What is the Purpose of a Picture Window?

There’s a variety of different window styles out there that fit with all kinds of shapes, sizes, and purposes.  There are block windows commonly used for basements thanks to their sealed security and thicker glass, there are double-hung windows that are essentially the standard window for homes because of their energy efficiency, and there are bay windows that add character and style to a home with their unique shapes.  Then there are picture windows.

picture window in a dining room

Picture windows are one of the largest-sized windows you can install in a home, and you might be wondering why someone would need a window that size.

Capture the View with Picture Windows

The main purpose of a picture window is to capture the beauty of your home’s surrounding views.  Picture windows are an architectural design that feature a home’s scenic landscaping.  If your home is settled in an area with picturesque views, it only makes sense to showcase them—hence the picture window.

Picture windows in the kitchen

Other window styles sometimes don’t do your home’s landscaping justice.  While double-hung windows are commonly used throughout homes as the standard window, they simply aren’t wide enough to truly capture what’s outside.  Picture windows are much larger and offer unobstructed views to the outside.  Not only does this add a new feature into your home, but the outside is essentially framed, becoming a part of the interior design.

Enhance Natural Lighting with Picture Windows

A bigger window means great views.  It also means that picture windows bring in much more natural light than other styles.  If you have a room that doesn’t get a ton of light during the day and you want to change that without adding artificial lighting, then consider upgrading the room to include a picture window.

Leaning on natural light instead of artificial lighting not only brings in some much needed vitamin D, but you’ll also be able to dive into the realm of growing healthy houseplants and you’ll notice a boost in your mood thanks to all of that sunlight.

Add a Visual Aesthetic

Single-hung and double-hung windows are the most common windows found throughout homes and for good reason.  However, having the same type of window in every room of your house can become boring and visually unexciting.  For those wanting to change things up, adding a large picture window can do exactly that.  Picture windows can be added in combination of double-hung or single-hung windows, which contributes another layer of eye-catching aesthetics to your room.

Implementing a different window style, especially as one as intriguing as a picture window, can also boost your resale value of your home.  Potential buyers look for new windows and windows that have interesting architectural features outside of the standardly used double-hung windows can act as an attractive selling point.

Energy Efficiency

Relying on artificial lighting to illuminate your house can become costly.  Monthly energy bills can become high if you’re trying to light up a dark room that doesn’t get a lot of natural light.  That’s where this surprising benefit of a picture window’s energy efficiency comes into play.  The size of a picture window lets in a ton of natural light, which in turn saves you money on your monthly utility bills.  New picture windows are made with UV resistance, so you wouldn’t have to worry about UV radiation or having furniture and rugs becoming sun-dyed.


Picture windows aren’t functioning windows, meaning you can’t open and close them like you would a regular window.  They’re sealed and have thick glass that prevents them from easily breaking.  You might think that having such large windows would leave your home feeling rather exposed, but the way new picture windows are manufactured, they actually offer a layer of security because of their durable glass that cannot be opened.  With a large picture window, you don’t have to sacrifice the views or natural light for security.  You can easily have both.

The Downsides of a Picture Window

Although picture windows have plenty of benefits like their welcomed natural light, energy efficiency, and picturesque views, there are a few downsides in having picture windows in comparison to other styles.

Encased Style

Picture windows, like casement windows, cannot be opened.  These windows are permanently fixed to be closed.  This is why many homeowners choose to pair picture windows alongside double- or single-hung windows to get the best of both worlds.  This can make ventilation difficult if a picture window is your only feature in a room.  Their permanently closed position also can make cleaning picture windows a difficult task.


Because of their large size, picture windows are an expensive investment.  These windows are also more expensive to install.  Their expense also grows if you’re installing a picture window on a wall where there wasn’t a window before or if you’re expanding the existing window size.

If you’re in the market for replacement windows in any of our markets across the Midwest, we hope that you’ll consider Feldco for your window replacement project.

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