Should I Replace My Windows Before Selling My Home?

You’ve created plenty of memories in it, but the time has come to sell your home. Whether you are looking to upgrade or thinking about something smaller, you still want to get the most bang out of your buck with selling your current home. Just like you, most people want a home that is up to date.

This means that anything you replace or update will probably increase the value of your home. But the questions are: By how much? And is it worth it? Cost is always a factor, and ideally you want to get more out of your investment then you put in. There are certain things worth replacing – like old appliances, beaten up floors, and old windows.

window replacement cost

When it comes to windows it’s especially important to know the extent of what you are investing into, and how to do to maximize your return.

Why New Windows?

It’s important to know how much worse older windows are at insulating against the elements. Not only are they more prone to letting outside air in and inside air out around the perimeter, they can also be insufficient at the glass level. This constant loss can raise the heating and cooling cost because your HVAC system has to work harder to keep up.

Because of this many people are specifically looking for more energy efficient windows. Newer windows, especially ones installed correctly, will  block out UV radiation and thus lower energy costs. For further insulation many of them come in double pane windows – these work exactly like you think, as they bring an extra layer to keep energy loss at a minimum.

In extreme environments like in the far north or a more desert environment triple-pane windows are often used. The best windows though are Energy Star certified. These come with low-emissivity coating that help block sunlight, and are rated by the EPA to be some of the best when it comes to lower heating and cooling costs in a home.

Aside from saving people money in the long run, newer windows can also bring an updated style to a home – because let’s be honest, at the end of the day it’s the look of the house that is the biggest selling point. Windows can come in a wide variety of styles and shapes – everything from simple modern rectangular ones, to complicated pointed ones with a plethora of panels.

Older crank windows can also be pried open easier, making them a great entrance for a would be burglar. With all the different types of locks built into newer windows, a house with that is updated with these modern models will be much safer.

How Much Does It Add In Value?

Because of all the advantages new models have over newer variants, it might seem like common sense to invest into replacing the ones in your home. The problem is is that the return that you’ll get on your investment can be hard to determine, as there are many factors that can increase or lower the value of your home.

Now of course one of the main selling points of new windows is that they cut back on electricity – this can come out to anywhere from 5% to 15% reduction to electricity consumption. While this is significant, this can be difficult to quantify to a potential home-buyer who is only looking at the short term costs of the home itself.

While the newer windows on a pricier home will ultimately pay for themselves, it might take many years to recoup the upfront costs. There’s also the problem of potentially getting the wrong windows for the style of the house – these can actually cause you to lose money as first impressions are most important.

cost of window replacements

Ultimately, as long as it is done correctly, a newer set of windows will most likely get the return that you want. Though you have to keep in mind that the cost can inflate to several thousands of dollars or more depending on your home. There’s also the fact that sometimes old windows don’t even necessarily need to be replaced to get a good price on your home.

Sometimes a simple overhaul is all they need, and can go a long way on the overall look of your home. Think along the lines of replacing old weather stripping, fixing broken panes, re-glazing windows, and applying a simple tint on them. Look around the perimeter of your window frame and reapply any caulking as needed.

Doing this can make old windows nearly as efficient as new ones, while costing considerably less and keeping the look of your home intact.

Updating other Parts of your Home

Replacing the windows on your home will increase the selling value of it noticeably, but there are a few other area you can update that can work in conjunction with your new windows.

These don’t necessarily need to be expensive updates either – a fresh coat of paint for instance can go a long way. New paint can freshen up a house inside and out, improving the first impression of a potential home buyer. If the floor is looking old and beaten up, you should think about replacement.

Hardwood floors are a large selling point when it comes to a home, but also the most costly to install. If you already have wood flooring, a simple treatment can keep it looking good. That tile that was cool back in the 90s probably looks a bit dated now – removal and replacement can be considerable though, so be sure the price is worth it. Carpet, thankfully, is the easiest and cheapest to replace.

The best return on your investment is probably kitchen and bathroom remodels. Updating cabinets, backsplash, and appliances can be huge selling points to potential buyers.

The exterior can also use some updating like replacing ratty fencing, patching up driveways, along with some basic landscaping. If your roof is starting to leak it’s best to bite the bullet and replace it – despite it only taking a couple days most buyers don’t want to mess around with old roofs.

Final Thoughts

A new set of windows have multiple advantages over older models – they can lower electricity costs, help the environment, and give an updated look to a home. Replacing all of your windows might seem like a great way to get the best price for your home, but be careful. Aside from the price, which can be considerable, there are numerous pitfalls in getting new windows.

If you think your windows don’t need to be updated then go ahead and give them a bit of a facelift – just a day’s work can greatly improve the appearance and functionality. All in all there are many things you can do to get a good price for your home, and a new set of windows can do it as long as they are done right.

Replacing your old windows with brand new windows from Feldco will add value to your home, increase curb appeal, and increase energy-efficiency. Feldco is the most trusted company for window replacement with over 500,000 delighted customers across the Midwest. Get a free quote now!

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