Why You Should Buy a Storm Door

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Doors exist to keep a barrier between your home from the outside world. They keep unwanted people, creatures, and elements out. They even add personality to your home. Sometimes, your exterior doors needs a bit of help though. If you buy a storm door, that’s exactly what you’ll be doing.

There are many benefits to storm doors, and in this article we are going to explain why they are a smart investment for your home.

Many Uses for Storm Doors

There are many unique ways to use a storm door that you can’t do with a typical door. During the winter, glass is installed in the frame to protect your exterior door from snow and debris blown from strong winds. This will also add a layer of insulation during the cold months of winter.

In the summertime, everything can change. The glass can be replaced with a screen which will allow you to open your door and let air circulate. Also, it will allow a great deal of sunlight in when you keep your entry door open.

Protect an Exterior Door with a Storm Door

Exterior doors are expensive pieces of hardware. It would be a shame if they were damaged in any way. You can keep your doors protected using storm doors.

A storm door is installed on the outside of your main door, protecting it from the elements and debris blown from heavy winds. This will reduce the amount of money you will need to spend on maintaining your main door.

Increases Energy Efficiency

When you buy a storm door, one of the biggest benefits you experience is the improved energy efficiency. Being energy efficient can save you a great deal of money.

As mentioned above, storm doors add another layer of insulation to your door way. This is done by creating an air lock between your main door and the outside edge of the building. This will keep heat and air in your home and prevent your heating and cooling systems from working too hard, saving you money on your energy bills.

Energy Efficient Glass

Most storm doors also include low-emissivity glass also known as low-e glass. This glass controls the way heat flows in and out of your home. It will prevent your heating and cooling systems from working too hard because the window will absorb more heat.

According to efficient windows, low-e windows only emit 4% of heat, while normal glass windows emit 86% of heat. It also decreases the amount of ultra violet and inferred rays that pass through your window.

Keeps Insects Out

There is nothing better than opening your doors and letting fresh air into your home on a summer night. The last thing you want is a bunch of bugs getting into your home though. Storm doors prevent bugs like flies and mosquitoes from getting into your home. The screen installed on storm doors keeps bugs out while letting in a cool breeze.

removing bugs from your windows

In addition, this will keep your pets from getting out of your home. There are even metal mesh screens available that will withstand the claws and paws of your pets.

Storm Doors Offer Added Security

No one wants to leave their home open to being victimized by burglars. Thieves often look for homes that are easy targets. Storm doors add an additional layer of protection that will deter intruders from breaking into your home.

Home break in

They also come with their own lock set and glass that would make breaking-in more difficult. Home owners can add additional locks and shatter resistant glass to increase the security of their storm door.

No Peephole? No Problem!

What do you do if someone rings your bell and you don’t have a peephole? You weren’t expecting anyone. Would you open your door carelessly? A storm door would prevent any issues by adding an extra locked door between you and the person ringing your bell.


A concern of purchasing a storm door is whether or not it matches your exterior door. Fortunately, there are several different styles of storm doors to consider.


  • Full Size Screen: A full screen option would give you a larger screen perfect for extra air circulation and sun light. The screen could be one sash or two separate sashes.
  • Half Size Screen: If you don’t want your door being mostly a screen, there are half screen options as well. This option has a screen take up only the top half of your door. The door is sturdier at the expense of less light and air circulation. Much like the full size screen option, half screens can be one sash or two depending on which style you prefer.

Glass Options

Much like the screens, your door can have a full or half glass. Glass can also have decorative designs to add definition to your storm door.

Frame Options

Depending on the size of your screen or glass will effect the size of your frame. If you decide you like the half size option, there are decorative designs that can be added to the frame of the door. Don’t worry thought, if you’d rather the full size option, all frames come in many colors and shapes to accent your exterior door.

Kick Panel

Another option if you choose the half sized option is the addition of a kick panel. Kick panels add strength to your door for extra security. They are also rust resistant.

Bottom Sweep

Bottom sweeps are added to eliminate drafts and increase the energy efficiency of your home. They prevent drafts from getting into your home from underneath your storm doors. It’s another line of defense from the outside weather.

Bottom sweep

You’ll also end up saving money on your energy bills thanks to the addition of a bottom sweep. Without drafts getting into your home, your furnace and air conditioner won’t use as much energy reaching your desired temperature. This is just another reason why you should buy a storm door.


Closers are installed to the inside of your storm door and add pressure to prevent it from slamming or being blown open by heavy windows. The strength of the closer can be adjusted as well. They come color-matched to your door so there is no fear of detracting from the attractiveness of the door.

There are Many Reasons Why You Should Buy a Storm Door

When you buy a storm door, you’re making a great investment for your home. Whether you install one on your front door to add an extra layer of security or a side door to increase the air circulation in your home, there are many advantages of storm doors.  Determine the style you are looking for and take advantage of the many benefits they have to offer! Get a free quote online today or speak with one of our customer delight representatives to get started on your storm door replacement project.

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