What Roof Color is Best for Resale?

If you’re in your first house or a house that’s just not your “forever home”, then you’re constantly thinking of resale value.  Projects that can boost the overall appeal of your home can end up being quite favorable when you go to sell your house.  Remodels like a kitchen or bathroom renovation have an excellent return of investment as well as improvements like a new roof.

New roofs are extremely attractive to potential buyers.  It means one less job for home-buyers to have to undertake and pay for upon moving into their new home, and roofs aren’t cheap investments, either.  A new roof adds to the resale value of your home, but how important are the details that go along with it?

All About Resale Value

The value of your home is essentially based on what potential buyers will pay for it.  The conditions of the housing market can impact what your home will ultimately sell for, but there are attributes of a home that are timeless—features that potential buyers will be attracted to time and time again.


There’s a reason why realtors are always saying “location, location, location.”  There are three primary indicators that can dictate whether your home is in a favorable location: its proximity to quality local schools, nearby job opportunity, and whether it’s close to shopping and entertainment centers.

Size and Livable Space

Among the top three attractions for resale value is the actual livable space and size of your home.  Potential buyers are looking for room that they can utilize, and this space doesn’t include garages, attics, or unfinished basements.  Bedrooms and bathrooms are the most highly valued spaces to both buyers and appraisers.

Condition and Upgrades

Naturally, buyers will want a house that’s updated and in good condition, otherwise they’ll be the ones responsible for dumping money into their new home to fix it up to working condition.  Old electrical and plumbing aren’t good for resale value because new owners usually want a house that’s move-in ready.  This is where your brand new roof comes in.

New Roof and Resale Value

Just getting a new roof is enough to dramatically boost your resale value, but does the color matter or have an effect?  Homeowners need to know before making this expensive upgrade because once a roof color is picked out, there’s really no going back.

Does Color Matter?

Most importantly, you have to be happy with the color of roof you pick out.  After all, you’ll be the one pulling into your house every day!  If you are worried about resale value, simply put yourself in a potential buyer’s shoes.  Consider these factors:

Classic Color

Colors like black or grey are classic in terms of a roof color.  These roof colors likely flood your neighborhood, and if they do, that’s a good influence on your decision.  The frequency of roof colors in your neighborhood mean a commonality in design culture.  For your home’s resale value, this means choosing a popular neighborhood roof color will bode well with potential buyers.  For colors like black or grey, these roofs never go out of style.

Energy Efficiency

There’s more to a roof color than just style, however.  Some buyers are interested in energy efficiency.  If you live in an area that places an emphasis on energy savings and green prerogatives, then choosing a roof color that’s energy efficient can increase your resale value.

Paler colors will be the most energy efficient as they reflect more heat than darker colors.  Dark colors absorb the sun, making your house warmer which can increase energy costs as your air conditioning fights to keep your home cool.

Depending on where you live, the roof color can play a crucial role in overall energy costs, and in turn, that can play apart in your resale value.  Environments that experience heat year-round will need a cooler roofing system because buyers will want to keep their bills as low as possible.  For regions with four seasons that experience hot and cold weather may not place as much value on a cool roof color.

Complementary Color

To attract future homebuyers, your roof color should compliment your house’s architectural style and fit in with its already existing color scheme.

For beige and tan siding colors, a black, brown, or dark blue or green colored roof will match.  For brown siding, go with a green, black, blue, or browns that are lighter or darker than the siding to match your house.  White siding can go with any roof color like brown, black, green, grays or blues.  Yellow sided homes should opt for a darker roof color like black, dark green, dark blue, or dark brown.

The key in choosing the best roof color for resale is to understand what the majority of possible buyers are vying for, which usually means popular and classic color picks.  However, keep in mind that this is your house, so choose a roof color that you like, too.

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