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Who Pays for Window Replacements – Condo Associations or Owners?

You’re ready to add some sparkling new windows to your condo and make it truly yours. But when it comes to replacing the windows in your condo, how do you determine who pays? Homeowners don’t always know who’s responsible for window replacement. The answer will depend on your particular situation.

window replacements inside a condo

The windows your condo came with might not fit your needs. If your unit’s view is obstructed, replacement windows can help you maximize light. And there are styles available that might offer better sightlines, security and airflow than your current ones.  If your windows are eligible to be covered by your HOA, all the better.

How Condo Associations Handle Window Replacement

There are private and shared elements of a condo. When you bought your condo, you were purchasing your own private home as well as an interest in the shared spaces. This entitles you to certain uses but also gives you responsibility for certain costs. And to top it off, there’s a distinction between general, limited, and exclusive common elements.

Your particular community’s declaration defines what’s a common element. Common balconies and patios could fall under these shared elements, complicating the politics of a door replacement. Shouldn’t your windows fall under private since they only serve your home? It depends on whether your agreement defines the windows as part of the unit.  

Your condo association will also consider the reason for the replacement. We’re lucky to avoid the tropical storms they get on the coast or in the gulf, but the Midwest still knows a thing or two about the weather. If your windows are being replaced due to a weather event, this may fall under the association’s domain.

Limited Common Element Windows

If your agreement declares that your windows are part of the exclusive common elements than you are responsible to pay for the replacement. As long as you decide to replace windows without adjusting the measurements of the rough opening.

vinyl windows inside a condo

The common practice for many homeowners is to check the budget of new windows. Most companies offer inclusive financing plans that can reduce the monthly payments for window replacements and construction-related duties.

Weather Window Replacement

Natural disasters and extreme weather can be detrimental to many homeowners. However, homeowners often have insurance coverage for their homes in a case like a hurricane or a blizzard destroys the roof of your home.

For condo owners, the insurance is a shared commodity between everyone in the condominium unit and the association is responsible for choosing the right coverage for your home. Your windows should be replaced with the agreement of the condo association that protects homeowners from natural disasters. In this case, you are not responsible for the replacement if your windows were damaged by extreme weather.

Always Go For Professional Window Replacement

Redoing your home is a creative process. But there are some things you don’t want to DIY – especially with the stress of figuring out the red tape and fine print. Give yourself one less thing to think about by choosing an experienced professional for your window replacement. This ensures a safe and smooth installation that will endure for years to come. Speak to a product specialist and get a free quote online today. 

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