What Happens If Water Gets Under Your Siding?

When it comes to your house and its features like its structure, foundation, roof, windows, and siding, water and moisture exposure is never a good thing.  It’s unavoidable but systems like gutters, shingles, awnings, and pumps are in place to channel water runoff and redirect it away from your home.

However, your home is not impervious to water seepage even if you did cross all the preventative and protective measures off of your list.  Water always finds the path of least resistance, and sometimes, it can sneak its way underneath your siding.

vinyl siding getting into the water

What happens if this is the case for your siding?  How can you tell and even more importantly, how do you fix it?

Effects of Siding with Water Damage

Nothing good can come of water getting in under your siding.  Moisture wreaks havoc on a house and once it finds its way underneath broken or missing siding, you could experience a number of problems that all require expensive and frustrating repairs.

Basement & Foundational Damage:  Arguably the biggest problem of water under your siding is the damage it can ultimately cause to your home’s foundation.  It’s very common to see the results of water damage in your basement.  Mold will be the most obvious sign, but more concerning is the effect water will have on your home’s structural integrity.  You’ll notice things like warped doorframes, windows, and dangerous cracks that can really compromise the structure of your house.

water damaged siding

This is why the problem of water getting in underneath your siding should be addressed right away.  Once you notice this issue, call a siding contractor immediately.  Fixing foundational damage is extremely expensive and can call for invasive remodeling repairs.

Insects:  When water gets in under the siding, it creates a dark, damp, and enclosed environment that is irresistible to insects.  Pests will cause horrible damage to your home and it can be extremely difficult to remove them.  Should this occur, you would need to reach out to an exterminator.  Insects that have taken up residence beneath the siding will likely be too hard to remove in one go, instead it could take multiple sessions for an exterminator to properly remove them.

Burrowing pests can cause even more damage in your home’s sheathing and if not addressed right away, you could be facing serious structural damages.  Termites are among these pests and once your home sees a termite infestation, it can take a long time to remove them.

Wood & Sheathing Rot:  Exposure to water will make the wood sheathing rot underneath your siding.  The sheathing acts as another layer of protection for your home.  The vinyl siding is the weather resistant, durable paneling that is the outmost protective layer, but once water gets in underneath the vinyl siding, the sheathing beneath it becomes vulnerable to wood rot and mold.

The more the sheathing is exposed to water, the faster it will deteriorate.  Your vinyl siding will then have to be removed and you’ll need a new layer of sheathing applied to your house.  Stop water damage in its tracks before this happens otherwise you could be facing an expansive replacement project that will come with a hefty price tag.

Mold:  Mold grows in damp and dark places and if there is water under your siding, this is the perfect place for the mold growth to originate and spread.  Mold can also grow on the outside of your vinyl siding, resulting in discoloration.  The presence of mold can have noticeably adverse effects on your health.  Mold can cause allergies to act up, asthma, itchiness, and sneezing.

Signs of Water-Damaged Siding

When water gets in beneath your siding, the signs can be obvious, especially if the exposure to moisture has been going on for quite some time.  Lingering moisture will degrade and deteriorate most things it touches—your siding included.

These are a few telltale signs that your siding is suffering from water damage:

-Warped Panels: You can tell by a visual inspection if water has gotten beneath your vinyl siding by examining the panels.  Water-damaged panels will be warped, cracked, or look wavy.  You’ll also spot exterior mold or water stains, which appear like discoloration, streaks, or have fungus or algae growth near the panel seams.

-Peeling Paint: When exterior paint peels and cracks, it’s a dead giveaway that there is existing water damage.  Peeling and chipping exterior paint will continue to degrade so long as the moisture problem persists.

-Damaged Caulking: Caulking smooths over the seams and joints to prevent water from getting underneath the siding panels.  Cracked and damage caulking can no longer do its job and this can both be one of the causes and effects of water exposure beneath your siding.

Stopping Water From Getting Underneath Your Siding

Resolving the issue of water underneath your siding will take a professional contractor.    A siding contractor will identify the source of the water damage and leak and provide you with the best option in resolving the issue.  For severe cases, your home may require a siding replacement.

At Feldco, we offer high-end vinyl siding made up of a full thermal support system that includes quality insulation and energy efficiency. Additionally, the superior appearance of vinyl siding with traditional and architectural colors will drastically improve the curb appeal of your home. Speak to a product specialist and get a free quote today.

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