materials are stuck at, it affects the rest of the process from assembly to delivery and installation.

When you decide which window to go with, the next step is choosing the right window replacement company. The easy answer is Feldco. We’ve been serving homeowners in the Midwest for almost 50 years with the best window replacement. Get a free quote now to start your project with the Midwest’s best.

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