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Joliet Windows, Siding and Doors

Joliet is Illinois 3rd largest city behind Chicago and Rockford. With a population that has been steadily growing since 1840, more and more homes have been built to house all of these people. When homeowners in Joliet need replacement windows, siding or doors, they turn to Feldco.

Feldco is known for our high quality products and excellent service. Whether it’s our vinyl windows, steel or fiberglass doors, steel garage doors or vinyl siding, you’re getting an Energy Star product to help improve your home’s energy efficiency.

Joliet, IL

Anything you get from Feldco will be installed by factory trained and certified installers who pay extremely close attention to all details. You know you’re in good hands when you choose Feldco for your replacement windows, siding and doors in Joliet.

Replacement Windows in Joliet

We’re known for our excellent windows. They’re more durable, energy efficient and customizable than anything else currently on the market. It’s what separates Feldco from the rest of the competition.

For instance, our replacement windows were built with Joliet’s unpredictable weather in mind. Whether it’s blazing hot, freezing cold or there’s a massive thunderstorm, your windows will stand tall when you choose Feldco. That’s because they’re resistant to moisture and extreme temperature changes. That means they’ll never warp, rot or expand.

Speaking of Joliet’s weather, you face extreme temperature differences – sometimes from day to day. That’s why you need windows that will keep your home comfortable no matter the temperature.

Feldco’s windows have foam insulated frames and argon gas-filled glass. This keeps heated or cooled air inside and gives you better control over your home’s temperature.

Not only will you feel more comfortable with Feldco windows, but they’ll save you money too. By trapping heated and cooled air inside, you take stress off of your furnace and air conditioner. They won’t have to work as hard to reach your desired temperature. You’ll see a decrease in your energy bills immediately.

Our windows have many customizable options including grids, styles and sizes. Since the colors are baked onto the vinyl when the windows are made, you can get almost any color you’d like and they’ll never fade. We even offer wood grain finishes so you can have the look of real wood without the hefty price tag and all of the maintenance.

Entry Doors, Patio Doors and Storm Doors

Feldco offers many different styles of doors including entry doors, patio doors and storm doors. Each style has its own unique benefits for your home. All of our doors are installed by the industry’s best door installers guaranteeing that they’ll look and function great. Getting a replacement door has never been so easy.

Our entry doors are made of either steel or fiberglass because they’re more durable and energy efficient than their wood counterparts. Both materials are resistant to moisture so they won’t warp, rot or expand when exposed to it. Also, they have a foam insulated core which helps trap heated and cooled air inside your home.

We have two different styles of patio doors to offer Joliet homeowners: sliding patio doors and French patio doors. Think of a sliding patio door like a giant window – they’re extremely easy to operate and maximize the amount of light that enters your home. Like our windows, our sliding patio door is made from energy efficient vinyl to keep your home comfortable year round.

If French patio doors are more your style, you’re in luck. Feldco offers steel or fiberglass entry doors to give your home more elegance both inside and out. You can customize your French patio door to have an inswing or outswing and it can be two or three panels.

Protect your entry door with a beautiful aluminum storm door. They’re installed on the outside of your entry door and work as a barrier between your door and the harsh Joliet weather. It’s also another layer of insulation to make your home even more energy efficient.

Our storm doors have many glass and screen options – including a metal mesh screen that’s extremely difficult to tear. This is perfect for homes with pets or small children.

Vinyl Siding in Joliet

Vinyl siding was made for Joliet homes and you can get the best vinyl siding at Feldco. Our insulated siding will prevent outside air from getting into your home through the walls. We install a foam board beneath the panels of siding for extra insulation.

The foam boards do more than keep your home comfortable. They add to the durability of your vinyl siding. Not only is your siding warp and rot resistant, but the foam boards also make it impact resistant. Whether it’s a baseball from your kids or hail from Mother Nature, the foam will absorb the shock and keep your siding looking beautiful.

It’s also highly customizable and low maintenance. You can have any color you want because it’s baked into the panel when they’re made. You’ll never have to worry about your house looking worn because the colors will never fade. Combine that with never having to paint or stain your siding, and you have the most low maintenance siding on Earth.

Joliet Garage Doors

Getting a strong and durable garage door in Joliet is extremely important and Feldco has you covered. Our garage doors are made from 24- gauge steel and are dent, ding, warp and rot resistant. They’re perfect for handling anything that’s thrown at them. Feldco steel garage doors are made to withstand the test of time.

Did we mention they’re also extremely energy efficient. All of the garage doors from Feldco have a foam core for better insulation and will protect your garage from the elements outside. You’ll never have to worry about your car being exposed to the elements again.

We offer many different panel styles, glass inserts and hardware so you can create the garage door of your dreams. You can even get a carriage style garage door to help improve your home’s curb appeal.

Feldco is Joliet’s Best Replacement Window Company

Do you need replacement windows for your Joliet home? Maybe you can use new doors or siding? Whatever you need, Feldco is here to help you. All of our products are built specifically for Joliet’s erratic weather to keep you comfortable and save you money. Not to mention everything we sell is extremely durable.

Not only will you get an excellent product, but it’ll be installed by industry professionals who pride themselves on helping you with your home improvement project. You’re in good hands when you’re with Feldco.

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