What is Exterior Window Wrapping?

Tackling exterior house projects can feel overwhelming in both time and cost.  For homeowners with older houses, it may seem like a serious investment to bring the exterior aesthetic into a more modern feel, especially when the house is comprised of wood siding or windows.  Window wrapping is the ideal solution for these homes as it allows homeowners to apply or wrap old wooden windows in a more modern material.

What is Window Wrapping?

Window wrapping, also called window capping or cladding, is a vinyl or aluminum covering that fits over the exterior wood frame of the home’s window.  Vinyl or aluminum wrapping protects the outside of the window from the seasonal elements like extreme temperatures, adverse weather, and general wear and tear, thus prolonging the window’s looks and lifespan.

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Materials Used in Wrapping

Wrapping is available in many different materials:

Vinyl:  vinyl is a popular material for wrapping and siding because of its durability and low cost.  Its energy efficient and easy to maintain.

Fiberglass:  although fiberglass is more expensive than vinyl, it’s extremely durable and long-lasting.  While vinyl is also energy efficient, fiberglass is even more so.

Aluminum:  aluminum is one of the cheaper options for window wrapping.  It tends to chalk, and its finish does fade over time, not lasting as long as its vinyl and fiberglass counterparts.

The type of material you choose will mainly depend on your needs and budget.  Vinyl is an excellent middle ground in both cost and lifespan, hence its popularity.  Whichever material you choose, there are many advantages of window wrapping.

Advantages of Window Wrapping

Window wrapping has many advantages.  Not only does adding vinyl or aluminum window wrapping help boost your curb appeal of your home and bring it into a more modern style, but you’ll notice other positive effects, too.

Skip the Maintenance

With the addition of a vinyl or aluminum window wrap, you’ll notice a major difference in the time and effort of your exterior windows’ upkeep.  There is little to maintain with either of these materials as vinyl and aluminum wrappings are weather-hardy, durable, and built to withstand abuse.  Just like vinyl or aluminum siding, exterior window wrapping is created to resist denting, cracking, and breaking from impact and shifts in extreme temperature.

Unlike wooden window exteriors, you won’t have to sand and re-stain or worry about warping.  Wood tends to retain moisture over time, causing it to swell and warp.  With vinyl wrapping, the wooden window exterior is protected and covered.  Manufacturers also typically provide your installers with extra pieces of vinyl or aluminum to leave with you in case you do need to replace a section down the road.

Resale Value

Exterior window wrapping is undoubtedly aesthetically pleasing as it covers old wooden frames that have long needed replaced.  Boosting your home’s exterior look may seem trivial, but curb appeal is a huge bonus for potential homebuyers.  Upgrading to exterior window wrapping will contribute to your home’s resale value so when it is time for you to sell, you can draw in buyers easily with outside appeal.


An extra layer on the exterior of your home can do wonders for its insulation.  Older homes tend to be sorely lacking in proper insulation, especially if they were constructed during war time shortages.  Installing exterior window wrapping adds a material designed to combat extreme seasonal temperature swings, helping to keep your home cool in the summer and nice and warm in winter.

You’ll notice a difference especially in the winter.  Your home will be able to retain heat better with newly installed exterior window wrapping thanks to the additional layer of insulating material.  This new layer of insulation is also an attraction for potential buyers, again playing into the resale value of your home.

Energy Savings

With the insulating factor that window capping provides, you’ll also notice a substantial difference in energy savings.  Your furnace and air conditioning won’t need to work as hard to heat and cool your home in an effort to combat seasonal temperature swings.

Exterior window cladding eliminates drafts and air loss as it is another barrier that protects the home against wind, extreme temperatures, and weather.  You’ll notice that this is a direct translation to lower utility bills and limited HVAC maintenance.  Both homeowners and potential homebuyers will benefit from any project that has increased a home’s energy savings, so the window wrapping is a win-win whether you are planning on staying in your home or looking to sell.


Wood can invite moisture, so when exterior window wrapping is installed, it creates a water-resistant barrier that not only combats rainfall, but also strong, dangerous winds, damaging storms, and other adverse weather.

Water damage can create structural damage and foundational issues, but wrapping, being water and weather resistant, will prevent water from penetrating.  Wood rot on the original windows is also prevented, which is a major factor in older homes’ structural issues.

If you’re in the market for replacement windows in any of our markets across the Midwest, we hope that you’ll consider Feldco for your window replacement project.

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