Why Are Windows Used in a House?

Windows are such a common feature of our homes that you may have never stopped to consider their importance. Nearly every building has some form of windows built into them.

Here in this article, we’ll take some time to talk through the specific uses of windows and why they are in fact so common.

But before we do that, let’s stop for a second and imagine what it would be like to live in a home without windows. The only light available would be artificial – coming from light bulbs or light fixtures.

There would be no sunlight penetrating into the building and no exterior light altogether; you would have to pay careful attention to the clock just to know what specific time it is.

That should paint a very clear picture – windows are an essential feature for any home.

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Energy Efficiency

The first important thing to consider when thinking through why windows are applied to homes, is that they can play a pretty key role when it comes to the efficiency of your home.

This aspect will apply only in certain conditions (as we’ll elaborate on below) but it is an important point to discuss nonetheless.

To state the obvious, windows are made out of glass which is a transparent substance.  This means that rather than obscuring or blocking light, glass allows light to enter into a building from the outside environment; primarily this means sunlight.

During the cold Winter months, this can lead to some real efficiency in your home’s treated air.  The sun’s rays bring not only light but also heat – windows allow you to tap into this energy source and harness it to bring your home up to a warmer temperature without putting strain on your home’s furnace.

But, as we had mentioned above, this would apply only under the specific conditions of cooler temperatures.

During the hot summer months, there’s a strong chance that your windows will actually detract away from your home’s efficiency as those warming rays access your home and the treated air that you are employing to cool your home.

Don’t worry though – we’ve posted elsewhere about making your windows as efficient as possible; go and check it out!

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Without a window, you can’t get sunlight into your home.  But with a window, you are able to gain a source of lighting that’s more powerful than any other.

Windows, therefore, play a very crucial role when it comes to the lighting of your home.

Every home needs lighting in some form or fashion, it’s the only way that we are able to clearly see things within a building.  Without lighting, we’d all just be stumbling around in the dark and bumping into our furniture.

Not having windows means that you would only be able to rely on artificial lighting.  By artificial we functionally mean anything that is not produced by the sun.

Nine times out of ten this means light coming from either a light bulb or some kind of light fixture.  These also put a drain on the efficiency of your home since it actively takes electrical power for them to function.

There is also the fact that artificial light produces different responses within us – but let’s take an even closer look at this.

Windows and Psychology

We are hardwired to crave and enjoy sunlight; it’s in our DNA.  Windows make this possible and as such are vital to a properly laid out home.

Numerous studies have been done that show the link between emotions and sunlight.  Denied the warming rays of the sun for too long we humans become far less emotionally healthy and stable.

This is why things such as Seasonal Affective Disorder exist – because sunlight plays a vital and key role in our physical (think of all that Vitamin D) and emotional health.

Windows serve a massively important role in that they allow for us to dwell in structures (which is vital as we need to be protected from the elements and have a secure place to live) and still continue to receive and absorb those nourishing rays.

Thinking back to our imaginary home without windows, you can immediately get a sense for how bleak and confined that home would feel.

Regardless of the amount of artificial lighting you applied the house would still feel closed off, secluded, and stifling – windows are a key and essential part of any home and that’s why you’ll likely never see a home without them!

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Replacement Window Installers

For replacement windows, the measurement has to be ideal to achieve great energy efficiency and cost-saving benefits of vinyl windows. Leave it to the professionals to measure the width and height of your window rough opening.

At Feldco, we have great products, local services and professional installation to replace any type of window. Speak to a product specialist and get a free quote online today.

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