What Can Be Used to Cover a Crack in a Glass Window?

Accidents happen.  A stray ball kicked a little too hard from the neighbor kids can fly into your window, a loose stone from a passing car on a busy street can chip a window’s glass, or a piece of debris from a nasty storm can easily soar through your home’s window, scraping the glass surface.  A crack in a glass window isn’t the end of the world, but you’ll definitely want to make an effort to cover it—especially if the crack is deep and severe enough to expose the window to outside temperatures, wind, rain, or other elements.

a cracked window

Quick Fixes

In a pinch, you can easily cover up a crack in a glass window with these quick fixes.

Masking Tape

You can use masking tape, if it’s handy, to cover a crack in a window.  It’s not the prettiest solution, but it can be effective for a speedy solution.  Taping the crack will prevent it from worsening, but you’ll need to be sure to tape both sides to provide the glass window with the stability of the tape’s adhesion.  You’ll even want to apply a few layers of tape depending on how bad the crack is, so water doesn’t leak through it.  If you don’t have masking tape, clear packaging tape can work well, too, with the added benefit of clear tape being less noticeable.

Superglue and Mesh

Patching the crack with something a bit sturdier than tape is a good idea if the crack is severe and exposing your home to the outer elements.  Grab some superglue and a piece of mesh, which can be derived from a household item like a pair of nylon stockings or a similar material and cut a piece big enough to cover the crack in the window.  Next, tape around the edges of the mesh piece to secure it into place.  This temporary solution will cover the crack, buying you some time to get a more permanent solution in place.

Nail Polish

For smaller, more manageable cracks, you can use nail polish to cover them.  It does take quite a few coats of polish to properly cover even small cracks, that’s why you’ll want to avoid this method for cracks that are quite large.  Clear nail polish will make a seal over the crack to hold the glass together and to keep rain and drafts out.  Wait between coats so the polish can dry and cure before applying another layer.


A step up from nail polish is an epoxy product that’s better designed to hold together a glass surface.  Not everyone has an epoxy glue product stashed in their home, but you can find them easily at your local home improvement store or online.  First, clean the glass well with dishwashing soap and a damp cloth to remove dust, oil, and smudges.  Wipe the surface and allow it to dry.  Next, in an area of your home that’s well-ventilated, mix a two-part epoxy on a disposable surface like a piece of cardboard, plastic, or paper.  An epoxy adhesive has a resin and a hardener that create a strong bond.

repairing a cracked window

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to mix these two parts together.  Use the epoxy right away (so it doesn’t harden before you have the chance to apply it) and seal the crack.  You can use a putty knife.  Allow the epoxy to cure, which should take just a few minutes.  Take a razor blade and cut away any excess epoxy.  Fully allow the epoxy to cure by waiting 24 hour and afterwards, you can spruce up the surface with a glass cleaner.


Similarly to using a piece of nylon or mesh, you can use a piece of thick plastic to cover a crack in a glass window.  Although this may be the least aesthetically pleasing option to cover a crack in a window, it is considerably effective.  All you need to do is simply cut a piece of plastic from a tarp, garbage bag, or plastic bag that’s large enough to cover the crack in its entirety.  Use duct tape or masking tape to secure the perimeter of the plastic against the window.  This method can be handy if you don’t have superglue at home or if the crack is too large for the other solutions.

Temporary Fixes

These quick methods to cover a crack are effective for a temporary solution and can buy you some time until you can get the window permanently fixed.  Epoxying is considered to be the most effective in repairing a glass crack thanks to its two-part resin and hardening solution, but simpler methods like plastic, nylon, tape, and polish can get you by.  For large cracks, you’ll want to replace the window entirely.

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