All You Need to Know About Windows with Built In Blinds

Choosing the right windows with built in blinds for your home can be a hassle. You’ll want to find the right blinds to match the appearance of a room. Additionally, you’ll want blinds that will offer you convenience, safety, and energy efficiency. Windows with built-in blinds are an excellent option for many, and you’ll be very pleased with the advantages they offer.

windows with built in blinds

Reduced Maintenance

Traditional blinds must be cleaned more often than built-in blinds. This is especially true if you have pets in your home who like to lounge around your windows. With in-built blinds, you’ll save the time on maintenance because the blinds are placed between the panes of glass. The airtight space withstands dirt and grime and the large panes of glass make it easy to clean.

Built-in blinds are an excellent choice for those with allergies. Allergies can be devastating for children and adults living in a home with blinds that collect dirt and grime. That’s why homeowners are considering the easy to clean in-built blinds.

Less Wear and Tear

Traditional blinds frequently become brittle and break over time. Young children and pets tend to bend or break the slats. For what it’s worth, traditional blinds will only last you for so long until you are fed up with the damaged product and you’re compelled to buy new ones.

With built-in blinds, you’ll be satisfied with the long-standing and durability of blinds that are secure between the panes of large glass. Although built-in blinds certainly aren’t secure from damage, they may potentially last as long as the windows themselves.


Traditional blinds come with a risk. Families with young children and pets pose a risk of strangulation with cords on traditional blinds. Since 1980, almost 600 cases were reported for cord-related incidents in the USA. Cats and dogs like to linger along the windows.

Your pets will most likely reach for the cords and the risk of strangulation is very likely if your pets are carelessly playing with the cords.  Cordless blinds offer parents a huge peace of mind. You’ll find trustworthy window installation companies that offer in-build blinds that are completely cordless. The risk is virtually gone with cordless blinds.


Traditional blinds can be difficult to operate. Think back to how many times you had to untangle the cords and the time you wanted to operate the cords, so you can filter light through the windows. We routinely go with traditional blinds, but in-built blinds offer ample of convenience.

With in-built blinds, you’ll find a slider on the left or right side of your window. You can use the slider to operate the blinds and control the amount of sunlight that filters through your rooms. Most importantly, you won’t have to spend time with untangling those pesky cords. Instead, you can take that time to relax and enjoy the unobstructed view of outdoors.

Energy Efficiency

You have complete control over the amount of sunlight that passes through your windows. Traditional blinds don’t give you the same functionality that in-built blinds give you. With in-built blinds, you can control the amount of natural light that filters through your rooms.

built in blinds windows

In summer, you can turn the blinds to suppress the amount of sunlight that filters through your rooms and your home will stay cool. In winter, you can turn the blinds to get as much sunlight as you’ll like, and your home will stay warm. You’ll be happy with the results and your monthly utility and energy costs will substantially decrease.

Sharp Look

Traditional blinds look ugly. They get damaged over time and they lose their vibrant color. Built-in blinds make a significant difference in the way they look because of their neutral, classic look that will stay the same. Built-in blinds are enclosed between the glass panes, so they won’t get damaged as easily as traditional blinds, ruining their sharp look. You can also see the windows clearly since they are not covered up with traditional blinds.


Traditional blinds don’t block out the outside environment as much as they should. Traditional blinds have some gaps on the edges and if they are bent then your vulnerable to prying eyes peering through your windows. However, all your privacy concerns can be solved by in-built blinds.

In-built blinds provide you with more security because you won’t find any noticeable gaps. Your nosy neighbors and neighborhood walkers will not see what you have in your living room or any rooms in your home. The slider located on the side of your window will be your go-to operation for adjusting your blinds so you can keep the prying eyes away from your window.

Design Options

Traditional blinds come with all kinds of shapes, sizes, and colors. You’ll find what you’re looking for in a matter of minutes with some quick inspiration. In our time, it’s easy to find something that matches the interior style of our rooms.

With in-built blinds, you’re limited with design options. However, more window companies are converting to in-built style designs and they offer ample of designs to match the interior style of your rooms. As a matter of fact, you’ll be astonished by the design options that are available for you and it won’t cost you more than the traditional blinds that you can buy anywhere else.

Cost And Time-Saving

As mentioned before, you’ll probably spend time with cleaning and fixing your blinds as the time passes. In this case, you’re forking over money to replace your damaged blinds. In most cases, you’re spending more time cleaning your blinds since they collect dust, grime and dirt from all over. Built-in blinds are a cost and time-saving option for your home. You won’t have to worry about replacing your blinds because they are secure from damage and deterioration.

Take your interior design to the next level with inbuilt blind windows. At Feldco, we’ve got all the style windows with inbuilt blinds as an extra. Since 1976, we’ve served over 400,000 customers across the Midwest and we appreciate the relationship that we established with our customers. Our quality products and professional installation keep our customers satisfied. Get a free quote! And speak to a product specialist today.

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