6 Common Window Problems You Want to Avoid

You need your windows to perform properly. If they don’t, not only will your home look bad but energy efficiency and safety will also be effected. There are a lot of window problems you should be on the look out for.

What problems could your windows possibly have? It can be something small like being stuck or something devastating such as seal failure. Whatever is ailing your windows, you need to know the signs and how to deal with the problems.

window problems

Feldco, the Midwest’s window experts, are here to help. We’ll go over 6 common window problems and how they can be avoided. If you do face any of these problems, we’ll also show you how to fix them.

1. Difficult to Open Your Windows

Having difficulty opening your windows is one of the most common window problems and can be caused by a number of things. For single hung, double hung and sliding windows, it’s usually due to dirt and dust build-up causing friction when you try to open them. A simple cleaning and lubricant spray can fix them right up.

However, it can be more serious than dirt and dust. There can be damage to the springs which are found inside the window jambs. The can be adjusted to work again, but it’s a little more difficult.

In extreme situations, the sash of your window could have warped, bowed or expanded causing it to not fit in the opening anymore. This is a serious problem which we’ll get into more detail about later.

Casement windows have a completely different set of problems. The first thing you should do to fix a casement window that’s difficult to open and close is remove the sash. Check for any screws, bolts and springs that are loose or out of place. Once they’re tightened, your window should work as good as new.

If that doesn’t fix the problem, your troubles lie within the hand crank. That means you’ll need to get a replacement crank and have it installed which can be a major pain.

Much like the other windows, if the sash has bowed, expanded or warped, you’re in serious trouble. Once the window doesn’t fit in the opening, the only thing you can do is get a replacement.

2. Fogging Windows

Window fogging is often seen with energy efficient, double pane windows during the winter. There are two major causes: condensation and seal failure. While they make look the same, they need to be handled in two entirely different ways.

Condensation vs Seal Failure

Window condensation isn’t a huge problem – it actually proves your windows are working well. It occurs when the warmth of your home meets the cold weather outside on the surface of your window.

While condensation is usually harmless, it can cause problems if not taken care of and it doesn’t look good. You can simply wipe down your windows to remove the moisture. If you want to prevent the moisture from building up in the first place, you’ll need to lower the humidity in your home. We wrote an entire article on window condensation that will tell you more.

window condensation

Seal failure is an entirely different beast. This is when moisture builds up between the panes of glass on your double or triple pane window. You’ll know the difference when you’re unable to wipe the moisture off of your window.

What does this mean? It means the seal between the two panes of glass is broken and the gas inside is leaking. Your energy efficient windows are no longer energy efficient. If the seal on your window is broken, your best bet is to get replacement windows.

3. Drafty Windows

One of the primary jobs of your windows is to make your home more energy efficient. If you feel drafts coming from your windows, they’re doing the exact opposite. They’re allowing all the outside weather into your home at the detriment of your comfort and your wallet.

When drafts are able to enter your home easily, that means it’s harder for your furnace or air conditioner to reach your desired temperature. It’s a constant battle that you’ll be losing and your home will be an inconsistent, uncomfortable temperature.

Also, the added stress on your furnace and air conditioner is going to cause your heating and electric bills to increase. This is because they will require more power to keep up with your drafty windows letting in outside weather.

Why are your windows so drafty? It could be several reasons. For starters, you could have a window that isn’t energy efficient. Single pane windows or double/triple pane windows with seal failure will have this problem. They could have also bowed or warped creating gaps between the sash and frame.

4. Windows That Are Warping or Rotting

Warping and rotting are common window problems with wood windows. When the wood absorbs moisture, it expands and contracts, eventually causing a permanent bend in your windows. There are many types of warping you should watch out for:

  • Bow: warps along the length of the window
  • Crook: warps along the edge of the window
  • Kink: a warp that’s found in only one part of the window creating a knot
  • Cup: raises or lowers along the edge of the window creating a cup
  • Twist: distortion the causes window to be uneven

Rotting can be just as bad for your windows. This is when the moisture that’s absorbed sits for too long and starts to deteriorate. It forms a fungus that eats away at the wood. This will take away from the look of your windows and is extremely unsafe.

Developing Mold and Bug Infestation

If warping and rotting goes untreated, you can face even more serious problems. When sitting water and moisture are involved, mold is sure to follow. Mold forms in areas with water leakage and high humidity. It’s made up of tiny spores which are dangerous to breathe in.

Moisture does more than create mold (if that wasn’t bad enough). It also attracts gnats, flies and termites. All of these bugs love damp, dark places to live – especially in wood. While gnats and flies are more of pests, termites are very serious. They eat wood and will devour your window so you have to act fast. They’re also very hard to exterminate.

5. Broken Window Pane

When struck, glass shatters – it’s just a fact of life. So if you have kids that play sports or live in an area with extreme weather conditions (like the Midwest), then your windows are at risk.

While it’s rare for your windows to break due to the weather, you should always keep an eye on it. If your window glass ever does break, your best bet it to replace it immediately.

6. Water Leaking Through Your Windows

Water leaking into your home is one of the most serious window problems. It’s caused when your window warps and there’s a gap between the sash and frame. There are so many problems that stem from water leaking.

You already know that leaking water that goes untreated can create mold. When the water is leaking into your home, the mold can expand beyond just your window. Your walls and floor can absorb that moisture and can acquire a mold problem as well. It’ll take more than a replacement window to fix that.

leaky windows cause water damage to your walls and floor

In fact, you can have serious water damage to your floor and walls thanks to a leaky window. These are serious expenses and will require construction on your home.

You’ll want to avoid these costly problems. If you ever notice water leaking into your home from your windows, don’t hesitate – get replacement windows immediately. You’ll want a window that better fits the opening so you won’t have to worry about water damage or mold.

There’s One Surefire Way to Fix All Window Problems

All 6 of these window problems can be fixed with one simple solution – replacement windows. By getting a window all together, you know there will be no problems and you won’t have to worry about high energy bills or mold.

The material your windows are made from make a major difference. For instance, vinyl windows are resistant to warping, rotting and bug infestations. That means a few of these window problems can be avoided simply by getting vinyl replacement windows.

beautiful vinyl widnows

Feldco offers the Midwest’s best vinyl windows. We’ve been helping homeowners find their dream windows for over 40 years. With expert installation and a quality product, you’ll love your new windows from Feldco.

Don’t Let Window Problems Bring Down the Value of Your Home

Don’t let these 6 window problems effect the quality of your home. If they go untreated, your windows will look bad, be unsafe and not energy efficient. But all of these awful problems can easily be avoided.

Replacement vinyl windows are the way to go. Since they don’t warp, rot and are resistant to bug infestations, there’s isn’t much you have to worry about. With a simple cleaning every so often, your windows will withstand the test of time.

Feldco is here for you when you’re in need of replacement windows. Get a free quote now and join over 500,000 happy homeowners. Your new vinyl windows are only a click away!

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