Why DIY Roof Replacement Is a Bad Idea

Whether it’s frayed, battered, broken or leaking, it looks like you need a new roof. Instead of going the professional route you might be thinking the DIY way is the course for you – especially since you find yourself comfortable around a toolbox and have looked up all sorts of guides on the subject.

Before you start making any plans to jump up on top of that roof you need to keep a few things in mind as roof replacement is no easy task and will cause you more problems down the road if something isn’t done properly.

You Can Lose Money

The number one reason people prefer to take on do-it-yourself projects is simple – since you don’t have to pay anyone for labor it’ll save them money. At least that’s theoretically what should happen. However,  replacing a roof is much more complicated than it first seems.

Overall, there are many factors that go into a roof replacement and its often not as straightforward as just ripping up a few shingles and replacing – even this seemingly simple act can become more complex than expected.

Full replacement is an even more stringent endeavor that involves knowledge of roof pitch, shingle material, underlay, among many other things.  Replacing a roof with a professional can actually save you money in the long run for two big reasons – the first is that roofing contractors and business can often get wholesale prices for roofing materials.

This saving can often be passed on to the consumer. In addition, a roofing professional will make sure to get the job done correctly the first time. This can help reduce repairs down the line as they will be able to see any trouble spots related to wood, framing, flashing, windows, chimneys and other home improvement projects that an amateur will probably miss.

Time Is of the Essence

If you’re under a crunch for time then it’s highly recommended to get an expert to do your roof replacement rather than trying to do it yourself. In many jurisdictions and localities, simply overlaying your old roof shingles with a second layer is now prohibited.

So there’s a real possibility that a new roof isn’t just buying and installing the new material but rather ripping off the old one. It’s not as if installing is a quick process either – depending on the material, there might be all sorts of tar and nails to deal with that can take considerable time to learn how to use properly and master.

While it’s highly dependent on the size and type of your roof, most roof replacements don’t last any longer than three days with many going as short as a single day. This swiftness also helps cut back on any frame issues that may come about with an exposed roof.

Safety is Always Priority

Do you have your roofing legs? It may seem like an odd question but there is a certain way of walking on a roof that most people don’t know about. Steep roofs can be especially dangerous and require all sorts of specific techniques and safety equipment to get across without hurting oneself.

For instance, a roof with a 10 in 12 pitch – that is it raises 10 inches for every 12 inches – needs a harness and rappelling down the side of it. Other safety concerns can come about with the material and tools themselves.

Sheet metal can be sharp along the sides, power tools can pierce you if you aren’t careful and lugging large bundles of shingles up a ladder can lead to falling down and breaking a limb, your neck or your back.  Even aside from dramatic instances of hurting yourself, there are other, sometimes more nefarious, ways you can subtly cause yourself an injury.

The fact of the matter is that roofing is hard work – it often involves heavy materials, hot weather, and a great deal of strain. Because of the constant bending down lower back strains, neck kinks and shoulder issues are all too common with professional roofers.

Even with all the necessary safety equipment bashed up hands and eye irritation are all too common. Other serious issues are related to the weather itself. Many roofs are left exposed to the sun and on an asphalt roof can lead to incredibly high temperatures and a constant bombardment of ultraviolet radiation. This sun damage can cause sunburns, heat stroke, dehydration and possibly even cancer in the long term.

Think About the Warranty Too

Roofing warranties are often tied to the average lifespan of the material. Common asphalt shingles have some sort of warranty around 20 years while a hardier material like slate can be over 50.

Regardless of the material installed manufacturers will usually only honor their warranties under a specific set of conditions. This means that proper handling and installing these materials should be of high importance.

The fact is that you probably won’t know the ins and outs of roofing installation like a pro – by doing it yourself you’re taking a big gamble. There will be little money saved with a roof warranty that is completely defunct because of a mistake in installation.

Looking for a Professional

At this point, it pretty much goes without saying that getting a roofing expert is the way to go when needing a roofing replacement. Getting the right person for the job is much easier than doing the job yourself and as long as you keep a few things in mind beforehand, you can rest assured you get the one that is best for you.

When looking for a contractor try to look for what your neighbors have done – they’ll give you an honest overview of how well their contractor worked for them and whether or not they are a good fit for you.

To get a better understanding of the quality of the contractor in questions to make sure to use the internet to your advantage – lookup the company’s reviews and check their website to see they’re legit.

When talking to a contractor make sure they’re knowledgeable not only about everything roofing but also the ins and outs of local and federal laws. Part of a contractor’s job is not only getting the job done but also getting the permits necessary for the job at hand.

They should also be able to ensure you that they have all the necessary insurance for their workers on the job site. If you’re going through your own insurance company make sure you have them come in as a second opinion – never sign any roofing contract without first having your insurance company asses the damages.

DIY Roof Replacement: Don’t Do It

There are many reasons people take the DIY route when it comes to roof replacement – in their mind, they think they’ll save money and time. When it comes down to the nuts and bolts of it though this often isn’t the case.

Not only can an amateur roof take much longer and cost more over a long period, but roofing is an incredibly unsafe practice that can lead to many injuries. To make matters worse. there is a specific way many manufacturers want their products installed and if it isn’t followed, they can choose to void the warranty.

Unanimously it’s highly recommended to get an expert to take care of your roofing replacement as they will know all the best practices and will ensure that you have a roof that will last you for many years to come.

Local Roof Replacement Company

If you want to replace your roof on your own then go for it. However, think about the margin of error and the dangers of working on top of a roof. We strongly recommend hiring professional contractors that are licensed to climb up a roof and install shingles accordingly.

There’s a high risk in DIY roofing and you won’t find a YouTube video that will help you with your roofing project. Consider Feldco Roofing, we have great shingles, local roofing services, and professional roofing contractors that have years of experience in the field.

Our shingles are excellent against the rain, snow and strong winds. The layers that go into our asphalt shingles are superior to other roofing companies. That’s why many people choose us. Next, we offer local roofing services so people are generally confident in the products we have because it’s manufactured locally in the United States.

Lastly, Our roofing contractors have years of experience and professional licenses to work on all types of roofs. Don’t wait any longer, the best place to get your roof replaced is a Feldco. Get a free quote online and speak to a specialist today.

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