Window Cleaning Robots: They Exist

Technology has made our lives easier for good (or bad). Some argue that it makes us lazy and incompetent, while others boast about the time and energy it saves to do what we really want in a day.

window cleaning robots

Anyone with a home or rental has probably spent some time cleaning windows over the years. It’s not the most complicated or labor-intensive job, yet far from the most enjoyable. Window cleaning can involve extreme heights when you are on a ladder which also makes it dangerous. It’s also time consuming.

Window cleaning robots are a new invention that’s taking homeowners by storm. It is comparable to the little machines that vacuum or clean your floors. But are they effective? Window robots exist and are becoming more frequent in homes.

About Window Cleaning Robots

Robotic window cleaners are comparable to what you would find in a home improvement store for a machine that self-cleans your floors. They are fully automated devices that can clean an entire window after getting placed on the glass and powered to operate.

Window cleaning robots are designed to give you more time and avoid doing a job that is potentially dangerous. They can clean windows on the interior or exterior. They are especially resourceful for outside windows that are difficult to access or reach.

The machine functions with automated movement and sticks to the glass with a motor-powered suction. The robot cleans the entire window from edge to edge and even alerts you when it is finished.

Features of Robotic Window Cleaners

Window cleaning robots almost sound like something that is too good to be true. In fact, if it wasn’t for technology an idea like this would have sounded completely futuristic and unreasonable.

The reality is window cleaning robots are effective in 2019. However, that doesn’t make every single model produced the same. Some products like the Winbot 730 and Hobot 168 have already gained a stellar reputation and are ultra-reliable. Cheap knock-off products lack dependability and do not always function as advertised.

window robot cleaner

So you need to exercise some caution to avoid going out and spending money on the first robotic window cleaner you find in order to avoid disappointment.

You will want to check up on the features of the window cleaning robot. Some have different methods of cleaning or height restrictions. It is important to pay attention to these details:

Cleaning Method

Some robots are fully automated. You place them on the window and they go to work. You are entrusting the device to clean every square inch effectively. If you want more control over the device you should consider a remote controlled window cleaning robot. It allows you to dictate where and how much attention certain parts of the glass are receiving.

Battery Life

Most robots have a relatively short battery life. It might allow you to clean ten or more windows on a single charge. So if you live in a big house, or one that is filled with large windows, it may irritate you. Battery lives are something the manufacturers could really improve upon as you currently only get between 15 and 30 minutes per charge. The most expensive window cleaning robots have improved battery lives which is very important to some homeowners.

Type of Suction

If you just spent hundreds of dollars on a new window robot we get that you might feel a little hesitant about placing it on a third-story exterior window. What if it immediately falls and breaks? Needless to say the suction or magnetic connectivity of the device to your glass is extremely important. The two primary types are window robots with motor-powered suction, and those with magnetic connectivity. Magnetic devices usually require you to attach a second magnet on the inside of the glass which is not always that easy to apply. Motor-powered suction is more convenient, though it is not completely immune to failure and sometimes may lose a connection. You can remedy the situation by attaching a safety cord to the device in case it loses suction.

Cleaning Effectiveness

Robots use everything from cleaning pads to brushes to scrub down the window. Then, there is a drying feature like a squeegee that eliminates all the residue and keeps the glass streak-free. Of course, there is no sense spending a lot of money on a robotic window cleaner that doesn’t do the job right. Look for products with good ratings and actual user testimonies (like on Amazon). It can help you discern which models are more effective than others.

Robotic Window Cleaners: Fad or Here to Stay?

It is natural to disregard robotic window cleaners as the latest fad. We must remember that the home improvement industry has been littered with products that ended up too good to be true.

robot window cleaning

The industry is chock full of home improvement ideas and products that make false promises. Some quickly die out. Meanwhile, others gain intense traction for a short amount of time yet eventually fade away just as quickly as they arrived.

What is the future of window cleaning robots? Fad or here to stay?

We forecast that robotic window cleaners will not die out. The technology on these devices is impressive in its early days, and we expect to continue to see more dependable and reliable models.

Furthermore, we also expect that costs will eventually lower as robotic window cleaners shift from a luxury to basic household commodity. However, that could take years. Regardless, we forecast window cleaning robots will not fade away and continue to serve an important role in the future in this increasingly digital, demanding lifestyle of ultra-convenience.

Window Cleaning Robots: The Future is Here

Window cleaning robots are the future of keeping windows clean. Like a lot of cleaning products that are becoming fully automated, the technology and subsequent dependency should improve with time.

Right now the products are still in their raw, early stages and prone to some mechanical failure. All of the kinks have not yet been fully worked out. However, if you are short on time or have a large house with numerous hard to reach windows, you may want to consider giving a window cleaning robot a chance.

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