Windowsill Design Ideas You Need to Try

You’ve got the itch to jazz up the interior of your home, but you’ve run out of ideas.  Here’s one: windowsill design.  There’s an entire decorating motif yet to be cracked open with just the small ledge of your window.

windowsill design ideas

A growing trend these days, windowsill design transforms any room of your house, making a dull, unexciting neutral zone into a pop of color, a lift of surprise, and a point of focus.

The Windowsill Desk

Make your home integral with a windowsill desk.  With replacement windows, you can ask for the company to design you a windowsill that either juts out into the interior room to allow you a spacious work ledge or creates bay-like window with an exterior protrusion with plenty of workspaces on the sill to create the perfect table.

Not only will you end up saving on space in your home office, but you’ll also have a perfectly integrated room, with your new desk apart of the home’s structure.

With your new desk structured specifically in front of the window, you’ll be much more productive with your work.  Windowsill desks are not only impressive, but they’re sophisticated—and of course, incredibly useful.

The Windowsill Nook

Your windowsill can be transformed into a bed.  Yes, if you’re looking for the pinnacle of creative windowsill design ideas, this is the one.  If you can’t get enough of the outdoors, having your bed cradled beneath a large, picture window is a dream come true.

Although, this design isn’t for everyone. It’s recommended for windows that don’t open such as casement windows.  However, to use the sill and extend it out as a platform for a mattress not only gives your bedroom the ultimate modern look, but it’ll give you the perfect view every morning you wake up.

The Windowsill Cafe

Are you an early riser convinced to get out of bed for a cup of coffee?  A definitive morning person who never misses their mug of tea at the table?  Or perhaps you just like to enjoy the morning’s peacefulness with the news and a plate of breakfast, set to the soundtrack of chirping birds.

windowsill cafe ideas

The perfect place for you is a windowsill cafe, built right beneath your kitchen window with your favorite view in your line of sight.

Windowsill cafes are not just popular now in residential homes but have been cropping up in coffee shops across the states.  An extended windowsill makes for excellent use of space, and window companies can design them in any material desired: wood, metal, granite, and anything in between.

Homeowners and businesses utilize windowsills as a spot to enjoy a cup of coffee or a quick meal because they offer a cleaner look.  Windowsills are similar in their narrowness to a bar, but with a much better view, making them all the more appealing, especially when you’re soaking in the morning.

The Windowsill Perch

If a designated windowsill spot doesn’t seem right, then how about a simple perch?  A catch-all designed to be anything you need or want it to be—a spot for sitting, equipped with a cushion and cozy pillows, a space where the surface of the sill lifts, offering up storage in smaller homes, or just an extra ledge that presents more room for surface area (think: a cooking, chopping, or storage ledge for kitchens limited in counter space). Cat lovers can rejoice in windowsill designs that transform an ordinary window into another space, allowing theses sun-seeking creatures the best spot in the house for naps.

For many homes, windowsill designs have no specific purpose other than a spot where one can enjoy the view, sit back, and relax.  Specially designed covers can fit atop the sill, making the perch the perfect place to—well, perch.

The Windowsill Library

For most of us bookworms, one room for a library is not enough, bookshelves no longer suffice in holding our beloved treasures, and our homes are short on spaces where we can stack books in an aesthetically appealing manner.

The windowsill library is a design fit for a reader: organized, structured, and neatly fit into any home as if it was there all along.  The best part is that your books are now put away, but in a creative way not typical for a standard home.

This design is like built-in storage beneath your window, but you can pair it with extending the sill outward, also creating a perch for a place to read the books you’re storing there.  It’s an overall win-win.  Truly, you can store your books and read them, too with this design.

The Windowsill Garden

Love plants?  Then the windowsill garden design is just for you.  Opt to have your replacement windows extended to allow for a small shelf in the interior of your room (you can again work with your window company on what type of sill material you would like, too).

The plants you select will depend on what side of your home you’ve put in your windowsill garden shelf in your home and what kind of light intensity it receives.  As a plant-grower extraordinaire, fielding this research shouldn’t be a problem, and after you’ve made your selection (succulents or asparagus ferns?), you’re on your way to having a windowsill garden inside your home.

After all, a little green in each room can immensely transform a room—and your spirit.

Bring it all Together with Feldco Windows

If you’re dreaming about your next windowsill design idea, you’ll want to make sure you have quality windows installed right before you implement your Pinterest-ready reading nook or flowery garden. The last thing you want is drafty windows that keep your flowers dying in the wintertime.

Feldco windows are built with leading energy efficiency technology and designed to fit perfectly in any space in your home. Interested in seeing how Feldco windows can help you make your dreams a reality? Get a free quote today.

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